Phaedra Parks Is A Modelling Mortician Who Does Law On The Side

i guess modelling for “flat tummy tea” has paid off.
take note!
so phaedra parks is now a model.
a legit model.
she isn’t lying.
phaedra has been signed by wilhelmina models.
the real agency.

she got a full interview by us weekly and well…

There’s a new model in town: Phaedra Parks. Though she may no longer be on the cast of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, the 5’1 entrepreneur has added a new job to her resume. That’s right— she’s not just a lawyer and a mortician, she’s now signed on with Wilhelmina Models, too.

Stylish caught up with the accomplished reality T.V. star to get the exclusive scoop on her newest role, her revenge body and how she feels about stripping down, who her modeling inspirations are and more! Check out the interview and the Diana Ross-inspired shots below!

Stylish: Tell us, what  are your goals for modeling?

Parks: I think I’m the face of “yes you can.” I’m a small town girl who has followed her dreams. Yes you can be a mom, yes you can be a lawyer and yes you can be a model. When the opportunity presented itself some people asked me “Why?’ and I said “Why not?” A supermodel started this company and she wanted to give power back to the women and I think I stand for the same things. I have the opportunity to show people that beauty can come in every size, shade, color and age. It’s exciting and an adventure!

Stylish: Tell US about how you feel about representing an under-served market.

Parks: I feel great about being different, in light of what’s going on now, politically … I think women need to be empowered to stand in their truth, to be different, dare to be diverse and stand up in times of controversy. I’m excited for that part.

Stylish: What would be your dream campaign?

Parks: Well I would love be the face of skin care brand. I have great skin, I love makeup, but I love to be able to take off the makeup and have beautiful skin. I also think a lot of girls are looking on Instagram for an idealized standard of beauty that requires a lot of makeup. Those are not the faces of what real women look like.

Stylish: Who are your biggest modelings inspirations?

Parks: Of course [Naomi] Campbell, she is everything, so fierce. Also Nicki Minaj. She’s done such a great job reinventing herself and changing the standards of beauty. And she’s been a big supporter of me.

Stylish: How do you feel about showing some skin and really taking it off for the camera?

Parks:  I don’t mind baring it all, I have been wearing g-strings and baring it all really every season for seven years. I had two children on national T.V.  I love nudity! I’ve brought a lot of exotic entertainers on the show, so I love my body and I’ve got curves. I’m a mother of two children, so I’m not perfect, but I have no problem getting naked.

Stylish: Have you changed any fitness or beauty routines?

Parks: Well I swim everyday, I love pilates with the reformer and recent events made me tone it up.

Stylish: Do you think wrapping up your divorce led you to get a revenge body?

Parks: Well, a lot of things happened in my personal life. Going through everything was so much stress, but then when it finished it was just effortless. I feel like I turned into Benjamin Button and started aging backwards, I started being happy.

Stylish: How are the businesses?

Parks: Being a mortician is a passion of mine and everything I’m passionate about I just dive right in. This is our peak season actually, the peak season from deaths is from Halloween to around Valentine’s Day, so we’re very busy — people are going to glory pretty regularly. I’m directing a few funerals this weekend. I know it’s morbid, but I love being the final party planner.


i wish she was still on the show so we could see her first photo shoot.
you know,
before all the editing.
these are her modelling shots:

it looks like any other ig shot of hers.
she said she won’t fall after getting let go from rhoa.
i gotta give it up to her.
she is a natural born hustler.
even if she has to allegedly lie and ruin friendships to get there.
sounds like the american dream.
next on her list: president of the united states.

article taken: us weekly

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Phaedra Parks Is A Modelling Mortician Who Does Law On The Side”

  1. Phaedra is a very smart business woman, glad she’s doing her thing! She’ll be making money, long after those other housewives are a thing of the past! Do any of those other wives have degrees?

  2. I can gurantee she will be back on RHOA. Hell probably this season. So far this season has been BORING. Nene hasn’t brought much to the show. I feel like they will bring Phadera in mid-season

  3. Womp Womp these photos are photoshopped to hell. Even my home girl who’s a huge fan gave her major side eye for this. And you can be signed to an agency doesn’t mean you’ll be booked so ultimately she could end up making barely anything after this. And as a real model wouldn’t you be encouraged to post a headshot versus these photos hopped pics? Smh. She has yet to do anything with her mortician thing, donkey boots barely soled, her tasers line.., and like our good ol aunt Wendy says who tf is hiring her for law when she embarrassed herself on television not knowing things she should know before stepping in the courtroom. And yal keep watching RHOA they giving us the boring stuff first. It’s going to get crazy trust me. And Phaedra is lucky she didn’t get disbarred. Regular folk would have lost that degree already

  4. How that saying goes. You can’t keep a good bitch down.
    Phaedra is very beautiful women.
    She’ll be back because the show is boring.

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