When We Role Play… (26)


There is a Fox who is 110% interested in you.
He has good looks and good heart.
He has everything you would want in a Fox.

Well today, he sent you a message with this picture attached…

He wants you to cum beat it.
Nice, huh?

Well, he is also HIV+.
His ex-Wolf gave it to him, cheating with a fast ass Jackal about 6 years ago.
He hasn’t had sex since then and promises you both will be completely safe.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “When We Role Play… (26)”

  1. Strap on my raincoat ask him if he took his meds and know for sure that it’s 110% safe and go in for the kill. I knew a dude who had HIV so he educated me on a lot of things

      1. Well he first told me that people with HIV can live normal lives. They jus have to take precautions more than a person with out. As far as sex goes he said to make sure that the person is on there medications and that they are heathy and wear protection. Not lamb skin latex for everything a oral condom for oral, dental damn, and a condom. When he told me that people with out HIV are more dangerious to the people with HIV I didn’t believe him. He said that that person may have a lil cold and they could fight it off but a person with HIV it would be alot harder cause of their immune system. And to this day him and his live a happy life in a HIV+ – relationship

  2. I personally don’t think I could do it.
    I’m already paranoid and needless to say, it would bother me incessantly.
    That said, I know people who have been in relationships with HIV+ people and lead normal lives in normal relationships.
    That said, I have another friend of mine. Hasn’t yet even turned 22, and he’s HIV+.
    Life is really fucked up sometimes.

  3. Don’t think I could do it; not sex – not yet. I’d have to work through my issues to get there…

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