“Tatts To Prove The Dick 2 Bomb”: Reasoning Fron Jhene Aiko

is dick ever that good?
i hope not.
for good dick,
i’ll get up and cook you breakfast while planning lunch.
i might even buy you a short set sans beyonce.
a tattoo with my wolf’s face tho?
jhene aiko did just that for her wolf,
big sean.
this is the tatt…

that is just too much.
she could of well put:


…on her elbow.
well she did leave her ex wolf for big sean.
this is also the longest celeb relationship sean been in.
it could be a match made in heaven.

lowkey: remember when brandy got ex nba baller wolf,
quentin richardson,
face on her back?

she had that covered with butterflies with the quickness.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on ““Tatts To Prove The Dick 2 Bomb”: Reasoning Fron Jhene Aiko”

  1. Jhene had such a small loyal following at one point and just did a 360 with her lifestyle and she was more beautiful before the surgeries.

  2. they’re a cute couple and i love the music they make together Twenty88 is a fantastic ep, but idk about that tat.

    p.s. I actually like her new album , for awhile unless she was feature on a song i could’t dig her

  3. Instead of his face, if it’s that good, why not have a replica of his penis tattooed instead? Far more interesting!!!!!!!

  4. I swear these chick be doing the most trying to prove to a man that they’re loyal. Considering celeb relationships hardly ever last. WHY would you tatt some neguhs face on you. I hope he wife her or at least gets a tat of her out she’ll be out here looking dumb. Big Seans last hit was about him dogging his ex-girlfriend. This should be interesting..

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