Your Twelfth Thought… (12)

Ready for another Jamari mind fuck?
I know you are…

So let’s go…


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Your Twelfth Thought… (12)”

  1. Is this some kind of art project?
    Then I was wondering about why his dick is so limp.
    And that it looks big.
    And if what I think is the head of his cock, then that’s big too.

      1. Yeah. Most guys who has a big dick, can’t really get it all the way up – too big and not enough circulation in that area. Not that it’s totally unbenefitial for the bottom though, I’d imagine getting jackhammered by a hard as rock 12″ would hurt.
        Anywho…if you can’t get it all the way up, don’t bother come knocking. Even though chances would have been slim to none that I’d ride that, I’d still like to suck on some HARD candy, not some past-its-sell-date bratwurst.

  2. My first thought – how sad. Then – he must have some serious issues or was paid an enormous sum, to have sex with a plastic doll, and then photograph it.

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