So Is Tremaine’s Movie, “Blood Brother” Still Coming Out Or…

speaking of movies,
i thought tremaine was supposed to have a movie coming out?
like a whole movie.
in the theaters.
“august 2017” was what i thought it said before.
it’s called “blood brother”

fetty wap?
he is still a thing?
well it says “coming soon” now.
now i wish it was a sex tape…
…but i’ll settle for tremaine on the big screen.
the plot looks interesting.
i’d go check it out.
would love movie screening passes tho.
we should support when it comes out.
folks complain for more black movies so here we go.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “So Is Tremaine’s Movie, “Blood Brother” Still Coming Out Or…”

  1. That’s the dude from “Claws”. He was decent on that show. Movie looks chill. Looks like something to watch with a love interest. 😜

  2. yes Blood Brother is still coming out it’s just a matter of when it says on China Anne Mcclain’s google page it will be released in the summer

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