so shaun d allows males to touch him at “exotic painting” too?

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so we have fonted a lot about lamonte.
i like to call him “problematic-lite thigh bae”.
one of his partners in “exotic paintings” 
named shaun d

…who has one of the biggest tails i’ve seen in a while,
also doesn’t seem to mind males rubbing him down either…

can i be honest with the foxhole about something?
ima be 110% with you and all lurkers.
these two,
even with all their flaws,
allow males touch them in the most sexual of ways.
some would be legit like:


like a foxholer fonted a while back something i agreed with.
these two are selling a fantasy.
they didn’t have to inolve gay males in said fantasy.
they could have said strictly females.
i thought lamonte was very uncomfortable here:

i think some gay males are really just miserable.
nothing makes some of us satisfied.
i’m not getting on that train of “lost in the sauce”.
it’s like a few love confusion and confusing the rest of us.
a majority of us are just showing up for the meats.
so yes,
i applaud them for allowing gay males to participate.

am i wrong for fonting this?
until they do something homophobic as they do these events,
i think we should put the pitchforks down.

see shaun d: instagram | exotic painting

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

26 thoughts on “so shaun d allows males to touch him at “exotic painting” too?”

  1. I dunno. While this may be progressive, I think it’s best gay and bisexual men stop making a big deal about it and just respond to it as “no big deal.” It’s just people being sensual with people. A lot of the negative reaction occurs when people try to make it into something strange or extraordinary. Just respond to it as normalcy.

  2. In the age of Instagram some old taboos have been modified…most guys know somebody who is gay and don’t trip unlike what it used to be, most male models or so called models don’t mind being photographed by male photographer naked, the are more guys coming out saying they’re bi now, or as in porn gay for pay, the paper chasing ones have no issue with their gay following but then you have the 2 faced ones who pretend just for the gay dollar. These guys are driven by money and don’t care who has it. As you find lots of millennials (fitness models, personal trainers and bodybuilders, etc.) operate their hustle to say by any means necessary as long as the color is green they down with it.

      1. Not too sure if you put yourself in that positionn whats the worse that’s gonna happen.. unless the gay guys overstep the mark.. I don’t see an issue letting anyone touch your body voluntarily for money.

  3. Progressive only because of money. You have to think from a business perspective. Why exclude a niche that could bring you more money? Who would alienate an extra stream of income?

    However, there are still some people that have morals. This is pretty much a principles vs paycheck affair. Some folks are not attracted to men and don’t want them touching them regardless of the money.

    Either way, don’t expect to be getting these incentives forever. This is just a temporary means of income and if you need “extra change” that’s fine.

    1. I don’t get the point of exotic painting. Are they strippers? Are they models? Where is the paint? Where is the art? Nice delectable cakes tho.

      1. The patrons paint. I’ve seen a few of the vids and the females (& gay men ) that attend do paint at tables, sip wine while the naked men (strippers?!?!) walk around and “interact” with them. Not all the dudes are stacked tho. I saw one vid where their was thicker dude and he was acting a little shy to drop his undies amongst all the fit dudes but some females coaxed him and he dropped it. I think women buddies are at some of these events too.

        I didn’t know how far they went but some of the vids show women grabbing the dudes dicks and holding them…🧐

        There may be some body positivity going on but all we are seeing is just the “fine” body dudes but that’s good they may have all body types.

        I really don’t understand it either but it is nice to see some of the handsome bros. Lamont or whatever is still phine with a nice body.

        I’m not sure but I wouldn’t put it past it that they might be fucking some of the patrons..Idk..maybe Lamont could easily get some pussy with his confident cocky aura tho.

    1. Yeah, used to work with dudes who stripped in school and dudes can be awful. While the money can be better depending on the situation, some dudes get too hands on. Like trying to finger you with long nails and such.

  4. i think the reason lamonte was uncomfortable with the one dude was the way he was dragging it out one dollar at a time and getting more aggressive with each dollar… it was like, oh, he let me do this, let me try this…

  5. Its more videos out where they actually allow the dudes to grab and pull on their dicks so in the end its still a choice to allow it cause a lot of the others don’t they fine with the women but not the guys of course they take pictures with them but thats it I think you at least have to be gay friendly or pretend while the event is in session but it’s Still your choice to interact sexual I really think Lamont just don’t care as much Shaun etha Mike even allowed it so let it be what it is this world is changing its their bodies if they didn’t want them there money or not trust they wouldn’t be able to

  6. That dude was, very flamboyant, aggressive, and unattractive….which was probably why Lamonte wasn’t feeling it. We just saw him grinding his whole naked ass on a man, so it aint him being a man that got him in his feels. Had that dude been someone who looked like Odell Beckham touching on him, Monte wouldn’t had much of a problem. Don’t be fool most ment judge other men on physical attractiveness.

    1. Bwahahahahahaha! I dont know why this is funny to me. And after reading this comment, I had to go look at the video again to see the dude (honestly I didnt pay attention to him the first time)

    2. Beauty really is subject, cause I paused on his face at 0:06 sec. and that man is not unattractive in my opinion, now yes he was EXTRA! but just imagine him with a deeper voice &!relaxed, and homeboi is actually sexy himself

      1. Maybe to you but he was a whole Queen….some dudes like them Fem and Flaming, (usually those are the aggressive trades) and others like Monte may prefer dudes similar to his sexy. Overall they all see a dollar but he just wasn’t appealing to me and Monte’s reaction said the same.

  7. Well, I thought Lamote was with a man before. Gay for pay is very real, but we do not know how these men truly get down. It is one of those situations where you will not know unless you ask.

    1. @Man he got catfished and admitted to the catfish he has and even said he did some with the other dude he partakes in these functions with.

  8. The guy was also very degrading in his actions. The grind videos have been very sexy and seductive. This was simply belittling him because he does what he does with them dirty dollar bills. And if went off, no matter how many male on male lap dances he would have been labeled homophobic. The dude knew what he was doing and used that power against him why else would the camera be on.

  9. You all are over analyzing these paint 🎨 n sip parties. Personally, I think these parties are a waste of money; the patrons do more drinking and touching than painting 🖼 I agree with DJ. These types of parties are messy and its flame 🔥 will fizzle someday soon.

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