the foxholers sent me some ’19 nfl combine snacks to share

what a coinky dink.
when i posted ^this pic on the foxhole ig,
the one on the right got the most love.
i didn’t even know they were pre-baller wolves at the time.
his name is isaiah wharton and he plays for rugters

…but he wasn’t at the nfl combine this year.
this enty is to wrap up ’19 combine.
the one of the left,
saquan hampton of the same school did…

cute wolf; nice tail.
like most (pre)baller wolves,
i bet that is a situation in jeans.
so like i fonted,
i didn’t really see much eye candy at the ’19 combine this year.
a few foxholers sent me their draft picks that i overlooked:

xavier crawford/central michigan

rock ya-sin/temple

trayvon mullen jr/clemson

corey ballentine/washburn university

nick bosa/ohio state

i’ll even take a slice of that vanilla.
he thick.

another combine; another “eh”.
if we missed anymore “yum”,
you can link us in the comments.
let’s hope next year packs more snacks.

lowkey: um
who dis tho…

athletic males make me horny.

13 thoughts on “the foxholers sent me some ’19 nfl combine snacks to share

  1. Isaiah’s tail is gigantic. He’s one of the few youngins that isn’t a pure butterhead.

  2. I was kind of partial to U. Buffalo QB Tyree Jackson, who looked like he had a little extra sugar in his sweet tea, if you know what I mean. He was just giggling at times like he was giddy to be at the 2019 NFL Combine. Also, he threw so hard he was hurting the receivers. They had to tell him to lighten his touch. Maybe he was overcompensating. He was a tall drink, gently stirred.

  3. I was in lust with that snow wolf Nick Bosa, but my heart recently broke when I found out he’s a Trump supporter and does not support NFL players kneeling. He’s a prime example of how white people can be friends with and surrounded by black people, yet still subconsciously support white supremacy.

  4. Ass, ass and more ass. I’m beginning to see more men with bigger asses than women AND I AM HERE FOR IT. I love nothing more than a whole man with a small waist and cake for daysss.

    I’ve been celibate for 7 years, pardon my thirst lol.

  5. Lol. Y’all be lusting after young men like a bunch of old cougar women. Lmao.

    Just playing. That Saquan and Corey are problematic cause they are cute somethings. Since I work near the University I see some of these football wolves. Chillen be 18/19/20 and be stacked. Some of them are like Hulk. I love the ones with chests. I love a man with a nice chest I can rub on. 😍

    I recently got into it with a friend about how some of them don’t be wanting other muscle dudes… and how they be going around campus looking for other things…😂🤣😂

    Bish, you a thot!! Smh.

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