the grand jury didn’t even lube up for jussie smollett (shit!)

r. kelly out (for the moment); jussie smollett in.
great balls of indictment.
ever since this was reported today,
the foxholers have been on it.
thank you for the emails and dms.
so jussie has been indicted by the grand jury in his alleged hoax case.
ummmmmmm via “the daily mail”

Jussie Smollett has been hit with an additional 15 counts of filing a false police report by a grand jury and is now facing up to 48 years behind bars.

The Empire actor was initially charged with one Class 4 Felony charge of disorderly conduct last month but a grand jury has applied that charge 15 times over in a 36-page indictment that was returned on Thursday.    

Now, he is facing a maximum sentence of 48 years behind bars and fines of up to $400,000. 

He is expected to cut a plea deal with authorities, according to experts cited by ABC. 

Neither Smollett’s legal team nor Cook County prosecutors have commented on the new indictment which was first reported by CWB. obtained a copy of it this afternoon. It divides the 15 new charges into two sets

Counts one to seven apply to the comments he made to police officer Muhammed Baig, who first responded to his apartment when his friend called 911 on January 29. 

The second set applies to Detective Kim Murray who interviewed him later that day

15 charges?!?!?!
48 year bid?!?!?

he will die in prison.
that is crazyyyyyyy.
if i was him,
i’d take the plea and get a lesser charge.
he could be out in 5 to 6 years.
his hardcore stans think the police set him up.
i don’t know about that angle,
but i was open to seeing that twist.
what a way to ruin your career tho.
i know he wishes he just sat there and ate his food.
no pun intended.

article cc: the daily mail

18 thoughts on “the grand jury didn’t even lube up for jussie smollett (shit!)

  1. Maybe he’ll get one of his brothers to pose as him and do the time. They’re not doing much else.

    1. Just because they aren’t actors like Jussie doesn’t mean they don’t have careers.JoJo works in business development.Jake works as a chef and has a TV show with his sister Jazz called”Living by Design”.They were on ExtraTv a couple of weeks ago doing promo work for their show.Their youngest brother is a senior analyst at Survey Monkey and a founder of a tech start up called Hosted.

  2. LMAO @ all of the false equivalency comparisons in these comments 😆
    Jussie will make a plea deal to only one of the counts and get probation with tens of thousands in fines. So all of you can stop blaming racism for Jussie’s predicament. The Chicago PD and the Illinois prosecutor’s office is ran by black folks.

    Btw, He’s getting exactly what he deserves!
    Narcissistic drama queen used RACE, HOMOPHOBIA and TRUMP to trigger the very worst reactions in everyone while attempting to divide America and costing thousands in police resources. And for that he is a public pariah.

  3. Some you keep bring up what white people do and get away with. If I go Rob a bank and get away with it doesn’t mean you go run and do it. What some you young kid need to understand is. You have to answer for what you do not what someone else did. Saying what white do and get isn’t going justify you going doing it and getting with it.

  4. A waste fine and can act and sing career ended over nothing and now will be a felon were you gonna work dumb ass you gonna fake a crime on camera wtf”

  5. Yikes. Sad to know that Jussie’s legacy will now consist of being a cautionary tale. Its a wrap yo.

  6. Where are the Trump supporters to say: Lock him up? The lawyers he hired, had me side-eyeing him, so I wash my hands of this.

    1. Michael Monico was NOT Trump’s former attorney.He was Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen’s, defense attorney after Cohen turned against Trump. I’m pretty sure Trump supporters and Trump despise Monico like they despise Cohen for snitching on Trump.

      A few days after Monico claimed he was representing Jussie , stated that Jussie had 2 new attorneys,Monico (Cohen’s attorney) was replaced.

      1. I am still half asleep but my comment was to correct the information I’ve seen that said Jussie hired Trump’s former attorney.No he hired the attorney who represented Trump’s former attorney.

        Now I need some coffee☕ 😂

    2. What a hot mess! He should have handled this differently. We have seen celebs beat charges before so the odds could be in his favor. Best of luck!

  7. Meanwhile, 45’s BFF Paul Manafort, a lifelong criminal who has engaged in supporting murderous foreign regimes, tax evasion, money laundering and a whole host of other felonious crimes only got 47 months and he literally stole millions and put many people lives at risk. This is Amerikkka for you. This is utter Bullshit. This man did not harm anyone, only his career and reputation. This is overreach and typical of America’s racist justice system. Too bad the powers that be were not this outraged by their corrupt police force when Laquan McDonald was killed, it took years to get justice. I did not remember seeing the Black Police Chief come out against that, maybe I was watching Netflix when he had a passionate plea to condemn the officer who killed Laquan. They can always find one of us to disparage and pile on and be extra when it is a person of color they need to condemn.

    Remember the Runaway Bride Jennifer Wilbanks in 2005 from Duluth Georgia who famously made up this tail of abduction and kidnapping and sexual assault by Hispanic men right before her wedding, costing a small fortune looking for her, because we all know it nothing more pressing that finding a missing white women in America. Her story is essentially the same as Jussie and it crumbled once the FBI investigated it much like his. But being that she has the complexion for the protection, she only received two years probation and a small fine.

    Sick of Amerikkka’s hypocritical racist justice system, when it continues to be “Just Us” who get the harshest of sentences when we commit crimes or make mistakes.

  8. He’ll get a plea deal. There no way a white girl can lie and get off with a slap on the wrist while a black man lies and gets 48, oh wait… Nevermind.

    Anyways, all jokes aside, this pretty darn harsh. I think he was setup in someway…Why such a harsh sentence? Is it because he insulted Maga?

    Yet, the actual cops that do kill black men or the wolves that kill gay males get a slap on the wrist. Wow. The world…the world.

  9. Woooow. That’s crazy! I’m sure he will get a plea deal and something light…Hopefully

  10. I read the other articles about this he’s Looking at 4 years in jail what are you talking about They act like he murdered somebody but there’s white girl is getting off easy Even his legal team and Chicago PD was unaware of it I wasn’t even done with the FBI’s investigation on the envelopes That is not right you got this on the daily mail and everybody saying he could four years

  11. i feel sorry for him & still waiting for MORE HARDCORE EVIDENCE he faked the whole thing! & NO NEED TO @ or REPLY CAUSE IDC & DGAF “I SAID WTF I SAID”!!

    1. I agree with you I’m still waiting to see real irrefutable evidence as in text messages,voicemails,anything that shows beyond a reasonable doubt he planned this. The motive(according to CPD) is BS, he wasn’t dissatisfied with his $125K per episode salary according to people at Empire and his personal assistant.CPD lied when saying with certainty that he mailed the death threat letter since the FBI is still investigating.I am giving him the benefit of the doubt after seeing how the CPD put out misinformation and seeing the anti gay comments from one of the brothers.

      I will wait for the trial to see the defense presented by his attorneys.

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