The “Gay For Play” Straight Wolf

“What are you doing in Chicago?” – I asked.
“Chillin.” – He quickly replied.
“Who are you fucking out there?”
“Who is the Fox?”
“He is.”

… and this person is supposedly be straight.

He would do and say things that would have me wondering, “Is this mofo feeling me?

He would tell me he was naked on the phone.
One time he told me he was shaking his dick after he took a piss.
He told me how big his dick was.
He would tell me how handsome I was.

But on the flip side…

When we first met, he admitted he did not like me.
He would say “PAUSE” when I would get into flirt mode.
He would counter everything with some ho he is fucking.
He hinted he liked to tape record conversations just in case.
Lastly, he said some shit about liking to have gay niggas around so he can find out people’s secrets.

Something about the flip side bothered me, as it should have!
It seemed like he was only “gay for play”.
Making me feel he was interested in me, but he wasn’t (or was he?).
Using me to find out secrets about ballers who get down (would never admit or tell him)
He already made admissions he knew who was the top and bottom between Bow Wow, Trey Songz and Omarion.


But something about him I couldn’t fully trust.
That, and I always thought he was crazy as shit.
That is why I kept most of my business to myself.
I let him do all the talking, talking about other people, and only admitting to little things from my end.
He was always big on power and being in control.
I stopped speaking to him because of that very reason, but after months of not speaking, he apologized.
I had him on IGNORE – and I know how to ignore a muthafucka correctly.
I noticed this new go round that I was finding myself drawn to this question mark of a person.
He was smart, attractive, and could flirt his ass off.
But, it was really that I thought something would come of all this.
Deep down inside, I wanted to own that dick.
I would have the most intense jack off sessions, thinking about what it would be like.

He even caught himself yelling at me when I didn’t do something he wanted me to do.
He started showing signs of being emotionally abusive.
That is when I had to put that ass in check again, but this time HARD BODY.
No one screams at me like they are my Daddy…and even he knows better.
During our last days, he would bend because my mouth would pull all his cards.
I had to drop him yesterday for the second and FINAL time.
He was not healthy for my life and where I wanted to go.
I did not want to have false hope on someone who clearly was The Big Bad Straight Wolf.
Couple months ago, he was so depressed when his Facebook got deactivated and he had to start over.
He was crying and sad because all his “followers” were gone.
I was his shoulder that he would cry on everyday.
I gave him advice and listened to his family drama.

I like to think I am a good Fox to those around me.

Now he has a whole new bunch of followers on social networks,
he doesn’t know this Fox anymore.
But can still text me,

“So you not fuckin’ with me again?”

… shortly after I un-followed him.

I never responded.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “The “Gay For Play” Straight Wolf”

  1. Seems like ur drawn to a certain type. Only problem is when you like a specific type of flower, you have to trek deep into the forrest before you find it. On the way you’re going to stumble upon all sorts of shit. Some may say broaden your horizons, but I say stick to your guns. I too am a person who likes what I like. I settled one time. I was young and horny. Ended up in a ”relationship” having pitty sex with a person I wasn’t even attracted 2. It was all the crying and tails of emotional and physical abuse from childhood that kept me around. I didn’t want to be yet another person who did this person wrong. All I can do is roll my eyes at that now. What a fool I was…So yeah you’ll continue to have stories like these that you posted above. That’s cuzz you like what you like, it aint easy trynna find a point guard who’s fresh out of divorce court and ready to explore. One who spent his early 20’s fucking groupies, late 20’s settling down, and now at 33 he’s divorced and finally accepting the fact the he wants some man booty. His divorce was well publicised and everyone knows he loves his children, no one would ever suspect he’s jumped sides…No they think he’s just taking a break from the dating scene…after signing over 7 figgures to his ex wife; he’s cool, he’s playing it safe. He’s perfect for you, and trust me he’s out there. You better just hope you get to him before I do 🙂 because once I put this tongue up his ass…he’s gone realise it’s not just booty, but dick he likes as well,,,and it’s that final revelation that will let him know that it’s me, not you who is perfect for him and he and I will go on to live in DL bliss….

  2. Which one is top and bottom among Trey, Omarion, & Bow Wow? Imma go with neither for $1000, Alex. At best, I’d give em all vers…

  3. and for Jamari, thanks for identifying the type of brotha I’ve encountered far too few times. Its nice to know that I’m not crazy. Fuck this dude and any other who gives the kindasorta attitude about making their intentions with you clear. Funny how they cant seem to be clear with intentions, but they know exactly how to put somebody down and use their sex appeal to advance. I dated an actor like this before. I’ve never seen anyone turn their mask on and off so much. He was straight, gay, bi, masc, dl, fem, top, bottom. Never again. I had to learn the hard way but at least I learned.

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