now that we’re back outside,
and summer is around the corner,
many of us are headed to fairs and amusement parks.
i haven’t been to an amusement park since 2003 tbh.
i think the last time i went to a fair was in 2002.
it’s been a while.
i don’t know if i fuck with amusement parks too tough these days.
a 14-year-old died after falling off a 430-foot ride down in orlando…

A 14-year-old boy from Missouri fell to his death while on a new ride at an Orlando amusement park, authorities said.

The incident occurred Thursday shortly after 11 p.m. at ICON Park, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said. Deputies responded to a 911 call after the boy fell off the Orlando FreeFall, the world’s tallest free-standing drop tower at a height of 430 feet, according to the park.

The teenager was transported to a local hospital where he died from his injuries, the sheriff’s office said.

The boy, identified by authorities as Tyre Sampson, was visiting Orlando from Missouri with a friend’s family, Orange County Sheriff John Mina told reporters during a briefing Friday afternoon.

The death is believed to be accidental at this stage in the investigation, based on videos and witness statements from “everyone involved,” the sheriff said.

“Our role in this situation is to determine whether or not this is an accident or an intentional act and this does appear just to be a terrible tragedy,” Mina said.

There are no criminal charges filed at this time, Mina said. “We’ll see moving forward what [the investigation] results in,” he said.

this is what his dad had to say:

after witnessing death the other day,
i can only imagine how traumatizing that was for the witnesses.
imagine standing in line and seeing a kid just fall from such a great height?
you’d never see me ride a ride,
or a dick again.

the curiosity in me wanted to see the video since it’s posted online,
but i’m still trying to purge my spirit from witnessing a suicide.
i don’t know if i can handle it right now.
i will font we have to realize that riding rides are a risk.
we may get on and not get off.
we literally cheat death when we get off a ride.
my only advice:

Make sure your seatbelts and harnesses are secure.
When they strap you in,
make sure you are strapped in tight.

stay woke.

lowkey: this is a video of the ride in question…

the thought of that boy falling from this gave me chills.
i pray he went into shock before he hit the ground.

article: abc news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. I can’t watch this video either it would remind me of something that I saw in an amusement park. As I soon entered one, I saw a girl who was launched into the air. This girl was apparently on a waterslide and somehow got launched off of it. It was a scary thing to witness.

  2. There are safety trainings for every ride at every amusement park. Those operators are not allowed to operate them if they fail. Any time a ride has this kind of tragedy, its always a mechanical issue that even the park doesn’t expect for riders of that size. I’m in no way making fun of his weight but there are signs everywhere that says to ride at your own risk which kind of is insensitive to people when you actually think about it. The ride can not start unless the harness is secure and I could only watch to that point. I can’t watch anybody die on video that is not scripted. I don’t think the ride was able to contain his weight and the restraint gave way, this is just my outlook not what happened but it was definitely not one of the people who operated the ride fault.

    Prayers go out to his family because how do you deal with your kid visiting somebody and they will never come back home because of an accident.

  3. This isn’t the first death caused by an amusement attraction. Usually they “call” the time of death at the hospital after they are taken from the scene by ambulance. This way the parks can spin the facts as he died at the hospital and not at the park. HBO has a great Documentary called “Class Action Park” where it showed these rides are many times designed poorly and more importantly staffed by unqualified young people (Low Pay). If you watch the complete video it looks like the harness wasn’t all the way down on this large 14yr old and the staff was seen joking around and not checking harnesses. Perhaps they checked his harness before the video began but I suspect not.

      1. No. As the ride descended and got to the point where it “slows down” (but he was projected forward at that speed) is where the harness gave way. I refuse to watch it also but I saw on the news, and they stop it right when he comes out of his seat.

  4. I also prayed he passed before his body hit the ground. I could hardly ride a Merry Go Round, so I would’ve never had nerve to ride anything more complex.

  5. RIP to that young kid.

    And right Jamari, you just have to hope the shock took him out during the fall. Just a really sad, tragedy.

    1. ^ like,
      thats is a scary drop by the video of the view.
      i read that all the air going into your lungs knocks you out before you hit the ground.
      i hope that was the case for him.

  6. Tragic: We humans are weird .Boxing , Fist fights in school, Hunting Animals , Reality TV confrontations,Slasher Films and now A real death of a poor young precious life!

    I pray for for his family’s comfort.

    Perhaps viewers will see how “fleeting life is” and can be gone in an instant.

    Thrills do not always end in laughter or an adrenalin rush! ( take note thrill seekers who do anything for Views)

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