will smith and chris rock is the talk of the forests today.
you can’t go on anyone’s social media without seeing the jokes.
they are even teaching the public about losing your hair.
this is what i got in my notifications as i was editing this entry:

the slap heard around social media did its job in creating conversation.
from what i’ve seen,
will isn’t really out here like that.
his name has been in one or two conversations,
but he tends to keep his head low.
on the other hand…
so when will smacked the fire out of chris rock last night at the oscars…

The only issue I saw was him doing it on a public stage.

whether you believe he was right or wrong is up to your opinion.
it’s pretty split down the middle.
one person’s wrong is another person’s right.
folks keep bringing up that he didn’t slap up august alsina.
first of all,
how do we know he didn’t?

If you are saying it was wrong for him to slap Chris,
then it’s probably not right of him to slap August,

there is also my issue of if this was a white actor,
like a brad pitt or a george clooney,
would this even be a conversation of “right or wrong”?
i’d see them have a people magazine spread out of this.
man of the year for defending his/their wives”.
lexi from euphora’s dad,
judd aptaow,
was really upset about what happened.
he claims will could have killed chris with that slap:

okay judd,
calm down.
it was just a slap.
will didn’t shoot him in the leg and drink his blood after.
do hollywood folks have the same energy for the criminals that win awards?
i’m just asking cause…

my next issue is someone having a human emotion.
he had a lack of judgment.
we can forgive him and move forward.
will isn’t problematic and out here being violent to everyone else.
let’s be honest…

Some of ya’ll think he Is corny.

he pulled out “west philly will” on a pineapple and the pearls are clutched?

with the number of antics being cheered online,
especially from some of the problematic favs we stan for,
i think everyone needs to get over themselves.
whether you think it was right or wrong,
he apologized and chris won’t be talking about them anymore.
will smith seems to have moved on:

we all will too.
no cap:

lowkey: i didn’t see folks bringing solange to task for molly whoopin’ jay.
i saw many cheering her on for coming to bey defense.


  1. Will Smith is a disgrace as well as poor representation of a man and parent! Will Smith has a sense of entitlement and lack of remorse. The second runner up should receive the Oscar and Will Smith stripped. Will Smith should be banned for life. The incident destroyed the Oscar’s, the recognition to the actors who were honored because of Will Smith’s actions. This is a true indicator of a person who needs in depth therapy to address his childhood issues and adulthood. Sympathy to a family in dire need of Christ, not money or recognition. All shows need to be cancelled to allow this family the opportunity to address the demons displayed to the world. With the catastrophe in Europe, people being killed and a modern day Hitler lose, Will Smith exhibited the low of lows! Lord help us! Wake up, it is the Last Days, open your Bibles to Daniel and Revelation. Society has said “I am rich in need of nothing” to God. As in the days of Noah and Sodom and Gomorah, sun has abounded. The Lord Jesus Christ is soon to come, to give every man his just reward! Wake up and repent before it is too late every one who has not given their heart to Jesus!

    1. Sin has abounded! Arrogance and entitlement, The ultimate of disgrace and has nothing to do with being black as a license to assault someone.

    2. Ok, some of yall are reaching. He didn’t bomb an orphanage in Malawi! He did something fukd up, apologized, and is lucky it was done to someone who isn’t pressed to sue him for assault. A bit of public dragging is more than warranted, and he should be going on his apology tour as we speak, but he does not need to be banned from leaving the house again.

  2. Where was all of that energy for August Alsina? If Will was offended by the joke he could’ve pulled Chris to the side, Will had no right to put his hands on Chris. Jada has publicly embarrassed Will and it’s come to a head.

  3. I don’t think Chris knew Jada has alopecia.I only know because I read it on some blog.I haven’t spoken to any guy IRL that knew she had it.Chris possibly thought she cut her hair off similar to what Tiffany Haddish did when she cut off almost all of her hair.Several black female celebs have chopped off their hair for multiple reasons.TMZ claims they spoke to a couple of people who say Chris was unaware of her medical condition.

    I think Will was wrong, he only reacted AFTER he saw her reaction because at first he laughed at the joke.I think he’s frustrated because he and Jada have been the butt of so many jokes about their marriage over the years.BTW I think Chris will discuss this incident in his next comedy routine.I respect Chris for keeping his cool.

    I think it’s a shame that Oscar winners like Questlove had their wins overshadowed by this BS.Also this Oscars was the first one produced by a Black team headed by Will Packer and now it will go down in history as the Oscar show where Will Smith slapped Chris Rock and that’s sad.

  4. How do we know that wasn’t a staged thing? It’s the Oscars/Hollywood after all. Chris Rock seemed pretty chill after the fact for being slapped on stage by Will Smith. I would’ve been quite rattled & speechless if that had happened to me. Nevertheless the joked seemed pretty harmless & Will was wrong for getting out of control like that if it is real.

  5. Smith should have been removed from the audience until the Academy decided how to handle the situation. Since he assaulted Rock in public, the police should have been summoned, as well. I’m over this boorish public behavior from the rich and famous.

    1. They did call the police, even TMZ said that. Chris Rock didn’t press charges.

  6. All of these rehearsals and scripts given beforehand and you mean to tell me neither of them had time to talk to each other about this?

    Will Smith is dumb and was unprofessional about this situation. Your wife publicly humiliated him for falling for someone else’s dick and you get mad for a comedian joking about her hair?

    People were saying he only reacted because Jada gave him a look of disapproval moments after he laughed at jokes himself.

    The weirdest thing is Will slapped a Ukrainian reporter years ago. And Chris made a documentary about hair last decade too.

    They could snatch his award I wouldn’t give two damns. I am tired of the Smiths and all their fuckery.

  7. We should be talking about Will Smith being the first black man to win Best Actor in 15 years. We’re actually talking about him assaulting someone. He completely sabotaged himself and his moment of glory and that of the other performers who won the Oscars no one is talking about them it all about this incident I am so disappointed him he displayed such toxic masculinity

  8. People talk shit day in day out, there is never a good reason to put your hands on someone unless your life is under threat or you are in some immediate danger. That shit was still kinda corny IMHO worse yet everyone is talking about the slap more than him winning the award and it’ll forever be tied to him winning. Way to go Will 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  9. Will wasn’t wrong. Stop making people mad and try to dictate their response.

    During “OscarsSoWhite” Chris got his coon ass up there and dragged Jada in front of all those white people. this has been brewing for a while.

    Personally I never liked Chris since he let Louis CK drop all this “n-words” and all he did was giggle.

  10. Jada’s
    Dress was beautiful. It was reminiscent of Tina Turner’s wedding dress. Violence is a serious issue in our black/brown on brown skinned communities. I am shuddering still from that young vlogger killed by his lover over a video game a few weeks back.
    I think it was a teachable moment. The verbal reprimand was forceful enough until a private powwow backstage with the Elders who were present could be arranged
    (Denzel, Samuel, Tyler, Deniro, Pacino).
    There will be repeats of this, but worse in black communities. Now every woman gonna want some black man sacrificing his life for fake honor over some stupid shit she be done started, running her trap off

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