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i remember seeing a stripper making her colossal cheeks clap.
i was fascinated and aroused all at the same time.
you can make your backside sound like a standing ovation.
you don’t even need to clap with your hands.
you can just bounce up and down at events.
onlyfans and pre-baller wolf,
jay swingin

( x see the unedited version here )
…can make that thang make plenty of noise.
ya’ll be hearing him and this is what he uploaded for review

his clappers are so damn ignorant.
( x this view tho )
i wanna know what’s the most disrespectful thing someone has told him.
i know he probably doesn’t read his dms.
he can’t!
some of ya’ll probably offer your whole paycheck to feast on that cake.
even tho his prices on onlyfans are disgustingly expensive,
and whoever has any of his videos please send them to me for review,

 i’d love to see him giving a round of applause for whoever chomps on that.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. He`s just so perfect and beautiful. How about you do a report or story on Youtube young black male couples like Nard and Ace and other past to present young black gay male couples on Youtube? Thanx.

  2. This guy lives in my area. I have seen him on more than one occasion. He’s fine asf in person and very tall and yes that butt is a beautiful sight to look at lol.

  3. No thanks…I like my cake without chunky cellulite…y’all can have that. Its like lumpy cake mix that hasn’t been whipped.

    1. Truth, you are the reason men get build a booties and are shaped like ants. Cellulite is normal. Worry about if he’s loose and has STDs.

      I cannot with you homosexuals!

      1. No he’s probably in that muscle tight fitness buff with 3 percent body fat or little booties matter brigade

        I really want to know why gay men have so much offense towards naturally fat asses

        I see all the time on social media diatribe about how “big asses paint, big asses stink”

        It gives very much jealous

      2. I’m not the reason for any man altering their body with plastic surgery. He walked into that surgeon’s office himself, on his own accord, and laid on that table and got cut up. My cakes are just as big and I’m not built like an ant. Cellulite may be “normal” for many men but the cause for the overwhelming majority is not. It’s presence within men is primarily from unhealthy lifestyle habits such as inactivity, toxins within the body, and poor diet. Women are a different story, as pregnancy and hormonal changes associated within menstruation are factors. So no, I’m not going to encourage it and call a cellulite ass on a man sexy in any capacity. It’s not “normal” and it’s not sexy to me. Again, y’all who like that in a man can have it. I’ll take cakes that are healthy and “fat”.

        1. (“He” meaning, said man or men you are putting forth in your hypothetical ant-body scenario. I’m not saying jayswingin got plastic surgery, let’s clear that up before some get in their feelings over their inability to connect context; that’s all likely unhealthy lifestyle habits as I stated above).

        2. Saying mean things about something a person’s body naturally does will cause them to go seek a quick fix like surgery. No one told you call it sexy in the first place. If you don’t have nothing nice to say don’t say it all. Know all that damn science but don’t know to keep scrolling when you don’t like something. I don’t even see no damn cellulite. weirdo.

          Jayswinging if you’re reading this ignore the anonymous person not showing us his flawless ass because yours is perfect.

          1. Last I checked “Normie” this was a place everyone could post their thoughts and opinions. I’ll say whatever I damn well please just like you did. GTFOH with trying to tell others when to speak. You know how to throw shit but not take your own damn advice and keep scrolling!

    2. What’s wrong with them cakes, thats all natural. I rather have natural booties like that than hard silicone any day. I like em like that and I love them small too. That’s more for me since you don’t like them. I ain’t judging you either but if any man got a booty like this, I love it.

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