i’m confused about something that i wanted an opinion.
i feel i have created a safe place where i can inquire.
i don’t want to downplay the struggle of being a trans vixen.
i can only imagine what it feels like to be trapped in the wrong body.
i saw a tweet that not only confused me but i felt needed to be discussed.
this trans vixen,
by the name of @iamdeeluu,
had very bad period cramps for the first time.
she tweeted this

“why do we let people live like this”
that part is out of control.
cis vixens don’t have the luxury to turn it off.
from what my female friends say,
periods are no joke and come right after ovulating(?)
if i’m wrong on that,
please correct me.
my own sister would have a heavy flow and be in a lot of pain.
for many,
it’s not poppin’ a pill and feeling better.
they are legit bleeding and going through it for 5 days.
i feel like it’s really unfair to tweet that when it’s a part of life.

Am I wrong in thinking this?

lowkey: what periods are trans vixens even experiencing?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. Just from reading some of the replies, it seems likely that the cramps are from the hormones or changes in her hormone levels. Not an actual period, but getting cramps and similar pain.

  2. They seem like one of those people that jus “say stuff” probably jus has stomach cramps 🤷🏾‍♂️

  3. Click baiting. The children are out of control.
    There is a machine that hooks to the stomach and simulates labor pains. It goes from one to higher intensity. YouTube videos show most of the men hooked to it cannot go for fewer than five or ten minutes.
    Applause for women because they really can’t say stop, I can’t do this. Those long labors are no laughing matter.
    Maybe some bullshit trying to come out the wrong orifice on iamdeeluu, because that is exactly what it sounds like to me, bullshit.
    Next thing will be
    ” Oh I missed my period, I think I’m pregnant”. It doesn’t matter how many build a bear vaginas these doctors make, in my opinion, no pregnancies, no periods.

    1. I saw those, the women was like oh this is nothing compared to what I go thru and if that is true, don’t want it. Not trying to be funny but I be ready to end it all when number 2 don’t come out and you sit there pushing a baby out yelling to yourself how do bottoms take dick this shit hurt like hell. Yall can keep that pain.

  4. Trans-women keep letting the internet gas them up which ends up fucking them up because they will never be a natural woman so they end up having unrealistic expectations that will never be reached which in the end makes them more depressed than they usually are.

    I saw a trans-woman claim they’re gonna have a doctor perform a surgery where they put a woman’s uterus in her so she can be pregnant and carry a baby/give birth like a natural woman would. Like enough already.

      1. More surgeries their asses don’t need to be having. They already get breast implants and have their penises sculpted into a vagina. Which is understandable. But that should be enough. Now they want to have periods & give birth to babies. And considering some trans-women only date men to get the woman experience, putting that extra shit into the young ones heads is gonna mess up the up & coming trans-women who are gonna think that to get the full woman experience they must have children.

      2. I don`t care about some fat lazy person who needs attention. I love the story about boys dressing girls in the club and trying to get in the club as trans vixens.

    1. I really don’t want to offend anyone but I agree

      And this is the case with a lot

      Social media has normalized a lot that isn’t normal in daily life

      When ppl do porn and have smoke blown up their ass for being trans and being accepted and we change the language and the way we speak about everything for fear of offending (jada being bald) people start altering how they speak FOR THE INTERNET


      Irl, James and Amy in the trailer park that will harass you and make your life hell DONT CARE about being canceled on twitter

      That’s the danger in this fake internet outrage and political correctness because we still live in the real world

      1. @ TeaTimeTips2 -I’m going to stay away from the Trans topic all together because in 5,4,3,2,1 Jamari is going to be attacked as well as many of you commenting, I see it every time a Trans topic is brought up on this forum, but I did want to address something important you said that many young Gay guys do not realize, the real world is still mean and unforgiving and could care less about Gay rights and doing the right thing by Gays. There is already a backlash in many red states against Gay rights, it starts slowly and I can almost guarantee if the Republikkkans gets back in power they are going to do away with Gay Marriage as well as abortion for women. I think many Gay people get gassed up seeing so much representation in the media that they think the majority society is okay with their lifestyle and that could be further from the truth. Many people just keep their views hidden for fear of losing their jobs in this social media world where they can be exposed, but the internet has shown me how when people don’t think that anyone is looking they show their true colors, so many videos showing this exact thing. Many younger dudes have found out the hard way thinking that many of these Str8 pineapples are down because the internet has them thinking it easy to pull them because they see all these Str8 dudes flexing for the gays but offline its a different story and you still have to know you may get a beat down approaching them wrong. The world is not gay/.trans/lgbtq friendly as many in our community may think it is.

        1. @Tajan THANK YOU

          That’s why I make it my mission to tell these guys on twitter to be careful because I’ve seen lives ruined behind sexual promiscuity

          It’s glorified but it doesn’t end well

          I know real life people suicidal because they’re POZ. I know real life men lying about their status and forging documents showing they have clean bill of health.

          Instead of changing language and changing how people talk. We need to clip a lot of this shit at the source. There’s no reason for HIV transmission to be at 50-60 percent of Black and Latino gay men when HIV aids been around since the 80s .

          There’s no reason for trans women to be on twitter calling gay men faggots who pursue them because they found out they like gay boys too. Like do we see how delusional this shit is? You were a gay boy at once, too! And stating facts isn’t phobia. You are a trans woman with lived experience as a gay man. Why is the community trying to fight itself instead of uplifting itself.

          Why are older gay men trying to fuck and infect these 18-21 year old boys?

          Why is twitter defending slapping people on live tv for doing things they are offended by ? But crying about Atlanta gays fighting in the club

          Pick a side .

          Why are we glorifying public sex at planet fitness and on MTA? But then saying bill Cosby and r Kelly deserve jail and hell? These are sex offenders

          1. I was with you until you equated public sex (at Planet Fitness or the MTA) with the crimes of Bill Cosby, who is accused of drugging and raping dozens of women, one of whom he essentially admitted he assaulted, and the crimes of R. Kelly, who was convicted of sexually abusing underage girls, among other things. There is a qualitative difference between the two things, like there’s a difference between kiting a check and robbing a bank or someone’s home and killing or wounding people in the process.

          2. The reason I equate it is because it’s still violation

            There was a viral video at the start of the pandemic

            A man was in a college library masturbating and an Asian girl back was turned to him

            He ejaculated and it shot all over her sweater and she didn’t know

            This shit is foul and if begins with the thrill of getting caught and gets worse and worse

            They are absolutely sex offenders and when I’m in the dmv I hear clerks asking for sex registry forms for them to change addresses and these are young attractive men like us

            “We” are becoming the men our parents warned us about

            But that’s just one bullet point in this larger topic of delusion and normalization.

    2. Was she for real, that’s like some transmen saying they got surgery to get a 12 inch dick. Dicks don’t grow on trees, you know how many trees would be planted in people homes if it did. A penis can get pushed inside to resemble a vagina but you can’t pull nothing out or attach a penis. You can put a mechanism inside but its still not real.

  5. Hey, I am not Trans so cannot possibly , realistically ,or scientifically judge what this woman is going through.

    It would be enlightening if an actual Trans woman could comment .

    [ Its like someone who is not a Gay male , or Black telling us what we should or should not feel. ]

  6. Smh. Well since the delusional gays swear that their aholes are actual sex organs and that they have multiple orgasms from them (and have since deemed their peens useless), let delusional trans think they’re getting period cramps and a ‘time of the month’…

    Yall alphabet ppls are a lot…

    1. Huh? A man, whatever his sexuality, can experience orgasms anally if his prostate is stimulated, since the anus is also a sexual organ, and if the prostate is stimulated correctly, with a vibrator, dildo, penis, finger, etc., a man, whatever his sexuality, can experience multiple non-penile orgasms. If you don’t believe this is possible, try it. Again, you do not have to be a gay man to experience this; you only have to be a cis man with a prostate.

      What does this have to do with a trans woman claiming she has menstrual cramps? They are two completely different things. This trans woman’s cramps probably are the result of the hormones she is taking to feminize her body physically. Cis women actually can suppress their menstrual cycles by taking hormone suppressants–i.e., the pill or related drugs–and some women engaged in heavy duty athletics, or in certain cases under extreme physical conditions–starvation, etc.–will experience reduced or suspended menstrual cycles.

      As for the comment about why do “we” let people “live like this,” I’ll just say that she and none of us would be on this earth right now if our birth mothers did not experience their menstrual cycles in the process of conceiving us.

      1. What they have to do with each other are being cases of ppl trying to redefine the wheel to fit their narrative. Prostates can be stimulated, clearly, and that can lead to an orgasm where you ejaculate out of your penis (like we sometimes see in white pron where bottoms haven’t as heavily been relegated to trying to emulate the woman role).

        The ahole is an exit. We as humans have turned it into a sex organ. No matter how much gay men want to heteronormatize our relationships, and as good as the peneetration may feel for some, we do not have orgasms in our asses. We also don’t ‘cream’/ass ejaculate. Sex can still be enjoyed/able without ejaculation or orgasm.

    2. Gay men tell transwomen they’ll never be women but want straight guys to “get them pregnant”, f’ck their “p’ssy”… mkay.

      Who wants to be women, masc4masc?

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