When We Role Play… (8)


So I tell you that I have a friend I want to hook you up with.
I tell you he is nice and attractive and down to earth.
I also tell you he is a Baller Wolf that owns his own multi million dollar corporation.
Instantly, you are interested but hesitant.

He calls you and you both talk.
His voice sounds real good on the phone so that already gets you open.
He is actually real nice and you both have a long conversation that goes over three hours.
He starts talking all that good sex talk and says that he wants to get some of that.
He says that he is real giving in his past relationships.
(Keyword: he likes to drop money on bills and nice things.)

You ask for a picture and he finally sends you one and he looks like this…


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “When We Role Play… (8)”

  1. LMAO….. Trust me, you do not wanna know what happens next. LOL. Fuck that shit. I don’t care how much money he got. You CAN’T pay me enough to wake up to him each day, nope. I’ll pipe down hollywood’s lil ass before I’ll hit this dude. Jamari what the hell is wrong with you bruh. I know this was a joke, but damn. LOL

  2. See im cutting him off at the sex talk. Im trying to get to know you within those first three months before any kind of talk about sex comes in and Im asking for a pic before you try and hook me up with anybody cause what you find attractive and what i find attractive might be different and i end up with this kind of situation lol im sure he is attractive on the inside and someone finds him attractive on the outside but im go have to be the bad guy cause im passing on this baller maybe we can be friends without benefits and i can help him find someone special for him and maybe he can hook me up with some of his other baller friends whom i find attractive.

  3. Idk!?! I don’t want to be mean. Honestly, kill my friend who told me that he’s “attactive.” Next my dear prolly let him smash once or twice, providing he has a big dick and he has to do it with bag over his head and reap the rewards and maybe become FWB. Just as long as he keeps a bag over his head while smashing.

  4. Excuse myself nicely at dinner (or wherever we are), find my “friend” who hooked us up, and kill him. I’m back to women…

  5. First thought is WHOOO CHILE!!! Then I would get to know him first. Cause I’ve been in these kinda situations where a friend wants to dump the ugly friend on me. I also know how it feels to be lonely cause you look a lil different so I would atleast give him some of my time. Since ive gotten a lil older and wiser i really don’t judge things by face value any more. How many stories we have heard on here where a drop dead georgous wolf turnd out to be a crazy, lieing, and a complete low life who treats you like shit. And who knows he may be the wolf I’ve been looking for and me like I’m gods gift. Besides looks he has charm charisma and most important the conversation is awesome (a mind fuck is sometimes better than a good piping… sometimes). At the end of the day I’ll give him a shot cause you never know what will happen or how it will turn out. And later as the friend who hooked us up is crying about their cheating wolf I can say well atleast mine is fathful and the pipe is awesome.

  6. I’m a HUGE All star cheerleading fan and i stared at that gif of F5 for about 5 minutes critiquing each stunt group lol

    But yeah, from the beginning he sounded to good to be true so there is ALWAYS a serious catch. I’d get to know him but id soon fade away and stop responding. I can’t fake being into someone.

  7. OMG there goes my dreams of the good life. Back to paying the minimum payments every month and looking for my dream man at Home Depot.

  8. You are dead wrong Jamari!! I don’t mean to sound shallow and all…but no thanks. I’ll be a dumb and whatnot but I need to be physically attracted to you in order to even try to get the kitty wet…money doesn’t move me.

  9. There’s a saying, ‘beauty is skin deep’! But we’d have to talk about him ‘dropping bills’, I’m not a hooker/gold digger – the shoes on my feet I bought em’ etc.

    On a more serious note, this situation reveals just how shallow some gay men can be, even when its a fantasy.

  10. Tell him my baby brother loved him in Megamind then let him know I was thinking about getting back with my ex and I’d stay in touch, Don’t contact me I will contact you and to Have a good night

  11. Well…to give a valid less shallow reason than the OBVIOUS one…
    I don’t do men with tacky taste in jewelry.
    Although I could understand that some people would do anything for money.
    Furthermore, all that money and no time to get some quality eye surgery?

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