Two Friends; One Account

thank God for the folks in my life.
the true ones.
i can say i came up in the friends department.
they say you can only get about 2 good friends,
but between the folks I personally know,
and the ones from the foxhole,
I can honest say I am pretty blessed.

i’ve been extra concerned with my budget.
it has been all over the place and i’ve been trying to cut corners.
i gotta get all of my bills lowered because I refuse to go into the new year in struggle.
m main concerned is my credit cards.
so far,
those have gotten wild crazy.
one of my home-wolves was telling me about his budget.
it is air tight and it has kept him a float and balanced.
he has even been able to stay fresh and buy the latest gadgets.
off random,
he texted me:

“how about you use my Netflix account?
I barely use it.
that should help you save an extra 10 dollars a month.”


he didn’t have to do that,
but I’m so grateful that he did.
now i can use that extra money to pay off my credit cards.
i might not be in a relationship,
but i’m extremely happy with the friends in my life.
God is truly good.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Two Friends; One Account

  1. My BF didn’t have Netflix and I brought it up once on his smart TV so we could watch something at his place. The log in information was saved so now we’re unintentionally sharing an account. I don’t know why, but it make me feel good and like we’re close when I log on and see that he’s been watching something.

    Glad your friend helped you out.

    1. Really?!! There are so many shows, not movies, on there to watch…and interesting documentaries!
      Did you watch The 75?! Yo, that was off the chain!

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