Trans Vixens Are Males

i didn’t say it.
*put paws up*
^that vixen with the crown did.
she tweeted it.
a vix-bi sent me the full tweet today and well…

there is a whole lot more:


they came out the woods for her.

i can see her point tho.
her approach about it was raw af
but was she ignorant with everything she tweeted?
is she in need of a dragging?

one thing i will say tho,
and this is just my opinion,
but this sentence:

“do you know how many trans vixens are killed this year…”

do you know how many blacks were also killed this year?
gay men?
black wolves?
that part confuses me.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

31 thoughts on “Trans Vixens Are Males”

  1. I thought we’ve been through this before? I guess not. Trans women are women and if they aren’t, then there’s no such thing as a gay man. It’s really just that simple. You can’t demand that your social and political identity be respected while dragging Trans women. We are all facing hetero-normative oppression, so I’m perplexed by the hostility towards Trans women in the Foxhole.

    More white people get shot and killed by police than black people, yet there’s a Black Lives Matter movement. Why? Because there are fewer black people in America and yet even with the rates of white people dying by police, there’s no parity with black people from a numbers standpoint.

    The same is true for Trans deaths. Let’s take sexuality and identity out of it for a second. Why do we care about poaching? Because if too many animals are poached, the species becomes extinct. The same is true for Trans women.

  2. Another crusty transphobic fool. Hell I may get an account just to watch her ugly ass get dragged

  3. Hey Jamari im a bisexual woman…love your blog…i have to agree with this woman. if you are a trans woman or trans man, i will call you by your preferred pronouns because im respectful, however just because you dress like a man or woman does not mean that is your gender. ALSO, jamari, about the amount of trans women killed this year so far, notice that there hasnt been much said about trans men being killed. know why? because trans women CONSTANTLY try str8 dudes, they dont want “gay” or “feminine” men who are in the gay community, theyd rather lie to straight men. in my experience thats what gets them caught up. not trying to victim blame, but its just the truth im not gonna sugarcoat it. trans men on the other hand are not caught up in that bull shit, unless they are into men.

    1. ^thanks for the comment xd!
      i’m glad to have read your opinion on this.
      after all the drama i’ve had by asking questions about the trans vixens,
      all i will say is i agree with your point.
      they come off like alleged victims turned bullies too.
      as much as they are part of the community,
      they aren’t that special like the rest of us.
      we all have a struggle in this community and life in general.
      white supremacy still wins.

  4. I have no problem respecting the trans community. Using proper pronoun and all that jazz. But transwomen are transwomen, not women. What’s actually crazy is that bio women jump in the argument with “Well, I don’t have a period/don’t have breasts/wasn’t born with a vagina. Does that make me less than a woman?” Unless you were born with a penis and balls, no! It’s honestly that simple. The special cases where people are born with anomalies is soooo little that’s its insulting to include them in their argument. The problem is that these activists don’t want respect, they want to bow down to their “greatness”. I blame Lady Gaga and the Born This Way era. Those easily influenced teens are now grown and don’t know what to do with themselves.

  5. Where is that Captain “Save a trans” Brent Christopher? LMAO it must be nap nap time for our good sis. Just wait by the next day, this thread will have 50+ comments from that lunatic.

    1. LMAO he’s probably trolling as usual. Probably calling the NAACP, Human Rights Group, RuPaul, TS Madison, or some hollyweird big wig who is a gay ally and activist to come through and “read” Jamari his miranda rights about trans people.

  6. If you ever want to get the fire Rollin in the Foxhole Jamari, just post something about the trans-kittens. It is a heavy topic. We have our hetero creationist, our trans-vixens, trans-beaus, hetero/gay men that love/date transwomen, and gay Bros and kittens that frequent this site, all of us with widely varying views on the matter of gender.

    Lee made some interesting points, though the one about the penis being meant to go in the vagina is a double edged sword since straights practice anal sex and also oral sex with the peen in the mouth, facials and swallowing..etc, so they are also in violation with that, even if it is with a woman, it’s not a “natural” practice as they say, and couple that with men getting penetrated by women with fake peens, and eating the booty like EBT groceries and we’ve opened up a whole new can of worms (and bacteria).

    I hate doing posts cause they are always long but I like discussion & being involved and interactions & to lighten things up and explain my point of view.

    Humans can’t change their sex at will. Male and female as well as same sex relationships span in many different wavelengths, whether you want to include, animal documentation of it or a desperation need for it as with prison sex and interactions.

    However, human beings cannot change their gender at will. Some species of animals can, but humans can’t, so this explains my stance on saying that transwomen aren’t real women but I mean at this point I don’t think they should be ridiculed for their decisions unless they are actively causing damage. Some transwomen look better than real women and some real women look like men.

    I’m sure since science is going guinea pig on everything, we may have something like that one day (as well as a real life Jurassic Park – God help us if that happens).

    But to get on to a different topic that I think is very important. Jamari, you should look into a video online that was talking about how Black Men are still being sold as slaves in places like Libya. It’s enough to make you cry and keep in mind…this is happening in 2017. They are auctioning black men migrants as slaves on farms and things against their will to the highest bidder!! It’s like slavery all over again. It’s truly horrifying and sickening!

  7. Wow the amount of transphobia coming from black gay men in the comment section is truly astounding. YOU ARE A GAY MAN. Your penis is meant to go inside of a woman to procreate not to go into assholes. Loving and having an attraction to men is WRONG.

    That’s what people think of you, so when some of you are making ignorant statements about tranwomen, I hope you take into consideration how hypocritical you truly sound. Because at the end of the day it doesn’t matter if you like dick up your ass or you want to be a woman and or a man, “hetero cisgendered people” still think of you as the same 🙄. So don’t subject individuals to the things you wouldn’t want to be subjected to.

      1. First of let’s get one thing understood I’m not your motherfucker bruh. Secondly I will not engage in arguing with an ignorant old ass queen. So don’t reply to me stick to whatever you people do go find you a hookup on jack’d or go ogle some straight guy you’ll never get.

    1. You just made a blanket statement about everyone’s sexual identity.

      Furthermore, you completely neglected that there could be women in this comment thread.

      Ignorant? Pot meet kettle.

    2. Awwww, youre still young and dumb. Honey you right, you DON’T want to aruge with an old, mature queen who has more wisdom and knowledge than your tired ass little gay boy trying to gain attention by being a revolutionary sjw in these times we’re in. Sis, the gig is up and you are obviously late to the activist party and plus youre unoriginal with your read and also, you are dumb. Learn what a opinion is, informal English is, a blog is, and finally learn what an adult is because you failed English and you failed at growing up gay. Thank you and good night little faggot! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Look, I’ve never seen a decent explanation as to why transwomen feel they are women.

    All of it seems centered around superficial shit such as hair, makeup, and women’s clothing, and the desire to attract and date heterosexual men that fit the masculinity norms that are also a detriment to them.

    Notice none of these transwomen would feign to date non-masculine men that worship them in these houses and gay clubs. It’s a double edged sword and the closet case “masculine appearing” men they mess with usually just want to see their penises in some panties anyway so they don’t see you as women.

  9. Well, imo, transwomen are men. That is my honest belief bottom line. They were born men and that is it. If I see one in a public I address them as women though, I can respect that since that’s what they want.

    I remember when I was younger in this store and I saw a man dressed as a woman standing in line with women’s clothes in front of us near the checkout. He seemed nonchalant but you could tell he was kinda uncomfortable by all of the whispering and glares. I remember referring to them with feminine honorifics. Yes, ma’am, excuse me ma’am etc.

    I got scolded by friends once we left that store cause I knew damn well that was a nigga in a dress as they said.

    But ya know. If I had to really stop and think about some things. Despite my opinions about it. At the end of the day, if that’s what they want. Why not? They ain’t hurting me & they are still human’s a diverse world, deal with it.

    As for Ms. with comments…

    Since I have a Twitter I did go peep her out and this comment stood out to me a lot:

    “Female women will become obsolete one day bc males have so far encroached our own territory and it’s being made normal. We don’t even have control over our own sex id anymore.”

    She may be cute, but it is clear to me she is a foolish and unlearned woman. I also find it strange that she is blasting on about trans women but I haven’t seen anything sent forth about trans men….She sounds almost intimidated or maybe just fishing for likes…Who knows… & those other folks joining in her comments talking about “Whats wrong is right, and what’s right is wrong these days.”

    And I’m sitting over here looking at they profiles with a list like:

    Has body piercings and tattoos ✔
    Speaks about what is Godly and right but condemns folks to hell ✔
    Uses God in one sentence and fuck in the next ✓
    Has pornography in their past Twitter likes ✔
    Most likely sucks dick/eats pussy outside of marriage based on their Twitter likes ✔
    Sex outside of marriage ✔ + 2
    Kids outside of marriage ✔ +5

    I can go on and on….🙄

  10. We really have to watch out with the things that we say and the way that we say them. And this is not because it is not “politically correct”, but because it can truly hurt people. It may seem like it’s just words, but anti-LGBTQ rhetoric never ends there. It can then lead to harassment, assault, and even murder. There can be room for discussion, but not room for blatant disrespect. As a woman, I get the idea of feeling that trans women don’t truly understand our struggle, but they have a different one entirely. The idea of being transgender is feeling that you are not the gender that you were born as, and to truly present to the world how you see yourself, there is a need to change your appearance. I cannot imagine that feeling and the ostracizing that comes along with it. A number of trans people are being killed for just existing. And yes, other LGBTQ persons are being killed, and black people are being killed, but we have our conversations for that. We have to be careful not to “All Lives Matter” this conversation. If people are not hurting others by being themselves, then why is it a problem? And this is not a new concept. You should research terms like third gender native americans and hijra. It’s very interesting stuff.

  11. She has every right to voice her beliefs just as others do, but instead of throwing homophobia or bullying, it should have been used as an opening for dialogue between both parties. If you want to be honest about this entire word usage, it did not become a big deal until the media started instigating and having certain trans people say they were women. I remember in the first decade trans people had no problem being addressed as a man or tranny, but when the major push for a word change in the media, they ran with it. For example, A trans person that I had not seen in years and would call him by his name or what ups dude or bruh, took offense and ask me to “call him by his female name and that he is a lady.” When I asked her “What is his reasoning behind it?,” she became upset and walked off. I reached out to her on social media, but she stated “she did not want to talk about it. I wished her the best in life and told her that I hope she continues to have success.” Instead of being worried about a word, we could be working on trying to have different events and programs to try to reach a common ground of respect and understanding. Also, it would lay foundation for us to be able to work on more important issues than a word or bathroom.

    1. ^i agree with this.
      so has the media brainwashed everyone?
      i remember getting chewed out for the word “tranny”,
      but the trans community had no issues with it before.
      it’s even the title of some older porn videos.
      it has everything to do with how sensitive EVERYTHING is making everyone.
      there is no “speaking opinion” because you’ll get dragged and bullied.
      it’s ridiculous and i won’t be backing down if i have an opinion or question.

      1. “so has the media brainwashed everyone?”

        yes it has and you have the following individuals who have been activists:

        JANET MOCK
        ISIS KING

        So is it safe to say they’re women? No. They were physically born as men and will remain as men just because they have transformed into women. They weren’t born with the innerworkings of a woman, so its safe to say that they’re selfish to me. I don’t give a fuck though and I’ll bet that ugly ass troll BRENT CHRISTOPHER will have something to say *cocks 9mm glock*

        Jamari, I’m trying to forget about that troll mentioned, but I can’t.

        1. ^he is in the entry about work wolf,
          spitting the belief of why i’m alone.
          i’m fuckin alone but so are a lot of other folks?
          so he is not only throwing shade at me,
          but most of the gay community who struggle with various issues and not in relationships.
          i’m the “immature” one.

  12. raw and uncensored. if I paint my face white and want to check the “white” box am I now a white male?

    1. ^she wasn’t even disrespectful about it.
      she presented facts that aren’t being answered.
      trans vixens won’t ever feel what it’s like to be a vixen with a uterus.
      they won’t experience:

      child birth

      hell they don’t even want to experience that LOL

      1. The constant bullshit and fuckery! lol Even so many people get into trouble via social media, they cant help themselves. lol

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