Lil Mo Husband Gets Some “Thanksgiving Break” Pipe Leakage?

*the following entry is a whole parental advisory.
you’ve been advised.

there are certain males who emit “fuck pineapple”.
they can’t even hide it.
it’s in their walk and talk.
they tend to be sexy af,
but it just wafts in the aura until it can’t be hidden anymore.
lil mo husband,
karl dargan,
always gave me that impression.
fameolous wanted to start our thanksgiving breaks early!
sausage for breakfast!
she leaked his alleged pipe leakage and well…

is this angling or does he have a big pipe?
you know males can make vienna look pepperoni.
i’m not shocked his nudes would leak.
i’m also not shocked with the “fuck pineapple” ways.
it’s just a matter of time.

Where is James R alleged leakage?

if he is anything like the clips i saw on lhhny,
his own “fuck pineapple”-ness screams “stress and cigarettes”.

lowkey: mo done been to court with him…

i mean…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Lil Mo Husband Gets Some “Thanksgiving Break” Pipe Leakage?”

  1. Ughhh Jamari I LOVE pineapples like that! The boxers, the hood gangstas, with the braids on the corner smokin they weed or they black and milds while their on the corner outside the bodega. If you from NYC you know what I’m talkin about. But it’s a hinderance to be attracted to your type AND they have good pipe and you know they ain’t shit. That’s messed me up several times.

    1. ^WORD.
      sometimes those can be the best ones.
      it all depends on…

      i was actually thinking of writing an entry about this too.
      ima get into my head so i can get it out.

  2. The same storyline from LHHNY…
    His pipe is nice and he is a handsome dude. Lol No looks so pretty in that first pic where she has the braids. I think you’re right J. He looks like the type of dude that likes to get his dick wet no matter what, which could also mean he’s dipped in the trans pond and the fox pond a time or two for a quick nut…🤔

  3. It’s a nice pipe he definitely the kind of guy I would talk to in my normal everyday life (look wise). As far as the lil mo thing the cheating and stuff doesn’t surprise me.

    1. LOL It’s crazy that you posted him, when I saw him the other day, I was like he’s handsome.
      I was flipping through channels and the show was on. He was arguing with Mo about him taking a lie detector test.
      I was like is it that serious?! If you don’t trust your man/wife…leave them. Co-parent and call it a day! Damn, all that unnecessary drama is crazy. If I don’t trust you..I’m not dealing with you, plain and simple.

      That being said, he definitely looks like he got some side stuff somewhere. He could get it…for real!

  4. Didn’t he nudes leak when she was on “R&B Divas: LA” also? I think the did. They were screen shots of a text conversation and it had some of his nudes in it I believe.

  5. I’m sorry but Lil’ Mo husband is so fine to me he can really get it ( He making my hoe tendencies spark a little bit.) I think everybody including Mo knows he’s cheating but if she choose to stay with him who I am to say anything.

  6. Are we surprised that he cheated? LOL this is serving me Phaedra Parks & Apollo tease. An older average looking woman gets with a younger attractive man who is arguably “out of her league” in the looks department as many would say, and unemployed.

    These men are being KEPT. Of course they’re going to wonder off and start their hoe shit. Men like that can only offer good dick and headaches, and maybe “Pretty babies” for Mo or Phaedra’s sake. NOTHING else. BEWARE people. Now Mo done made a baby with him because she fell for the pretty looks. I’m not talking about him personally but a lot of these men ain’t shit.

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