i’m not even watching the oscars tonight but my phone started blowing up.
it seems will smith had enough of chris rock and his jokes.
will went black,
went up on stage,
and did this

slow motion of the slap:

will smith:

i’m all for someone defending their partner thoooooooo.
not gonna lie,
that was sexy af if that was real.

no seriously…

Was that real?!?!?!?!?

i didn’t hear any white people gasp in fright.
you know they ain’t gonna invite black folks back because of this.
you know how hard it is for us to get nominated.
this is some “bet awards” kind of behavior.
i’m guessing it was real because of this:

well sheesh!
will is tired and chose violence.
did they have previous beef?
i’m so confused about what is happening,
but i will say he shouldn’t have gone up there and slapped him.
at least politely excuse himself and slap him up backstage.

where you go?”

“I just went to the bathroom right quick….”

lowkey: they wanted ratings for the oscars and they got it…


  1. Chris Rock’s joke wasn’t in the best taste but he is a comedian and some comedians go a LOT harder. Plus he’s known Will and Jada for 30 years. Jada rolled her eyes and Will was initially laughing, then decided to act out his “Richard Williams” role and go ham. Nope, no ma’am.

    Will’s @ss should have been escorted right out by security after smacking Chris Rock like that. Classless, unprofessional and totally out of control behavior. Chris Rock was the one who showed class by commenting on it as if it were a joke, then going on to present the award he was asked to present.

    But we know no one involved in that Oscars ceremony was going to walk a powerful, famous Black man like Will Smith out of there. So instead, he got to sit there, after having assaulted someone on live TV, and then got to blubber through that speech with his Oscar in hand. Censure him and make it clear that kind of violence is unacceptable, or it’ll happen again. As a society we’ve lost all sense of boundaries and decorum, and it ain’t cute, especially for the folks who end up victims of this craziness!

  2. Look there are plenty who sees this toxic womanhood and #ProtectBlackWomen as bravdo. In some cases it is VERY much relevant. Not in this case however.

    Jada Smith was in NO DANGER. There was NOTHING to “protect” except her NON-EXISTENT honor and she gave that to 2Pac and August Alcina. Where was Will then ? Oh ..I forgot… sleeping with some heffer on the side 😎😎
    So how SICK are you to demand Black men FIGHT over a joke?

    It’s become a SICK part of toxic female culture to demand Black men engage in violence over a LOW LEVEL female with GUTTER sexual practices.

    We see on the news all the time how they egg Black men on to fight and kill each other while she walks off to sleep with a new sucker. 😎 I call I as I see it

    1. It’s Hollywood virtue signalling
      And I’m glad they checked iyanla for promoting that after having a show about “fixing” toxic people for seasons
      The Black men can’t protect his family from behind bars

      These men ain’t got will smith money

      U slap people in public u will be in jail

  3. I’m floored at the number of people who found Will hitting Chris to be “sexy” because Will was defending his woman. In many real-life scenarios, Chris gets his gun and blows Will’s head off. Now, some women out there would find that sexy too. My point: It’s a cycle of violence, and NONE of it is sexy.

  4. Ppl are talking about him being tired of ppl talking about his family, when THEY put all of their business in the street! They live very atypically for the black masses, and they knew that they were about to be the butts of a lot of jokes.

    I can understand the frustration, but it doesn’t change the fact that doing that on a live telecast was grossly inappropriate. Holla at him in the back or at an after party. And ppl are making waaay too many excuses because it’s Will, that they would not be making for Wesley.

    1. Exactly @JASON

      Side note I see a lot of Atlanta queens excited about this slap because they feel in some way it justifies their club fights over dick at 4 am during pride weekend


      This is a man tired of being told he’s weak for having an open marriage

      I think he should’ve checked Chris

      1) backstage
      Or 2) at the after party

      Doing it on stage with no security interruption is what made it seem fake to me

      Will is 35 years deep in his career surely that joke didn’t take him that over the edge

  5. As much as it was the wrong thing to do, who wouldn’t want your husband to check some disrespectful shit on the spot in front of the world? That shit is fire and my respect for him just went all the way up. I wish we could see more images of black men publicly and vigorously defending black women.

  6. It was REAL PEOPLE! Will is fed the HELL up! People are taking the Smith’s name as a Joke! From all the internet memes, to Lavern Cox, Even Regina Hall earlier that night! (she’s a woman so it was up to Jada to check her) but the straw that broke the camels back was, Jada has BEEN VOCAL that she is LOSING her hair! As a woman it makes her feel horrible! Most MEN don’t like going bald, so for a women that is tough to deal with & When Chris Rock said that G.I. Jane joke, you could see Jada did not wanna laugh that shit off, and Will handled it, but it was also a message to everyone else that’s been taking Jabs! The Man is FED UP!

  7. If that was staged😜Jada wasn’t in on the ruse, if it was not staged, that is a piss poor time to settle the score. Backstage would have been more appropriate, if this was genuine. To me, Chris hasn’t been funny for a long time. They are both actors so anything for ratings is possible. Violence just is not the answer, I am not impressed.
    He didn’t complain or slap nobody when he was tasting that August Alsina pimp juice in his mouth. I just think it was fake.

    1. That part :

      It was a ” Performance “.. I call fake as well. A lot of good points that counter my opinion were made here on the Foxhole ,however it was staged.

      I mean come on guys. He literally thought he could just walk up in a live audience , televised around the world and hit a grown man?? This is sooooo “Hollywood” . I like Will Smith and really , really hope he isn’t this ” out of touch ” to commit such an act in real life. If so ,he is very detached from reality.

  8. I think it had more to do with Will’s ego than anything. If you were so concerned with your wife,then why didn’t you console her? I think it was more about,”how dare you dis respect my wife on my night” He does the macho ego thing and goes and punches the guy,instead he should have been comforting Jada and making sure she was OK,if it was all about her in the first place.

  9. That Man and his family have been bullied for years and He’s had enough. Folks called He and Jada weird for letting their kids express themselves. Had allegations about their sex lives discussed and ostracized long before the August Alsina episode. Then disrespected yet again. His Masculinity was questioned and he was called weak because He didn’t pop off on Jada or August. Made fun off in countless social media posts, comedy routines and even made fun of by Laverne Cox recently at an award show. Now Jada is made uncomfortable yet again by another Black comedian. I felt his rage and He was tired. Do I agree with Him doing it right there on stage. No, however he probably thought since you’ve disrespected my Wife publicly I’m going to embarrass you publicly. Celebs aren’t robots. Their millions doesn’t make them immune to anger.

    Lastly if folks read stories about comedians from the past many of them got into fights over their routines. Chris will be fine he’s a comedian he’ll spin it into a new special. But overall I’m so over respectability politics. Words are powerful and that family has ignored people long enough. In 2022 I hope more celebs start dishing that same energy. Hit people in their pockets or in their chin. Folks dont disrespect Bey and Jay like that.

    SN: that was sexy though lol

    1. ‘So Malcolm, violence is sexy? What part of physical violence is sexy”?
      He had a pain and suffering lawsuit on lock, since Jada has alopecia. She was clearly hurt. I know you are a very smart guy. I hope you don’t really mean that.

  10. Will had a smerk but Hell its Oscar drama so I ain’t surprised. …even if it’s real. Ha! So did Will win???

  11. Welcome to the Source Awards from the 90’s. Someone was always getting shot or beat up AT the awards. Will will be fine since he has built up tons of capital being the nice guy for decades in Hollywood to line staff, crews on set, other stars, etc. You simply don’t hear the same about Chris Rock and the joke was in very poor taste since Jada has been very public about her condition.

  12. It was definitely real, but it shouldn’t have happened on stage. Will certainly won that Oscar w the performance of that speech he gave after his win. He flipped that REAL fast. That said, doing that to Chris on live TV was not cool. That’s mostly because I highly doubt he’d have done that to a white presenter.

    1. A white presenter wouldn’t have dared joked about a BLACK WOMANS hair. Chris Rock knows that he directed “Good Hair”. He meant for that joke to be offensive but I’m sure he wouldn’t have joked about a white womans hair.

      1. While I agree that a white comedian prob wouldn’t have joked on a blk woman’s hair, I don’t think Will would’ve reacted that way towards one for a comparable joke. And I def think Chris would joke about a white woman’s hair. Ppl keep harping on Jada having alopecia, but I had no clue. It’s quite possible (and likely) that Chris wouldn’t have gone there if he was aware of it, and her feelings about it.

      2. That part, Chris would have never said that about Meryl Streep, why is it ok to talk about Jada. He should have complimented her and the situation would have been ok. You don’t make a joke about something personal where they have no control over. Would Will have did that to a white presenter, would a white comedian make a joke about a black woman hair and not worry about being called racist because that what it would have ended up being. Why does everything have to be a race issue, it has nothing to do with race. The joke went to far and you can see Chris read it and it fell flat. He balled his fist up because what man stands there and get slapped in front of the world. Whether it was Brad Pitt or Will Smith, Jay Z or Denzel, the Oscars rather make jokes about us than recognize us. Granted a black man produced it, Chris should have been man enough to not say it. There was nothing wrong with Jada being bald in the first place and its definitely not the first time either.

        1. Sooo…we’re just gonna ignore the part about Chris not knowing she had alopecia? Got it.

          And no one ‘produces’ the jokes for comedians who present. That was Chris making a shaved head joke, not him attacking someone’s health condition.

          1. So we’re just going to ignore the fact she made it public to the world and not just Chris? Got it. Clearly everything on stage is done with them knowing about it. You can clearly see Chris reading the teleprompter for a joke. It may have been adlibed but again, there is nothing wrong with Jada being bald. She has been bald on many occasions and to specifically say GI Jane was an insult. Not because of what the movie was about but how people use that to make fun of women with bald heads. We can take jokes like that but women can’t and it’s hurtful. If he would have said loved you in the Equalizer, then it wouldn’t have been a problem. That was a compliment on her talent, not her hair. The Academy has writers for everything including the jokes and by Chris being a repeat presenter and a comedian, he can freestyle. Maybe you should do more research before you attack somebody.

    2. He literally slapped a white reporter for trying to kiss him. I have no doubt that if a white presenter had said the same joke it would have still ended with a slap.

      1. Thank you, that part. He definitely slapped the shit outta that reporter and the reporter called him homophobic for it.

      2. No, that was a completely different slap. A tap that no one took seriously. Apples and oranges.

  13. Sorry guys..This is Brilliant PR to get Black folks talking. It worked . I don’t believe it , but Kudos ( smile)

    1. We were all reminded that these people too quickly resort to violence; they cannot control violent impulses.
      Thug in a suit.

  14. I read Jada has been public about her Alopecia diagnosis …joke hit hard ..if he had known about it he might very deserved it

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