Who Needs To Run The World? (Foxes)

The money on the bed.
The Wolf damn near fucked out.
All of the expensive things.
Looking like the roles should be reversed through a Wolf’s eyes…

But in Fox World,
that is just a Tuesday…

Something about that picture made me feel inspired.
I don’t know about you.
I aspire to have that life.
That good life.
One where I call the shots and I can get anything (and anyone) I want.

I like the finer things in life.
You can tell from how I write and want you all to want the best.
Wolves, Hybrids… but I do this for my Foxes out there.
I want to see each of you succeed.

From that scene in that picture….
To graduating top honors…
To owning your own business…
To being the President of the United fucking States…

It is your world!
So go for yours.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Who Needs To Run The World? (Foxes)”

  1. Yes it is our world we make it go round. And the best part is no 2 foxes/ hybrids are the same. There are some who you look at and say obvious. And there are some who you look at and can play a game of madden with yo just take your pic

  2. You damn right!! Money over everything that’s my attitude.. Cars, Louboutins, and rings is my mentality, and I’m coming for your man, because you don’t appreciate him like I will.

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