Update to the Update: The Video Has Dropped…

… and I am at a lost for words.


I have never wanted to fight someone the way I want to do with this dude.

Lemme step away for a minute and I’ll add my commentary.

Flash, I got you on your blog soon playa.

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11 thoughts on “Update to the Update: The Video Has Dropped…”

  1. totally fabricated for attention …… not the type a DL player goes for (know for a fact)

  2. Uhhhmmmm ite:

    A) A DL athlete can get someone that looks a million times better than this guy
    B) The athlete in question isn’t all that cute anyway
    C) March 2007? Why wait til Jan 2010 tell ur story?

    This story upsets me…I want this dude to crawl under a rock and live there for the rest of his life!

  3. —> hmm.

    and to think…the athlete may have only been a cool friend to him and this dude living some type of fantasy shit…sad fag. People jus thru self-respect rite out the window this lap becuz he stupid n desperate as hell…

  4. Sup Jamari! A Happy New Year 2 You & All of Us Readers!! I read this and reread this and I keep thinking “What’s Done In The Dark, Will Come To Light”, I keep thinking what kind of fanasty world was this dude living in? I also thought about the athlete, was it really that good that he was willing to risk it all? It’s just my observation,but my question to the athlete, would be, how do you view yourself, do you look in the mirror and like what you see? I wonder, was the athlete, just settling for what he could get, or was it just a bad judgement call on his part. The DL Dude, I know that this will come back to haunt him. My advice to the athlete would be, to just remain quiet, seek God, pray, don’t confirm or deny anything, of course hearing people talk, the news specualtors comment will sting, but he can ride out the storm, and something will happen and the scandal will eventually fade. Jamari, this athlete could have used some good one on one advice from you. I often wonder how do people walk into different life situation’s with thier eyes wide open. Call me a skeptic, but I do not believe that the events this dude is describing are true. I can only keep wondering…..

    1. I love this comment Rod. Please come back to bless me with more!

      This scandal will fade. He has no proof or incriminating evidence and possibly, being slutted out by Miss Jia for promo on her blog. People eat up drama.

      The athlete can use this in his favor if he is really smart. A good PR team and a few digging and this poor “girl” will be toast. Story will be swept under the rug.

      If athlete is in fact gay, he needs to do ALOT better at covering his tracks next go round.

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