The Snow Bunny Who Dragged The Black Wolves

tiffany jolene is not the snow bunny to fuck with.
she is not interested in black wolves who disrespect black vixens.
in fact,
she wrote a lovely PSA for any black wolves who come incorrect.
this is what she posted on facebook

that is a hardcore dragging.
someone send it to all the racoons the kardashian’s date.
as you can imagine,
this went viral and put her instantly in the spotlight.
tiffany explained why she went drag-happy:

i absolutely agree with her.
black males like that actually show their character.
why would anyone want to date someone who would do that?
that would turn me all the way off.
some folks need to get some respect for themselves.
you came out of a black vixen.
i’m puzzled.
i’ll allow tiffany jolene and those like her.

lowkey: seriously,
why would anyone want to date someone who disrespects his own race?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “The Snow Bunny Who Dragged The Black Wolves”

  1. I’ll allow this pretty snow kitten into the litter. She said right. You’ll never see a gay snow cub saying all that tho. πŸ™„

    Those type of black men only want them Snow kittens (Caucasian women) cause they be low-key feeling they can get away with shyt. They do the same for Asian women as well. They don’t want a woman, they want a servant. Listen to how they banter on about how white wen will do anything that black women don’t usually do…Usually some degrading shyt like licking all up they ass or putting a strap on to date booty. They just like that Caucasian obsessed black dude from that movie White Chicks.

    One my fav straight pornstars is into it with a white chick. Ricky Johnson has a body outta this world tho. Didn’t know he was dating a white girl. They seem happy tho, so cool.. This other black one on my Twitter, (don’t know his name) all his retweets & likes are of white women. Even posted one saying something about this whites girls be having ass…and I was …where is it? πŸ˜πŸ™ƒ

    I think the Snow Kitten in this post looks cute, even with the filter. I just wish she gave us a lil preview of the bottom feeders that be messaging her. She don’t have to expose their names and faces but I’d love to see some of them messages just to see how they throw their own women under the bus. This the second of third time I read on this blog that the Dams be Poppin. I need to investigate this alleged poppin. πŸ”­πŸ€“

  2. Well, God bless her and her actions. No need to mention race for me. I’m about content of character. See what I did there? LOL. It’s sad that black men that this snow bunny mentioned are showing out. And for what? I’m not understanding. I hate to hear or even see black men disrespect black women and then speak on black american issues. It’s like a red flag for me. It goes back to that stupid argument that light, bright, or white is always right, or at least that’s what I’m conjuring up in my head.

  3. Ehh, Idk why she went viral. People of ALL races fetishize one another to a degree, sick of this demonization of black men as predators when “others” are just as guilty. I get what she was trying to do but her post just paints that picture. There are White (men & women) who purposely seek out black partners too based on stereotypes. So her PSA was extra, she isn’t a prize lol. Relax ma

    1. I agree. I donΒ΄t get what all the praise is for. To me, she kind of showed her ass more than being “woke”. I feel like she exposed her true thoughts about black men (people) and I would heed that as a warning to stay away either as a mate (straight black males) or as a potential friend (black men/women).

      Not to say that there aren’t any truths in her statements though, just coming from her isn’t really a good look. I wonder if all the Asian, Latino, Indian men that approach her are all angels, or if not, is she going to go on a massive rant about all of them too? hmm.

      Black males need to get it together though, THIS is what they think of you.

  4. We had a girl like that at my high school. People thought she was albino. Pale skin was literally the only thing that would make you question her ethnicity. She would be quicker to check a dude than some of the Black girls at school, and this was in Alabama in the 90’s at a 97% Black high school. It takes all kinds.

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