Well, We At 2 Million Views On Inside Jamari Fox Today…

sit and have some cake.
i have a few words about this journey

i looked at my phone tonight and saw i reached 2 million views.
just wowzers.
i didn’t do anything.
i’m not adjusting stat counts for popularity.
it does nothing for my wallet, so that idea is irrelevant.
i write from my heart and bring something different with these keystrokes.
that’s it.
some like me.
some think i am a complete dumb ass.
i’m not here for them.

i will admit i felt a little emotional tonight.
i felt like how beyonce felt when she won all those grammys for dangerously in love.
(sorry, listening to dil as i write this)
this is a huge achievement for me.
i have been through so much from when i first started.
still going through shit.
but, i feel more read for the world in my shit.
i read my first entry just now and i cringed LOL


doing way to much jamari.


i have totally evolved into a totally different human.
i’m not perfect, but i’m not as lost as i once was.
i don’t think i would have grown without the comments though.
i have some of those same comments saved in a word document.
the ones i may need to read anytime i feel down.

it has been a long road.
but, one i’m that glad you all share with me.
i don’t know where many of you come from.
your walk of life or even your struggles.
but i do appreciate everyone who visits.
everyone who leaves a comment or even lurks…
ones who visit from work or college dorms/libraries.
ones who refresh their cookies so their parents won’t find out.
ones who check me out from another country.
hell, the ones who check me out from a locker room or in a private jet.
shit, imagine all the celebs who paid me a visit within this 2 mill?

i love you.
let’s head to 10 million, shall we?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Well, We At 2 Million Views On Inside Jamari Fox Today…”

  1. Lol that boy Jamari said he’s a pretty brown skinned bottom. That sounds funny when you say it out loud.

    After 2 millions views I think we’re ready for HQ, photographic proof of this pretty brown skinned bottom you speak of. Lol I’m still laughing when I say it.


    1. ^reading that almost embarrased me,
      but it also made me see how far i have come.
      i started off like such a potential jackal and hyena.
      thank god i got shined and polished.

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