When We Role Play… (12)

Hey guys….
My friend over there wanted me to introduce you to him:

He thinks you are fine as hell and I told him GOOD things about you.
But I do have something to tell you…

…yeah, so he has done a couple porn scenes for BREED IT RAW.
He left college to become a porn star


Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “When We Role Play… (12)”

  1. Had he done any other porn I would concider but breed it raw is RAW!!! Im gona have to pass no offense to those guys but I gota protect my self first. And te golden rule no glove no love

  2. If he’s still doing scenes for them, no dice.

    If not, we can go out – see if there’s chemistry; but no sex until I get some results back…and it may be 6 months at that. Cuz BreedItRaw? Nawl son…(well any raw porn company period).

  3. What happens next? The HIV destroying his body continues to mutate?

    Not a damn thing happens next.

    You leave college for lucrative opportunities–start the next billion dollar internet company, star in a movie, travel abroad for a year etc., not fuck for a buck on camera, raw, with walking infections. That shit ain’t hot. Not dick or ass out there is worth dying for or living with something you cannot cure with Benadryl, Tylenol, Robitussin, or a good night’s sleep.

  4. The more I think about it, the more “Hayul no” pops in my head. Since he’s a fox, that means he’s been a cvmdump for these dudes…

    Granted, he’s been doing for $$ what some kats are doing for free — doesn’t mean I want to be with them either…

  5. “He left college to become a porn star…”
    Ooo, a college drop-out, how ATTRACTIVE…
    On the other side, if he wants to quit that business and needs legal help – and comes across as sincere and honest and really regretting it – I could give him some pro bono advice. Hell, if it gets really bad, I could hook him up with some friends over in Jersey.

  6. It’s a no go. I can’t lie, dude looks tempting,but quiting college to do porn is not the biz. It’s a recession, you need to go out and get as much as money as you can get and the porn industry will not get him there. Besides, I don’t want him after all the niggas nutted up in him.

  7. Damn I can do almost anything but I cant go for that. Just hollering at a young homie last night and he told me that he met a cute masculine dude with good personality and so on and so forth but he was HIV positive–WHOA, didnt know what to tell him, but to think long and hard because its a reality and you have to act like everyone is, if he decided to pursue this to be very careful and learn all that he could because we only have one life to live. Also told him about the cute fine ass dude I messed around with when I first started messing around with dudes who was positive and on a death mission to sleep with everybody I guess for revenge. Saw him out one night and was bragging to a friend how hot he was and the friend pulled me to the side and bust my bubble, but probably saved my life. Thanking the Holy Father that I dodge that bullet; for not by his grace, I could have been a statistic, this dude is dead now but its no telling what kind of collateral damage he left behind. All money aint good money and no money is worth your life. You got to realize you cant win them all.

  8. Eh.
    Depends where his head is at this point in time. We all do shit we later regret.
    But the fact he did porn (and raw porn at that) tells me something about him that goes beyond the surface: he doesn’t value himself or what he has to offer the world.

    And to me, that’s the biggest issue.

    1. Really? Interesting…cuz I would think him short-sighted & not necessarily thinking about long-term goals, but I wouldn’t say he didn’t value himself. Some people see nothing wrong w/porn & enjoy performing on ‘film.’ The raw is what would bother me above the porn — too many people think that diseases don’t exist anymore. Heck, they’re discovering that gonorrhea is starting to become drug-resistant & incurable, so…yeah. All that to say that’s a different take of someone who does/did porn.

  9. Well, we’d certainly have a very interesting conversation over drinks. Just because he left university to become a porn performer wouldn’t be a deal breaker, surely there are very very good reason(s) for doing something so drastic. It’s the ‘raw’ performances in porn that’s the worry for me.

  10. I tend to differ in my perspective with you guys. Like to me that isnt a deal breaker, i understand that raw sex isnt safe and like should happen on a platform like that so willingly. But I think that all and most of us have to consider that we each are different and have difference stories. Some people do porn because the need to sustain themeselves and fucking for money is thier choice of occupation. I know that dropping out of school wasnt wise, but he didnt say he wasnt going back. People are imperfect and I beleive we have to let go of the “way” we view people and get into thier stories before we assess them.

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