the new baller wolf on the block that everyone thinks odell beckham jr has turned out?

some of us may have the same issue that odell beckham jr suffers with.

Anytime we befriend another male and it’s strictly platonic,
the rumors start flying that we’re are smashin’ on the low.

which causes the other male to stop speaking to you.
he gets spooked and suddenly starts trying to prove his straightness.
the sad part is:

Odell Beckham Jr is straight and hasn’t confirmed his sexuality.
The rumors of his sexuality plague his actual talent as a baller wolf.

the rumors about many of us are worse than the actual truth.
this is the latest baller wolf that is about to be “hyper straight” in a few weeks…

now i’m not even gonna cap,
when i was sent the story,
i thought it was two attentionisto gays in the screengrab.
so before i saw it was odell,
i thought it was a couple of two fine menz that possibly had an onlyfans.

the other baller wolf is david njoku and he plays for the browns.
his bawdy is dumb stupid:


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you know he is the one everyone wants to fuck.
to play devil’s advocate but they played on the same team before.
they could just be close but according to socials:

the energy doesn’t lie?

lowkey: word of advice for the foxhole.
stay away from males who aren’t comfortable within themselves.
they’ll let people end your friendship based on their own fears.
the wild part is,
they look more “gay” doing that.

14 thoughts on “the new baller wolf on the block that everyone thinks odell beckham jr has turned out?

  1. This was a date just like Shannon Sharpe & his “stylist”. Have they been out lately?

  2. Let’s not do this J! The whole world knows both of those men are gay. Just because he hasn’t confirmed it doesn’t mean a thing anymore. Both of them men are gay and the only reason it’s not publicly stated is because they are fearful of being removed from their peers, contracts, etc. Now that this information has come out, I promise on god that these two will distance themselves like you have stated but that will not stop the truth from ever surfacing.

    This is not shocking or new information.

  3. Listen, straight men love their boys more than their gf’s/wives. They know when other men are attractive, and sometimes find them attractive. Every straight man knows (in their head) what man they would ‘be gay for’ IF they had to. Like others have said, all of the speculation is because they’re black and not scared to be close.

    And dont sleep. OBJ is smart enough to let ppl talk. It keeps him socially relevant as he ages (eventually out of the league) and he’ll be a huge transition celebrity doing movies and shows because he’s one of the few ballers who every single gay queen (along w the world) knows by name and sight. Handsome, charismatic and unproblematic in the media is a whole recipe.

  4. Jamari all I WILL say about OBjr is SHEEP KNOWS SHEEP I’ve been gay far too long not to know when some is sexually FLUID

  5. I think the main thing that makes it look sus is the fact that Njoko has his titties out like he’s a Hadid on the beach in Saint Tropez. This falls into the category of doing too much.

  6. Now any other time I would say y’all are reaching. But you can feel the energy jumping through the screen.

    I remember before Shaun T came out.
    When he had the low cut and I was a kid.
    Every time his commercials would pop on the screen my gaydar would almost break. And I was like 10 lmao. And we know how that eventually played out.

    I say that to say It’s not always accurate, but MOST of the time the our suspicions be spot on.

  7. Let’s keep it real. If this was a picture of two unattractive black men, nobody would even care.
    When you’re average, no swag and boring no one cares about you…Basically!

    Here we have two very attractive black men with swag coming through the picture. Of course rumors of them being gay is happening. It should not, but it’s the world we live in.
    The sisters are the biggest ones to start the gay rumors. 😉

  8. Nice body ,beautiful skin. He appears to like showing off his physique and when men do this , people question their sexualtiy. In the video ” it looks date nite” .Lol

    1. The make you say “hmm” factor is that he’s out one-on-one with another dude. Who is he showing off his physique for? I mean I knew some country ass mfs when I was younger who would wear a cardigan or vest with no shirt but if they were with me I’d clown them–not on some “no homo” crap but on why? If we were hanging out they were a reflection of me and my brand was not Big Daddy Kane, circa 1985.

  9. Smdh folks are weird they swear everyone is gay like damn Black Men can’t show friends any affection

    1. This just speaks to the issue that society has a virtual obsession with homosexuality and homosexualizing black men. Regardless of sexual orientation black men have to deal with this on the regular basis. It just goes to show you how the world views black men because if these were two white men or any other man of another race this wouldn’t be an issue. But we also have to blame the black community in general for for perpetuating this idea that black men are are not human we also have to address the blatant disrespect and misandry people seem so comfortable spewing towards black men.

        1. I seen this with two white guys who were straight and they were being sensitive and affectionate to each other, and there were a bunch of gay rumor. Start it up after that it’s not just straight black men they do it to its many others from different races as well.

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