Jamari Fox Meat Show: City Gym Boys




Enjoy Foxes.

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7 thoughts on “Jamari Fox Meat Show: City Gym Boys”

  1. I LOVE them in pictures… it would just be nice if they were HOMOSEXUALS. I feel the same way about strippers and actors playing gay roles. I dont wanna go to these things and see men like that… only to realize i couldn’t have one of them.

  2. I dont think i like these men too much. Now im not saying that you have to be gay to host a gay event but if you are going to host one and not be labeled as gay, then why lead the gay attendees on and let them fondle and rub all over you? Now this may happen in a strip club where the male strippers arent gay or bi either but these men arent strippers either. lol

    I saw a youtube where they said they were not gay, yet when ATL pride comes, they host a lot of the BIG events there. It makes me wonder, So are they just using the gays for their money because they know they will sucker out to an event hosted by hot sexy muscle heads?

    I dont like it!

    1. Funny you say that because I noticed that with them. I think they do it to get gays to buy the calenders. I have a feeling the owner, or leader, is gay though. Something about him makes the spidey sense tingle. The rest are probably straight… or gay for pay.

      1. Either way, they dont need to be using us that way. Now supporting us and using us are 2 different things and I think they are using the gays. I think it would be better if they spoke out on gay issues..and showed year round support..not just host shit at pride so someone can buy those tired ass calendars!

        and the owner is a cute older man. U know I love older men but he needs to get that agenda together because the gays will start to get suspicious of their intentions within the community.

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