Flash Fucks… Again

Which porno star has this white woman not able to remember her name?

Well, it is my favorite up and coming porn star Flash Brown.

He  was kind enough to send me another clip to debut on my blog,
since you guys liked the first one so much.

He was one of the most requested informants on Inside Jamari Fox.

He really does have a nice body and good stroke.
He has a nice “sex me hard” voice too.
Not even mad at it at all.

He is trying to nab New Comer of the Year Award 2011 AVNs.
So spread the word!!!
I know ya’ll like to talk alot.

Talk + Sex Talk + Sexy Black Man Sex Talk + Sexy Black Man You Saw Jamari Talk About = Good Convo

There are not a lot of good looking straight male porno stars.
So, I do see success in his near future.
He just has to keep the stroke perfected.
There is a certain way I like to see women get fucked…
…. and he has done it so far.

Maybe I can conduct a one and one interview….
so the fans will get to know him

We will see.


click here to see the new video—–> Flash Brown FUCKS Kendra Secrets
and website——> FlashbrownXXX.com

Enjoy Foxes.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Flash Fucks… Again”

  1. Hes attractive. Great body. DARK SKIN++ If he keeps it up he’ll go pretty far, just has to brand himself and stay within a certain realm (dominant black guy who destroys white women… or something lol). Just wish he talked a little bit more “during”.

  2. i sent it back again darling. I dont know why i keep coming back here to announce it..i think u get it faster here that I sent it back and go check ur email.

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