foXXX Videos: The New “Bait”?

tumblr_nvwxjciaiB1sqzfgqo1_1280well move over pipe pics,
the new “bait” is foXXX videos.
thank god.
like i said in the other entry,
i can’t do anything with a dick pic.
a video showing how you use your pipe?
or how you work that cootie cat/fox tail?

i’m all in.
well according to my sex nasty f-bi,
a couple wolves allegedly got baited with their foXXX videos.
personally speaking,
i can’t confirm or deny the origins.
just enjoy the smut like i did.
the following are:


put the “christian” to bed lets go…

and this one that drove me wild:

tumblr_mb75c32YdE1qmfh3wwho the hell is that wolf in that last drop?
i will allow them all.

i’d like more please.

lowkey: i wonder…
what some of our fav attentionistos/tas are like…
in the bedroom?
are they as good as they look?
f-bi: if you get any of their videos…

x join me over on my ratchet side for more fun

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

31 thoughts on “foXXX Videos: The New “Bait”?”

  1. I see where your mind is tonight. Lol

    P.S. The last video was fire, I thought they were are going to be of the straights but I saw that one and it blew the others out the water for me.

      1. Just saying it was one of the best ones, IMO. Following the last one, it was so passionate. Minus all the “daddy” calling… Lmao.

  2. Girl on the balcony was sexy as shit!

    Jamari, I don’t need awakening my sex drive again when I’ve just been delivert. Lol

      1. Look here, no sex in months and I’ve limited masturbation to 1-2 times a day instead of 5-6.

        Can’t you be positive about my growth?! Nah you wanna bring the thot back out with these clips. Lol

      1. And you can, I met this one guy off of tinder that just broke up with his gf,….The stroke was real…white too…and blessed

      2. He was the type to fcuk you differently and then have those bed room eyes wihle he watched your reaction up close and kiss you occasionally. Real passionate too..SMH never should have let that go

        1. ^omg…
          ok i get it.

          kissing mixed with bedroom eyes and some good dick on the side = “pregnancy”
          shit for the gays as well.
          ain’t nothing like being fucked like we should have had a pussy.

    1. The last video it appears to be Thugnificent…..He had some scenes with Brooklyn on Taggaz. I think he is bi.

  3. WHY is it that when Kim Kardashian is filmed having sex with her bf at the time, she’s a “whore,” but the women in these videos are just the girlfriend????? And I bet a MILLION chicks who have called Kim a whore for “making a sex tape,” have made sex tapes themselves. Oh, what a hypocritical world in which we live. 🙂

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