Your Tenth Thought… (10)

We got a sneakz edition this way,
But not just ANY sneaker tho…

Well come on in and take a look..

Last night super producer Swizz Beatz was in the studio as usual, but this time he had a special guest, showing off some exclusive kicks and letting us know that he has a new shoot with designer Christian Louboutin coming soon.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “Your Tenth Thought… (10)

  1. My first thought, they looked interesting, a bit too flashy but interesting.
    Second thought, they looked like bowling shoes with accessories, but I was still on the fence.
    Once I noticed the zebra tongue though, I was totally convinced that they looked like designer bowling shoes with too much going on.

  2. I’m with Richieboi. We seem to agree on alot coincidently. I would rock them, I like to be different and look different with my footwear. Furthermore, all the baller wolves digg a fox who takes pride in thier image right Jamari.

  3. The thing is all the baller wolves are going to be wearing them and considering that fact that we are speaking about Swizzy!! Seriously, he epitomizes swagg, say no more, I want a wolf to buy me a pair.

  4. I think he should stick with music, as foot wear clearly isn’t something he’s gifted at designing/consulting on.

    On a more postive note, if I were invited to a ‘Bad Taste’ fancy dress party, I’d be a shoe in to win worst dressed!!!!!!!! 🙂

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