tyler perry knows why you ignore him

one of the greatest things you could ever be is ignored.
it makes you to work harder with no distractions.
once you make it,
those who ignored you end up kissing your ass.
it’s tough while you’re going through it,
but the end result is fulfilling.
tyler perry knows who he is and what he’s about.
he knows who his work is for and what others have to say.
he told gayle king,
on “cbs this morning“,
that he understands why he’s ignored in hollywood…
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The Journey of The Ignored

Bridge-of-Heaven-Tenti was talking to a wolf and he said this:

“i’m trying to pop off in my career and no one is taking me seriously.
people ignore me and i feel like maybe i should give up…”

i felt him.
its hard to want to be something and feel ignored.
i understood what he was talking about.
sometimes i feel that way with this site,
but i figured i’d be real with him
(and everyone else who is in the same boat)…
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