Men can be nasty.

There I said it.
As much as you will see these Foxes, Hybrids, and Wolves walking around here in nice clothes and nice bodies,
their hygiene can be also less than stellar.
More like STANK!!!

I have went on dates where Wolves were not “oh so fresh”.
A huge pet peeve of mine.


I was talking to Star Fox about a Wolf he was about to mess with.
Star Fox had his white T on and they were wrestling.
Well, the Wolf SAT on his stomach and when he got up,
the Wolf left a nice green streak as a reminder that he won the wrestling competition.
Needless to say, that Wolf did not get any butt cheeks…. ever.

Now, I can’t tell you to be clean.
BUT, I will tell you how I am so maybe you can get some ideas for your hygiene.
Nothing drives me crazy than someone who is just nasty.

They nasty.
House is nasty.
Soul is nasty.
Everything is just nasty.

Makes me wonder…

Are people just clueless… or do they just not care?
I am VERY particular about my grooming.
And I expect every Wolf I deal with to be the same way.
Not as anal as me, but at least let me be able to lay on him and it not smell like old gym socks.
FYI: Foxes definitely need to be more precise grooming habits.
It can be a process, but it should really be standard.


1. I try to take at least two showers a day ESPECIALLY in the summer.
If I am tired, I will take a shower in the morning.
After heavy activities, I will more than likely jump into the shower.
Bar soaps are better than liquid soaps.
I am a fan of the Dove and Dial lines.

2. I don’t do crust and ash.
Not sexy.
What I do is when I come out the shower and my skin is still damp,
I coat it with baby oil or cocoa butter ($5) and then wipe it off.
That kills any ashy issues going forward.
Plus, it locks in moisture for a whole day so you will be good until late.

3. I like to be smooth.
I know that sounds crazy, but excess hair keeps you nether regions funky.
All that sweat and odor trapped in your underwear is NOT a good look.
Try to keep your hair as low as possible.
I will not even look at anyone crazy if they Nair their shit.

4. I try to get a haircut/shape up at least one every week/other week.
I like to save money, so I will rock a 5 o clock shadow with no issue.
But, I am one of the lucky ones who can do that.
If you aren’t so lucky, go and at least get a shape up.
That should run out no where than at least $10 (tip: $2).

If you suffer from razor bumps, it is best to let the hair grow out and then trim.
I usually pull the ingrown hair out with a tweezer.
Also, Bump Patrol ($9) works WONDERS!

I do not walk out the house unless I have deodorant on.
I cannot stand that onion smell and I know you do not either.
All my people who play sports, you definitely need to have that with you at all times.
Degree Sport ($5) is definitely what’s up.

Do you know that you could be talking to people and fucking up their whole nostrils???
I brush my teeth twice a day, use mouthwash, and carry some gum or mints.
For teeth, I use Sensodyne Extra Whitening ($4) and Listerine ($4).
For mints, I do Altoids ($1) and I really like Orbit gums ($1).

7. I wash my face twice a day.
I have oily skin and that causes break outs on occasion.
I use to have terrible acne, but my skin has come a LONG way.
I went to the dermatologist and he recommended the proper things to use.
So now, I use the Aveeno lines ($15 and up):

I do not use a toner because for my skin, they can be very rough.
Always make sure you know your skin type and go from there.
Salicylic Acid in anything is GREAT for black skin.
Also, I rotate face regiments every time the bottle runs out.
You should have two because your face can get use to the treatment.
Also drink TONS of water because they flushes impurities out your system.

FYI: If you get a pimple,
go to the drugstore and get Benzyl Peroxide and put it on the pimple before you go to bed.

8. I always make sure my shoes are clean.
The way you keep your house I can tell by the way you clean your shoes.
Always make sure your shoes are polished or your sneakers are not scuffed.

9. Nothing worst than some chapped lips.
How am I suppose to kiss you and your lips look crusty and ashy?
I use Carmex ($1.69) because it isn’t too “glossy” and it keeps my lips hydrated for pretty much the entire day.

10. I like to smell fresh.
Right now, I am rotating between Gucci Guilty by Gucci and 1 Million by Paco Rabanne (both $80).
In the summer, I usually go for a lighter scent since it isn’t so domineering.
Heavier scents are better in the winter because they last longer.

That is why your feet are stinking.
Also wearing shoes with no socks can contribute.
If you are going to do that, pour some baby powder inside.

I use Mega Men SPORT from GNC.
I usually have busy days and it keeps my energy pretty stable.
I am OUT OF IT when I do not pop a multivitamin.

Pick a weekend you plan on staying home and shit your life away.

Nuff said.

… and there you have it.
If you have any tips,
please let me and every one else know
(as I love tips for good overall skin care and lifestyle).

I want you all to be the best you can be.
So stay fresh!


  1. JAY :
    Yea I’ve come to the conclusions that Texas Barber Schools are not up to par with schools from other states.
    Im in between haircuts right now. I’m lowkey scared of barbers now. Lol

    What about that barber you talked about on your blog? The hot trainer? lol

  2. I agree Jamari! With absolutely everything. Pampering does something for your soul. Should be routine. Some need to familiarize themselves with Sephora.. you’ll become addicted! Oh and… Jay I love JPG!!! Summer & Original fragrance. 😉

  3. You’d be surprised how some people’s grooming habits change when they are in between relationships or not getting any for an extended period of time.

    Aveeno works really well, but I’m using Ambi products on my face right now and that works well too in addition to being a bit cheaper. I didn’t know about Salicylic Acid. I’ll have to look for that.

    Dove or Milk soap>>>>>>

    I have upwards of 75 different colognes. I’m a fanatic. Right now my favorites are Chanel, YSL, and JPG. I have to try the new Gucci.

    I’ll admit where there’s room for improvement though.

    I could get a haircut more often, but it’s so hard to find a legit barber who won’t push your hairline back!!! I hate that shit and barbers in my city are known for it.

    Oh and I really don’t care about my shoes at all. Especially if they’re not dress shoes. I’m beginning to see that’s a no no. I didn’t know people put so much emphasis on shoes. I mean I’ve seen a group of dudes all in nice Jordans…and all of them were waiting on the bus together. Lol

    1. Duuuuuude I HATE when barber’s push your hairline back. Then I gotta spend weeks growing the shit back. I’ve only had two barbers who knew exactly how to do my line up and they both skipped town. Curses!

      I will say that a good cologne is a mega turn on for me. Nothing like a fresh masculine scent.

      1. Yea I’ve come to the conclusions that Texas Barber Schools are not up to par with schools from other states.

        Im in between haircuts right now. I’m lowkey scared of barbers now. Lol

  4. Hey guys, my tip for grooming, well, I’m a shaved bald headed man, and I exfoliate my head once a week to remove all those dead skin cells and keep it smooth and nice to touch.

    Also, I once went out with a guy that smelt ‘old’. He clearly hadn’t dryied his clothes in a well ventilated area. He looked clean, but smelt – well, the best way to describe it is ‘old’.

    And finally, if you’re out on a hot summers evening, at some club, or hot bar, and you meet the fox of your wet dreams, when you get home, suggest you take a sexy shower together!!!! Because lets face it, you might be a bit ripe as well!!!!!!!!!

    1. ^good advice Alfred.
      I take it you are a Wolf…

      How do you feel about Foxes and grooming?
      Especially with a lot of products?
      And what is your thoughts on shaving?

      1. Yeah, I’m a Wolf, and I like my Foxes groomed. But not to within an inch of their lives!!!!! When I’m making love to a foxy Fox, I don’t like to taste ‘product’, on my fox, and I prefer them to be trimmed, not shaved.

  5. Good Grooming is a Holy Grail for me. I am a Virgo so cleanliness is one of the most important traits you can have with me, I love a dude who is well groomed and smells good. Nastiness no matter how good you look is a major turn off and a deal breaker. I dont even like to go out the house on errands being wrinkled and ungroomed much less go to work or an event. I see so many dudes who come out and their attitude is “Fuck Effort” and in my mind that says alot about your overall attitude toward life if you neglect your grooming.

    I think thats the very reason so many girls hate gay dudes is because we go the extra mile to always have a fresh cut, clear skin, smell good etc. I see so many girls whose dudes let their grooming and body go once they settle down. I think this makes many girls upset that gay men look good well into their 50’s and their men are washed up acts by the time they are 30.

    1. ^PREACH!!!!!!

      I am all about looking good into my older age.
      A lot of black Foxes and Wolves get washed up fast by too much fucking and drugs,
      and then fall into the depression that comes with it.

      I will spend money on a product that will make my overall package looks good.
      but always remember, it all starts inside OUT.

  6. I do most of this except the multiple showers and face washing thing a day. Living in a place where i drive pretty much everywhere i don’t do much physical activity so i don’t see the need to. I shave every other day; mostly legs and arm pits. I use anti-aging face creams instead of regular ones. I actually have a preference for perfume instead of cologne and i love the Bath and Body Works body sprays. Most people don’t know this but in order for your scents to last longer you have to layer them with scented lotions as well.

    Colon Cleanses are A MUST!!! lol There is so much more up there than we think there is and once its over you feel a whole different kind of clean. I highly recommend them lol

  7. Health and beauty! My favorite topic! 1. I use Cliniques mens skin line for my face it’s amazing and smells incredibly fresh, you can find it at your local department stores…2. I find that a lot of men do not use good shampoo and conditioner, I use Pure Cleanse shampoo, and Mousture Solution conditioner, both by Eufora. And I moisturize my hair with Butter Rich by Mizani… I hate dry ass hair! I suggest that men get at least one pedicure every three months and clip their toenails every few weeks or so.. Also to keep down smells in tennis shoes, put a little baking soda in them every now and again and they I your feet will never smell!

    1. Oh and a far as fragrances are concerned I do Dolce and Gabana light blue in the warmer months, Allure for men by Chanel fall and early winter, and currently Armani code,

  8. Damn Jamari I see u have a serious routeen. Mine not as serious but I do the usual. No colone for me I break out with and I should start gettin many peds more often.

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