When Your Boob Pasty Is Wearing You

…oh sweet Jesus.
she doesn’t even look confident pulling this off.
so nicki minaj is hiding out in ’17 paris fashion week.
that is what she decided to wear to the haider ackermann show…



she looks so uncomfortable,
don’t she?
the pasty is wearing her.
even if remy didn’t annihilate her soul,
i still would have gave this a massive thumbs down.
if you gonna wear ANYTHING,
you gotta sell it.
maybe wear it in the crib before you debut it.
just so you not looking like someone told you it was a good idea.
another hiphop vixen legend did it so much better:

i don’t know what strategy or era nicki is going for,
but it seems like “confused”.

lowkey: i don’t even know what i would change first…
all of it in one motion?

*pictures credited to owners | swan gallett/wwd/shutterstock | rex/shutterstock

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “When Your Boob Pasty Is Wearing You”

  1. maybe a lace bra would have been better idk I’m not really a fashion guy but I’m not feeling this neither i think it would have been cute if it was a whole top instead of one side cut off…its too busy

      1. She playing Jedi Mind tricks to make us forget she did not respond to Remy Ma completely destroying her!!! WE WILL NEVER FORGET!!!!!

    1. i love nicki but …she needs a breast reduction especially now that she has a baby they are getting much bigger and …saggier…just a thought

  2. πŸ˜‚This is just MORE ammo for Remy and Kim to further destroy her! You’re finally seen out and about, and you come out looking like “Struggle Kim circa 1998”? BAD BAD BAD!

  3. Stunning picture. I would even compare it to Britney’s umbrella pic in its shock factor. Not because her tidday is exposed but her overall demeanor. Her facial expression is zombie-ish and empty… She really appears LOST out here.

    Which is unique for her because love or hate Nicki, she’s always been put together beautifully.

    I’m beginning to feel a smidgen bad for her now. Something aint right here.😐

      1. nickis outfit is horrendous its so ugly the top could maybe be cute the shorts are so ugly and the top and bottoms together is ..sickening and not in the good way ..

  4. I’ll never get it.

    If everyone dislikes Nicki soooo much these days, why comment on every single move she makes and pic she takes?

    If Kim and Remy are so awesome blow them up again without comparing them to Nicki.

    I don’t like most female rappers at all, but shit people been talking about Nicki so much I went and listened to her mixtape and older albums.

    1. ^i mean it’s only natural.
      this is the big story of the moment.
      quiet as kept,
      nicki has always been “the one to watch when she does dumb shit”.
      we watched when she got with meek,
      threw dirt at miley at the award show,
      and other dumb shit she has done over the years.
      same with donald trump when he is in the headlines or chris brown.
      it’s a story and everyone is dissecting nicki minaj.

      if we didn’t do this,
      then there would be no news lol πŸ˜‚

    2. Then maybe Nicki should stop coming for people for no damn reason. She’s always the one throwing stones then she and her fans want to play the victim when people clap back

  5. Shr looks really uncomfortable. But her boob looks great. Really soft looking. Her boob job looks great but her ass job looks like it could use some work.

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