after the alcohol and violence has worn off,
will smith looked at his mentions and probably shrieked.
amongst all the congratulations for winning an oscar,
he probably saw all the draggings too.
he issued an apology to chris rock close to 24 hours later on ig…


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i love a good ig statement.
“i am a work in progress” is my “God is still working on me”.
he apologized.

Is he still gonna get dragged?

ya know some of these miserable folks can’t even take an apology.
there needs to be sealed in blood.


is this apology enough?
does he need to go fight in the ukraine war next?
he didn’t need to apologize to me cause i didn’t care.
i’m just a front-row seat viewer of the shenanigans.
i kinda wish he woulda slapped chris up backstage or something.
no sound but fists flying and trying to read lips.

“I think he said fuck you bitch!
Look at his lips in slo mo…”



  1. He apologized. Should’ve happened during the acceptance speech, but I can understand that he wasn’t there yet.

    There is no reason for him to lose his Oscar. One has nothing to do w the other.

    It certainly does speak to privilege tho. Because he’s America’s safest/favorite black man, he wasn’t removed by security like a b-list celeb would have been.

  2. Let’s keep it real, the apology is whack and the whole situation is whack and Will Smith is in the wrong and Chris Rock was right, and that’s the simple bottom-line.

    People want to make a big deal about alopecia, and I don’t want to necessarily minimize anyone who suffers from that, but I do feel as though that is a scapegoat in this situation. Jada Pickett has been one of the best-looking women in Hollywood going all the way back to “A different World” and she has always rocked shot hair and looked good doing it, even close shaved or completely baldheaded she is still killing the game, and she knows it; so, miss me with the whole she’s so self-conscious about her appearance nonsense.

    The problem here is that people are twisting themselves into pretzels because at the end of the day the whole “Protect black women” ideology is nonsense. One minute we don’t care about the Oscar because #Oscars-so-white, then we are finally heavily featured, mess it up and then say we don’t care because it’s the white man’s show. We talk about violence in the streets but then would celebrate this violence as some sort of act of chivalry. Chris Rock was the victim of workplace violence and what I hate about this is a lot of people are trying to take away his agency. Chris Rock has every right to press criminal charges against Will Smith and file a civil lawsuit against Will Smith, The Academy, and ABC and we’re talking about big money 10’s of millions of dollars if not even more; but some how if he utilizes the options that he has every right to use, he’s somehow the villain in that case? Somehow Chris Rock as a black man is expected and forced to show grace when another black man didn’t show any?

    Part of being a bad ass is accepting complete and total responsibility, for me I would have respected the apology more if he publicly gave it and not issued a written statement that could’ve been written by anyone. I also would have respected it more if Will found away to acknowledged Mr. Rocks agency by acknowledging that Will was only free because of Chris taking the high road.

  3. Should he have hit But we have seen worse. Chris didn’t say that joke in the rehearsal the day before the ceremony. He came after Jada previously so I’m sure this was brewing for a long time. Also Chris did a full documentary about black women and hair and had the nerve to come after a black woman head. I don’t believe they will take his Oscar because they will have to go back and take Mel Gibson and a plethora of actors and directors awards also. Will Smith has been in business for over 30 plus years and has always been known as the nicest guy. He makes ONE bad mistake and now people are trying to make it seem like he shot up the auditorium. I’m sure he feels horrible. Let’s mind our business and keep it moving.

  4. Nice apology but Will Smith should face some serious consequences. If law enforcement and/or the Academy does nothing, there will be more incidents like this. The sad part is his actions overshadowed so many. Instead talking about the winners and amazing fashion, everyone is focused on the slap.

  5. All this outrage. Meanwhile, there are whole rapists and pedophiles walking around with Oscars. What Will did was wildly inappropriate, but Chris’ joke was also wildly inappropriate. And before all the “you’re trying to cancel comedy” keyboard warriors come charging forth, any good comedian should know the difference between punching up and punching down.

    I’m not sure if I buy that he didn’t know she had alopecia. She’s talked about it for a while. Plus, women usually don’t go with very short buzzcuts, so it’s interesting that it never occurred to him that something might be wrong with her health-wise as he was formulating his unfunny joke.

  6. I’ve always admired Will for his work not his personal life. But when he and his wife decided to come public with their Personal shenanigans then I felt it was OK to comment. Frankly he and his wife are no different than the rest of immoral Hollywood so called marriages. They are all toxic in one way or the other.

    Question? Would he have slapped a female comedian? How about an LGBTQ comedian like Ellen DeGenerous? I don’t think so. But he certainly felt the bravado to go slap another black man because his WOMAN felt abused. SMH .Toxic Femininity is like the so called apple that Adam ate. If he didn’t eat it Eve would have certainly walked away from him. That was the first toxic woman in history. Many have followed Eve and many have followed Adam. Beware of toxic women fellas. They will just move on anyway with or without you eating the apple.

    Now Will has to pay for her sins 🥺🥺 WOW..Will said love makes you do crazy things. Nope it’s not love Will. It’s pussy, pussy makes you do crazy things.

  7. I feel Ms. Pickett Smith is suffering from more than Alopecia…Her energy of late has not been that of the JPS we’ve come to love. I pray this is not the case but my intuition is saying stay tuned.

    1. Jada Pinkett-Smith may be suffering from various things but her husband has been a mess over the last few years. Remember, he announced last year that he had contemplated suicide while he was losing that pandemic weight. Then he published his memoir that pull all kinds of business out in the street. Then there were the revelations about August Alsina, etc. and he seemed to be muted about all of it. He could probably use some real psychological counseling, though isn’t that absolutely forbidden in Scientology, to which he allegedly belongs?

  8. Somebody on Twitter said that it wouldn’t be such an uproar if it was on BET or the BET Awards and I agree. This is the same academy that awarded Harvey Weinstein, Roman Polanski, and Woody Allen. I’m good on these award shows. I’m GREAT on the Oscars. Will slapped him, oh well. Was it wrong? In my eyes, yes. Did mans deserve the slap? Yes, but not right there but oh well. You don’t speak on someone’s health in the negative. My personal opinion is Time and place for everything, but we got bigger fish to fry.

    We standing at the door of WWIII with a pamphlet, Saudi Arabia bombing the shit outta Yemen, Black people still dying and getting no justice, Covid still around, Flint still has no clean water, and we still havin award shows. I think if we talkin morals and ethics, we can talk about how ethical it is to display wealth and status and privilege of millionaires vying for awards while people are dying worldwide needlessly and how food insecurity is touching more people now than it ever has in modern times. It’s just another distraction. I thought we been canceled the Oscars anyway, black people? What’s goin on?

  9. Jamari
    I think the apology was well stated. I accept it if Chris refuses to. I love it.♥️👌

  10. I wholeheartedly agree with three of you. So well said. It became the world’s business, and not just Chris’s face and Will Smith’s palm, when he compelled 12million viewer’s to watch him lose his composure.
    If a horse farts in the King’s face, you absorb the fragrance until it passes and the procession keeps on moving.💯

  11. His apology is not going to erase what happened it was just awful he ruined other peoples moments and stole their shine. There were so many performers of colour that made history at the Oscars last night no one is talking about them Samuel L Jackson receive a lifetime achievement award at the Oscar last night people don’t even know that. I am just disappointed Will Smith and his wife were the same ones complaining in 2016 about the Oscars being so white and asking people to boycott I hope the Academy revoke his award that behaviour is not acceptable the must consequences he can just apologise and it end like that

  12. I feel this really isn’t our issue or business this happens err day in America at least this is chris problem it was his face and his opinion is the only one that matter

  13. Hmmmm…crocodile tears last night and crocodile apology on IG most likely forced by the hand that guides Will (whomever that may be). I just can’t believe that after all these years in the business, he is that thin-skinned. I could better understand/sympathize with this lapse in judgment for folk who didn’t CHOOSE to put themselves in the spotlight. And IF they were THAT offended, get up and leave. He would have still gotten the award as they were pre-determined and he could’ve talked ad-infinitum about “being disrespected”. But he went the “simple nigga” route…As others have said, I’m am just saddened that this BS overshadowed Questlove and Ariana’s wins, the Black orchestra leaders, and Wil Packer producing the telecast. Life goes on for all of us…

  14. The unfortunate part is that he is probably going to get his Oscar revoked. He better do all the damage control he can because the Academy is NOT happy and not only did he go against the Academy’s code of conduct, he also cursed on live tv and I’m not sure if there will be fines to pay or not but Will has created a bigger mess than he can probably clean up. It’s shame that this comes at the cost of all the Oscar winners, all the diversity that was shown and awarded and Will Packer being the first black man to produce the Academy Awards in history. Nobody will talk about that because Will has stolen it all with his temporary lapse of judgment. We all make mistakes and sometimes certain mistakes cost us more than what we bargained for. Very unfortunate!

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