When Gentrification Goes Wrong and Gets Racist On The MTA

we don’t play out here in new yawk.
being belligerent and racist will get the paws on you real quick.
this snow jackal on the L train was both of those things.
he learned real quick via baller alert

i stay hearing shit going down on the L.
it’s always something.

what is going onnnnnnn over there?
help me understand.

when my vixen threw her whole soup on him tho>>>>
i laughed so damn loud.
it serves him right tho.
clearly his stupid ass was drunk af.
i bet he don’t even remember what happened.
hopefully his job will tho.

lowkey: i would have been so tite if i was on there trying to get to work.
trying to get my ass home.
take that shit off that train and beat his ass on the platform.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “When Gentrification Goes Wrong and Gets Racist On The MTA

  1. The L train s really eerie. It’s a local train and if you are sorituak you can feel mad bad spirits on there. You can just sense it. And that white man should’ve got his ass whuuupppeddd they ain’t do enough to him

      1. When I used to live in NYC back in the day I was on the L line to Bushwick. It wasn’t this bad. The white folks pretty much was gone before or by the Morgan or Jefferson stop. When I was in NYC in June, it was a COMPLETELY different story. The neighborhood that I use to live in was predominately Spanish, now its white. It felt so fucking eerie seeing all those white people walking around there. And the park that use to have a curfew is now 24/7 and a portion of it was turned into a dog park. The bodega that I used to go to late nights with the Dominican dude and his son, is now an Irish pub. It like wow. So, damn heartbreaking. The soul are being stripped out of these NYC neighborhoods. Gentrification is a good thing/bad thing. Its really good if you falls on the good side of it. If not, it can be a catastrophe. I remember reading an article in the NYC Times where people in some Brooklyn neighborhoods (like Crown Heights, etc) was talking about how they cant go back home again, bc of the gentrification. Part of me really wants to come back to NYC, bc I wasn’t there long enough to get it out of my system. But, another part of me that’s longing for that nostalgia is fully aware that old NYC is NO MORE!

      2. @Jamari.. when I was in NYC this past June and was walking down 125th around 1am and there was this white chick walking down the street with me like she owned that shit. NO fucking fear. I was like what the flying fuck. Lol And they are like that in Spanish Harlem as well.

  2. Yall don’t play in “new yawk” but black people stay getting they head bashed in, in neighborhoods in queens, brooklyn, and the bronx. I know you didn’t mean it that way (maybe you did), but new yorkers act like NYC is a safe haven where racism isn’t allowed. Black and spanish there get killed, beat, and disenfranchised just like everywhere else. Comments like that is the reason a lot of people don’t care when “new yawkers” is going though a crisis.

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