The Wolf Who Actually Likes To Beat Up The Coochie

tumblr_nuf04u7z5Y1ufa4oyo6_1280lets talk about wolves that actually turn me on.
^this one for example.
so everyone meet will.
“hi will”.
will has a few things he wants to show you.

“how he tames the coochie”

….our favorite?
well check out these following videos and you be the judge.
oh this is most definitely:


we are headed into the non-christian like portion of the evening.
our favorite?
now that’s out the way,
lets go…

so take a look at will showing his “weapon of choice”:

now lets see will in action.
here is using his “weapon of choice” on a vixen:

i just found myself getting incredibly horny.

see i like this.
i would rather see the wolf using his pipe than just looking at it.
dick pics are so boring to me.
some of these wolves out here are “all pipe and no action”.
i’ve dealt with a few.
not will tho.
not will at all.
here are some bonus shots of will:

tumblr_mb75o1Tax91qmfh3wi would let him reupholster my foxhole.
my walls need some new carpeting.

31 thoughts on “The Wolf Who Actually Likes To Beat Up The Coochie

  1. Do anyone not use protection anymore? People are quick to hate on homos with the unprotected sex, but these chicks be fukking multiple dudes and fukking them all raw. Don’t be leave me check out Maury and Paternity Court. lol

  2. his stroke wasn’t that great, i can tell he’s a selfish lover its all bout him, i won’t be surprised if a gay video leak in a few lol
    i got horny when he was eating that pussy

  3. His stroke game is A1.. I just can’t get passed uncircumcised penises though :/

  4. The video of him eating out the girl is good. Idk what it is but I like to see wolves like him eat out women….I use too like to watch ROC eat out his girl Shay..

  5. Why do people allow themselves to be put on display like this. I’m sure this chick thought this would be a private video. If he knew that, he is wrong for putting this out there like that.
    If she knew…she a damn fool! This will be on the internet for the rest of her life! LOL

    1. I’m guessing you’ve never visited tumblr then.. people post their nudes and “sex tapes” all the time like clockwork just for a follow and a thousand reblogs. It’s the way of life over there lol

    2. Exactly… I don’t this mutherfucker. Seems like a creep and a weirdo. Freaks like him aren’t to be trusted.. Both women in video looked a lil high and off as he takes advantage

  6. OT. Exposethejocks post some old pics of Terron Beckham (Odell’s cousin) and that ass….. *cues church choir*

      1. She’s a very “interesting” looking snow bunny. Seems nice though.

        You should hit him up for training. Lol

    1. He seems like the type that would do gay solo movies or get head for money. Wouldn’t be surprised if there are videos of him around.

      I can’t believe he ate his nut lmao.

  7. πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ

    That is all.

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