When We Role Play (13)

this is for you….

So Trapboyy wants to fuck you.
He wants that big fat pipe of yours all in his gutz.
He will swallow your dick clean too.

You know he does it very well…
But there is a catch….

He wants to have a 3some with this Wolf….

… and that Wolf wants some of YOUR CHEEKS.

You ain’t getting in the Trapp…
unless that Wolf gets in your Trap, while he jack offs and watches.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “When We Role Play (13)”

  1. I should have known it was a catch to it, DAMN. I love Trapboyy. A chance to get up in his ass would be a dream come true, but as much as I would like to, I would have to turn this oppurtunity down. I don’t like dicks up my ass, it’s just that simple.

  2. That’s easy. This conversation never happens because I don’t find TrappBoyy cute…especially since I’d need a cast-iron d*ck just to go near him. As much cvm as that one has taken? And that’s only what we see on film…ahhh, hayal no! That wolf isn’t sexy to me either.

    The only time I’d consider giving it up would be if I’m in a long-term relationship w/a hybrid. And I’d rather get a 3rd to watch him fvck first than me…*shrug*

  3. just like the last post do sir. now if they were protected on them movie sets then coo but i dont do raw nothing. now ole dude can get it but if thats his only terms then fuck it ill jack off.

  4. he’s goddamn ugly, so no thank you
    unless he’d like to get raped by a chainsaw, I’d tell him to stay the fuck away
    and all the above “no”-comments too

  5. First, Trap does nothing for me. Yes, he is cute, but he has taken more dick and cum than your average Hip Hop groupie. He is obviously a loose goose and his oral skills do not maze me at all.

    I guess you know my answer to the second part.

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