a demon left this earth and we got no justice for her sins (carolyn bryant donham)

we don’t get the retribution we desire.
we watch those who did us wrong live good lives.
we don’t become “better than them“.
we don’t get justice.
emmett till never got justice for his wrongful death back in 1955.
the demon hyena behind his murder,
carolyn bryant donham,
has finally left this earth…

The white woman who accused Black teenager Emmett Till of making improper advances before he was lynched in Mississippi in 1955 has died in hospice care in Louisiana, a coroner’s report shows. Carolyn Bryant Donham was 88.

Donham died Tuesday night in Westlake, Louisiana, according to a death report filed Thursday in Calcasieu Parish Coroner’s Office in Louisiana.

your life on earth brought misery and hurt to so many people.
i don’t think you ever apologized for what you did.
you became a mother and i’m sure you protected your kids fiercely.
being young i’m sure,
you didn’t think of that when it came to emmett till’s mother.
you allowed that boy to suffer in his final moments.
i hope that in your final moments,
as you took your last breaths,
that you realize your legacy will always be on the wrong side of history.
no one will remember you besides being a complete failure to society.
your name won’t be mentioned without whispers and sneers.
everyone hoped you suffered and a part of me believes you did.
may you join the rest of your clan in the scorching flames of hell.
i hope the purgatory you are in brings you immense pain and suffering.
i pray that emmett till gets to watch.

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Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “a demon left this earth and we got no justice for her sins (carolyn bryant donham)”

  1. Hello
    What happended to Emett Till, is beyond horrible.
    The hatred those white people manifested against a helpless child, as they feel entitled.

    But Emett Till, did not die in vain, it made America face his demons.
    People in the north could not close their eyes, as they were informed by graphic details.
    People could not remain silence anymore, and it help to fuel the civic right mouvement.

    But Jamari, don’t let your anger against her fool you, it not her the problem,
    she was just an old bitter woman from the south.

    The problem is that the system protected her, and was still doing so until her passing.
    The system that killed this children, and harming black people is still operating to this day……

    1. ^thank you for this comment rapheal.
      you are correct.
      it’s just so sad to think about his final moments but you are right.
      nothing has changed down there and if they could,
      this would be a regular thing.

  2. All this time she never apologized or showed any remorse, truly demonic! I don’t like to wish hell on anyone, but you, lady, and may your surviving family memeber and all of those that supported you suffer! Just like Emmitt and his family.

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