trump secures the black vote because we like crime and sneakers?

I feel like I’m gonna wake up and I’m gonna be back at my mother’s crib.
She is gonna be alive because it’s gonna be 1999.
I won’t remember anything that transpired before this.
It’s all gonna be a fever dream but it’s God reset.

some black folks in the country confuse me tbh.
trump came out with the insurrection 6s and they’re targeted to black people:

trump spoke at the black conservative federation gala,
which is a contradiction all in it’s own,
and he says

so the republican party sees black people as two things:

Crime ‘n’ Sneakers

bad enough,
greed is behind the wheel of why we want trump back in office.
some of these black folks only want trump in office for another stimulus check.
my next two questions are:

Why are we getting this random stimulus check?
We get this stimulus check and what’s next?

…which they don’t realize the government was behind the first two stimulus checks.
trump was behind raising it from 600 to 2k.
( x read why his name was on the stimmy )
( x an alleged breakdown of how this all went down )

we got a stimulus check under biden too.

So not only do they think we like “shoot em up bang bang” and slaves to material,
they think we are idiots who don’t read or do our research either.

i feel like more black folks should be embarrassed how we are viewed in this country.

common sense has left the building a long time ago so here we are.
it’s looking like some of our ancestors wasted their time.
we still ended up being slaves to stupidity.
so they aren’t and will never be scared of black folks.
they are in fear of someone else tho.

We like to throw shade at Taylor Swift but they are scared of her during this election.

( x see why )
the swifties will follow their leader.

watch trump at the entire gala speech:

lowkey: correct me if i’m wrong,
but isn’t the national treasury behind the stimmys?

truth be told:

Both candidates are terrible for this upcoming election and no one else stepped up.
here we are.

2 thoughts on “trump secures the black vote because we like crime and sneakers?

  1. One of the many problems with Trump and the Republican Party is that they act as if they only know black people through stereotypes. Black people have been in America for over 400 years, we pre-date the United States, and the Republicans willingly and deliberately act the way they do to appease their base, let’s just get honest about that.

    One of my main issues with Trump is actually on the issue of “Law And Order “ and the fact that he doesn’t get effectively called out on it, especially from the Black community. One minute Trump and the Republicans are pro-police, yet they want to get rid of the FBI, DOJ, and IRS. Trump is effectively saying that the laws should only be enforced against Black people and the poor. Tax evasion, Fraud, embezzlement, and corruption are cool and if you get caught just pay back what you can and get 12 days probation and a suspended sentence; but let your black kid steal a PlayStation 5 or Pokémon card they should be shot in the back or get 15 years in jail if caught. Hard stop, not on my watch; I don’t think so.

    When comes to the Black community, the real political issue that everyone is avoiding is the LGBTQIA+ issue and the 40-year-old outdated view that largely plagues the Black community; it’s the only issue that somewhat aligns with a split conservative /republican ideology, that and maybe illegal immigration although both the Democratic and Republican parties have been equal contributors to that problem. When it comes to the LGBTQIA+ issue the only problem people seem to have is with the G and the T, no one cares about lesbians in a negative way like that, people either don’t believe in bisexuality or they just find it weird, and no one really even knows about queer and the rest. When it comes to gay and transgender people you are talking about a minority of a minority of a minority and at the end of the day I could list 20 problems facing us right now and gays and transgenders don’t even place in the top 20.

  2. Biden hasn’t been great, though the economy (almost 15 million new jobs vs. nearly 7 million under Trump) is growing twice as fast as under Trump, and the Gaza mass slaughter Biden’s supporting is unspeakably horrible, but people seem to forget that the reason we got stimulus checks under Trump is because he BLEW UP THE US ECONOMY. The US lost a net of 2.9 million jobs by the time he left office. Covid-19 was a huge part of it but few other countries did as badly as the US, because Trump was such a mess. 500,000 people died from Covid-19 when he was in office and he almost died himself. Then he tried to overthrow the election! He may think he can insult us because Black conservatives let him, and he also can think Black people are stupid and have no memory but millions do. That doesn’t mean Biden will get those votes but Trump was terrible. It’s tragic that anyone has to be reminded of this, but clearly, people have forgotten. Remember the golden calf and idolatry–Trump is that false idol and he provide it when he was in office.

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