those of us in corporate are no different from the escorts

i don’t take too kindly to folks looking down on me or others.
fuck around and i’ll bypass you like the tortoise did the hare.
folks who never worked a day in their life,
or maybe a few jobs here and there,
like to look down on those working a 9-5s.
i hear a lot of the attentionistos/escorts like to do that.
i think we all in the same boat.
i’m here to font you why

1. early to rise

corporatemost of us have to get up at like 6 am.
4 to 5 am.
we get out shit together to go to a job we hate or “eh” about.
that is our set schedules until we leave at 5-6pm,
only to do it again the next day.

attentionistos/escorts – you have to get up early too.
most of them get to the gym by 4-5am.
you might have a photo shoot that day.
you might have to go trolling online ads,
and clubs to meet your next john.
so you need to be on time.
if your john calls,
someone you or “eh” about,
you need to be ready to go see what he/she wants.

2. bosses

corporate – we don’t get to choose our bosses.
some of them are really cool.
we hope one day die in an unfortunate accident.
bosses can be cool about letting you take a day off.
you can damn near need to beg.
the worst ones are the ones who don’t like you,
parade their “favorites“,
but enjoy setting you up for failure.

attentionistos/escorts – you don’t choose your johns.
they choose you.
you can look bomb af and still get dismissed.
just because your bawdy is crazy,
that doesn’t mean folks will spend their money on you.
like a corporate interview,
God forbid your personality is dry or you’re a dead animal in bed.
you can spend days suckin’ and fuckin’ and get nowhere.

3. health benefits

corporate – one benefit of these jobs is the health benefits.
it can be your whole damn check for good health and dental.
if i get sick tomorrow,
i’m pretty much out of the office until i recover.
the issue is that if i don’t come in for months at a time,
i could lose my job and the health benefits.

attentionistos/escorts i don’t think many have health insurance.
they are pretty much out here living dangerously.
they are one gym injury from doom.
you can get injured in the gym if you fuck up.
their jobs are to be the fantasy.
you can’t be a fantasy when your spine is protruding through your ass.

4. most white folks can’t be trusted

corporate – you can’t trust white folks in corporate settings.

there tends to be a lot of them that will screw you over.
i have 2 at my current job.

some will start out cool af and suddenly change over time.
they will always look out for their own,
but if they really like you,
they’ll step out on a limb for you.

attentionistos/escorts – i hate to font it but:

Black males are cheap af

some can be tight with the wallet strings.
unless you can meet an alleged “kerry rhodes”…

if you’re a black wolf with bawdy,
you can always find a fox or vixen to pay your bills.
if you’re a black fox,
unless you find a black drug dealer,
you may need to go the “white route for easy money.
they chances of getting a black sugar daddy is slim to none.
white males are pretty much where the money is at.
you can finagle a lifestyle out of them,
but you have to consistently be in their favor.
the moment you fall out of it…

5. new meat

corporate – you can work at a company for 5 years,
be the best worker they ever had,
and your ass will be out the door if they find someone better.
some whites will cut their noses off to spite their faces.
if you live in an “at will” state,
your chances of that are doubled.
you are basically a paper trail of fuck ups in being out the door.

attentionistos/escorts – the more the seconds on the clock move,
the more you age.
there is some new and hot attentionisto always wanting the thone.
in the “canceled” culture we live in,
most of the current attentionistos are hanging on by a thread.
we’ve seen the fall of most of them.
now they’ve become rappers or pitching personal training.
the public is your boss along with the john.


so unless you were born into money/trust fund cub,
i don’t get the judgment.
it’s really bizarre.
we all in this struggle together baby.
no matter if you’re in an office or laying on your back.
the goal for both will always be:

if you’re the only black around white folks,
whether in corporate or not,
you should never choose to look down on the rest of us.
that’s when your “end” is on the way.
we are fighting for a seat at the table.
if you’re black in any field,
the fight is doubled.

nothing is guarenteed.
you are never safe unless you have your own.
working in corporate and escorting should have an end game.

What am I doing THIS for?

am i…

trying to pay my way through school?
become a manager/supervisor?
stack to retire?
meet a sucker to suck/fuck his brains out for stability?

in both scenarios,
you should always be on the look out for threats,
but your “end game” should be the main target.
this is why i’m amused at those who brag/stuck up on social media.
they’re often playing the game wrong.

i’ve given myself a time limit for this “coporate” experience.
i’m tired of the phones,
the idiots,
and the all in-between.
i want more from my life.
as a black male,
i deserve success as every one else out here.
one that is legal and will allow me to live comfortable.
you should be fighting for the same too.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “those of us in corporate are no different from the escorts”

  1. Nah Jamari love, us 9-5ers are way different from the escorts, thots, and attentionistos. Let’s talk about how those fools are one condomless act away from doom! At least us working folks have insurance plans. I doubt those thots even have life insurance, which is one of the main reasons why Blacks lack generational wealth, but I’ll get to that later.

    Sex workers don’t plan for old age or mishaps, and I’ve known not a soul who has ever collected social security from thotting and bopping. Last I checked, Only Fans didn’t offer a 401k option! If an attentionisto takes off his clothes for a little bit of money, he’ll do more for more. I know a guy who strips/does porn, and his one of his many kids has a disability that the child’s mom’s insurance barely covers. Six years ago he literally tossed her a few dollars and told sis to KIM. I don’t shame anyone for sex work, but they need to have “real jobs” with benefits on the side.

    I’ve encountered some attentionistos and asked them what’s wrong with working a regular job, they’ll get benefits, a pension, insurance options… but they’re so fucking entitled that they turn their noses up as if they’re better than working for a living. One Chi-town hybrid told me that a 9-5 was beneath him and that it would be degrading for him to flip burgers and sweep floors.

    But let me fall back, us 80s kids have lived long enough to know that attentionistos end up coupling well with a more grounded, financially stable wolves/foxes/hybrids/vixens once they’ve fucked and sucked themselves dry; a select few are smart enough to stack their thot bread to go back to school for something productive like “Nuvo” from Papithugz did.

    I look at the attentionistos (and non-attentionistos) who get posted here, and I can tell which ones are on their grown man shit and which ones are riding the “my looks gonna get me everywhere” wave. I would say the latter vs. the former is 10 – 1. Just pay attention to the ones who don’t smile in pics or show teeth when they do — jacked bodies, but jacked up teeth! Don’t get me started on the ones I’ve seen walking around with year-round coughs. They’ll spend close to a stack a year on their gym memberships, and another stack on shakes and supplements, but won’t put some bread aside for a cheap ass Obamacare plan, and some traditional metal braces and a physical. The damn doctor would make them quit steroids and probably quarantine their funky ass!

    Those are the same types who lack bank accounts and run to GoFundMe when they meet an unfortunate financial circumstance.

    My parents and grandparents carried health & life insurance, and no I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth. I mean the ads play on TV all day every day between Maury and the PIX11 News. Black folks need to be schooled on how important having insurance is. Too many Black parents/grandparents were the type to have minimal insurance policies or no policy at all, ruining their progenies chance of ever having the opportunity to jumpstart wealth. White folks are getting ahead courtesy of life insurance policies which allow them to acquire property and investments. Black Boomers and some Black Gen Xers are/were highly selfish. Instead of leaving their families (Gen Xers, Millennials, and Gen Zers) with generational wealth, financial knowledge, life skills, and diplomacy they’ll leave nothing but headaches. I can’t even say how many times I’ve had Black friends and co-workers tell me that their parents lacked insurance policies and told them “it won’t matter because I’ll be gone” or “I don’t care, I’ll be dead”.

    Listen up attentionistos, non-attentionistos, thots, escorts, trainers, traveling massage therapists, strippers, Only Fans cam whores, houseboys, stylists, thotrepreneurs, and 9-5 foxes, wolves, hybrids, vixens, hyenas, and jackals: save money, buy life insurance, buy health insurance, buy full coverage car insurance, and renters insurance (even if living at home). Also buy AD&D (accidental death & dismemberment) and CI (critical illness) insurance — they are extremely affordable and will pay out a lump sum of cash (especially to the hyenas and jackals who aren’t but a machete swing away from losing half their limbs). Get a will, a living revocable trust, and an advanced directive… all of this can be done online. To the Foxholers with cubs, maintain a substantial (>$100K) life insurance policy (or two). Purchase other assets such as real estate, gold, stocks & bonds if means allow. Teach the cubs the importance of using this to jumpstart their lives and keep wealth streaming from generation to generation. Black generational wealth is important, so encourage the cubs to marry and procreate with other Blacks.

    1. Wow @ DJ. I think you are spot on.

      Jamari: It would be interesting to have the vantage point of a wolf or attentionisto even if he goes anonymous.

    2. ^this was supppppppppper deep.
      i appreciate how intelligent the foxhole is.
      comments like this really make me happy on the inside.
      nothing turns me on more than a smart mind.
      kudos dj.
      a must read for all of us!

  2. I’m all for get it how you live. Whether you do 9-5, own a small business or do sex work. The superiority complexes are trivial. Some small business owners try to shit on those in corporate. They forget that their customers are their boss and having a small business takes a ton of dedication and time. And if there are no 9-5ers who gon support your business??? Sex work is as old as time and ain’t going nowhere anytime soon. If that’s your groove be the best hoe u can be, no shade. I do have issue wit the ones who have the filthy attitudes like everyone is a fan. It’s like be humble at the end of the day you still looked at as a dirty whore whether right or wrong. Personally I can’t disconnect enough to mess with old white men wit a fetish no matter the bag. That’s wat gets me wit dem, you maybe attractive and have shopping money but wat did u have to do for it? Then you hear stories about Ed Buck and the like and realize it’s still a very dangerous profession.

  3. I love this post especially about the black males sponsors who are as cheap asf. I have lived the life as a sponsor and most of the attentionistos that I spent time with had the apprehension that I couldn’t afford them or charge an outrageous price that it would “cover” multiple visits and even though, I would be a consistent client.

    There was one that I contacted that has a well known Only Fans Page and he says he is straight but know he is getting it on with white men. That’s why I think a lot of these attenistos either move or consistently visit Miami and LA. If you pay attention to the “trainers” and “models” who are there on IG, you can connect the dots. The only anomaly is out good friend Marvin; he pays cash up front and an Applebee’s meal to mostly, southern gents (Though Fredo and Robbie XL are outliers).

    But even in dating one, he is going on 30 and he realizes now that everyone on IG is fine, models, or have a bomb ass body (Foxes and vixens…Vixens are sadder but that is another post). I’m happy that Jamari posts the faces and sometimes the stories of these individuals because it provides a Where Are They Now and prepare us foxes for hybrids and wolves and jackals in our lives.

    1. ^i love and it and find it so interesting.
      not in a bashing way,
      but it can either be inspiring or a learning lesson.
      everyone has a story.
      thank you for your transparencyl!

  4. Why I work for myself on the side. I have a main job that is cool but come August, I’m leaving and most likely heading to Florida to see how things are there. By then, I should have generated more than enough passive income. Jammy works for no one but himself & that is how Jammy is going to leave this world… Working for himself… 🧐

    However, I must admit that success is different for certain folks.

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