Why Buy The Movie Ticket When You Can Watch It For Free?

…and to think,
i just got an “amc rewards card” too.
so it seems like no one went to the movies this summer.
a ton of movies tanked,
and this labor day weekend,
apparently was the lowest it has seen in years.
according to ew

This year’s summer moviegoing season is ending not with a bang, but a whimper.

North American box office revenue for the four-day Labor Day weekend — which didn’t feature a new wide release for the first time in a quarter-century — is projected to total about $95.5 million, marking the lowest such frame in nearly two decades. (The last time the four-day Labor Day total failed to crack $100 million was back in 1998, according to ComScore.)

It would seem to be a fitting end for a sluggish summer that’s on track to finish below $4 billion (somewhere around $3.8 billion) for the first time since 2006. Although the season featured some notable hits, including Wonder Woman, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Dunkirk, it was dragged down by a string of misfires, such as King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, BaywatchValerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, and The Dark Tower, to name a few.

let’s be honest,
there was a lot of wack shit that came out this summer.
the only movie i wanted to see was “girl’s trip”.
it definitely didn’t disappoint.
the trailers before “girl’s trip” looked horrendous too.
i remember when going to the movies was an event.
you can hop online and watch whatever you want from home.
“free stream and chill”?
the movie studios are catching on tho.
they may launch a service called “pvod” via hollywood reporter:

Studios may launch PVOD — where consumers get a movie on their TV screens for about $30 shortly after its release into theaters — as early as this year, say some observers. MoffettNathanson Research analyst Robert Fishman estimates that PVOD could cost the movie exhibition industry $380 million annually.

a friend of mine was at lady gaga’s concert recently…
via live stream on facebook on her friend’s phone.
she said it was a “good copy” and enjoyed what she saw.
we don’t have to leave our dens for damn near anything.
and even sex is at a click of a button.
there are delivery companies born to cater to our laziness.
has this started to end getting up and going outside?
are we just smarter with how we spend our money now?
we HAD to leave to watch a terrible movie.
we can watch that terrible movie from bed.
so i had to wonder…

Has technology killed going outside?

articles cc: ew | hollywood reporter

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “Why Buy The Movie Ticket When You Can Watch It For Free?”

  1. People aren’t going to movies because…most movies suck musty dick.

    It’s the same thing over and over — Fast and Furious 8, 9, 10….Spider 2.5….Batman 3.0… Can we get some originality? Some fresh plots? Some cracking screenwriting?

    I went to see Atomic Blonde a few Saturdays ago. The plot was incoherent, the cinematography was dark, and the popcorn was so-so. I left thinking — damn I just wasted $25 and two hours of my time.

    I could say the same about the latest installment of Alien — Alien Covenant.

    Plus now why do I have to leave home? I can get a 50-inch high def flatscreen and can stream movies off Hulu, Netflix and Comcast cable.

    Then my partner got that jury-rigged Amazon firestick. Now I’m seeing movies already in the theater. Although the pirated versions sometimes aren’t good quality I’m grateful to that firestick because it has saved me from wasting my money going to the theater from seeing needless sequels like John Wick 2 and Jack Reacher 2.

  2. We have better options now and the movie industry hasn’t decided who its customer is. I would happily pay more for a reserved seat, real food and no teenagers talking back to the screen. My last few movie going experiences were loud, dirty, had shitty food and I was surrounded by teenagers ruining the experience. And, it still cost $50 for two people. The most I have ever paid for a movie out was in London..altogether 125 pounds, nearly $200 at the time. The food was great, the seats reclined, they served real drinks and the movie was good too. I dont regret that experience at all. But, i do feel ripped off in NYC theaters. The movie industry is going to have to step up to get me, step back to get the broke teenagers or just sell me the firstrun movie at home.

      1. Great food. Adult beverages. Reclining seats with waiter service. It was essentially a date. That plus the pound/dollar exchange rate. It’s what a good date in New York costs.

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