The Curious Thirst Trap of Mory Fofanah

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 2.28.47 PMthese days,
the attentionistos come in all shapes and sizes.
some are gay as hell.
others are straight as well.
then there are those that you would assume run in the foxhole,
but are actually married with cubs.
to a vixen.
with an actual vagina.
not post-op.
welp that is mory fofanah.
the married attentionsito with cubs.
i been sniffin’ around his instagram since ( x my entry ) on him and well…


Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 2.41.52 PM…and maybe he is a extremely confident straight wolf.
his earlier instagram posts highlighted how much he loved coochie.
even tho i will admit i am highly confused,
i had to wonder if maybe thats the appeal?
and does he speak?
i want to know what he sounds like.
either way,
this is the wife:

awww pretty!













2cdbz44well whatever the case is or how she looks,
congrats to his wife.
she gets to suck on that pipe every night.
i say kudos.
listen he obviously loves to show off his body.
i’m not complaining.
he doesn’t owe us anything.
he isn’t trying to find a cure for aids.
he isn’t the next martin luther or malcolm x.
he is doing what he is supposed to do.
keepin’ show us that bawwwwwddddyyyyyy.
i’m hungry.

lowkey: …and an f-bi got what he been trying to show long time ago:

nice ‘n’ tite.

pictures credited: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

50 thoughts on “The Curious Thirst Trap of Mory Fofanah”

  1. A tad bit of zest I must say. Also, no shade but someone so gorgeous should not be with someone who looks like a fag hag.

    1. ^actually i think this is pretty standard.
      a lot of fine wolves are with average vixens.
      something about they cook good or some nonsense like that…

    2. DAMN! Y’all kill me. He got stars on the side of his ass as well. That is always a clear indicator of zetiness. LOL

      1. IDK. I think it’s a lil girly to have them all over one body part, but when they are on your ass or on the side of your ass? Yea, something is up lol.

  2. He’s a lil cockeyed, but he’ll due. Which one of y’all trying to slide in his DM tho? Some of y’all already have. Keep it real lol. I wasn’t ready for that last video. DAAAMMMNN!!! I want that shit.

    1. ^Ok…I thought it was me! LOL
      He does have one hell of a body though! We’ve seen the ass…I’d like to see the pipe now.

  3. Nowadays with fashion and culture the lines of straight and gay Are becoming blurred. I see lots of straight guys who you would swear are gay or at least bisexual. The more the world is becoming accepting and people’s definition Of what a man can and can’t do changes we have men like this one. I say more power to him because he definitely knows who his audience is and as far as I can tell he hasn’t said or done anything super homophobic yet .

    1. ^that “yet” part is when they sink.
      he needs to never talk and just post.
      thats where these attentionistos go wrong.
      my fav sayings:

      “Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt”
      “Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent, and discerning if he holds his tongue.”

      its my career to talk.
      its their jobs to show bawdy.

    2. How come do you guys don’t see it! Lmfao is gay as fuck…First he is not even light skinned like that he bleaches his skin and he’s from Guinee a country in West Africa…#HotLipton

  4. His body looks oddly shaped in some of the pictures but he’s obviously a great looking man. And call me old fashioned but I can’t get with people who run around half-naked all day on IG with kids at home. I don’t know what type of example you’re setting by doing that lol.

  5. I said in the other post he follow gay guys on vine, like week old pics of GAY guys on Instagram.

    His first couple of videos on vine he liked were guys jerking off and they’re gay accounts.

  6. I wonder if he’s one of those latinos with African ancestry?

    I’ve seen a lot of cases where black latinos are very questionable and “open minded” and the women that are also latino, don’t seem to mind at all.

    I’m not really sure if some Latino culture norms for males are different from ours or if they’re just more liberal with their sexuality, but I think that may be the case here.

    1. As Afro-Latino I would say ugh no because Latinas are not that open-minded with their men fucking other men because homosexuality is still seen as a sin. Now those questionable black Latinos are no different from the DL African American men.

      1. ^lin…

        are latino just like African Americans when it comes to gay relations?
        like from your experience,
        how does it differ between ricans and Dominicans?
        or is it all the same?

        I iften feel like spanish folks are quicker to get down…

      2. I’m not saying they’re more open with sexuality. I’m saying Latino and Italian men in general can be more metrosexual (i.e. getting eyebrows done, waxing, tanning) and its not as much of a problem.

        So maybe what we’re all perceiving as homosexual is a cultural norm for him if he is indeed Latino with African ancestry.

        I agree with Jamari, I feel like Spanish men and men from South America in general are more fluid with their secuality. I can’t say the same for Mexicans in my experience here in the south and I haven’t met many Domicans or Puerto Ricans though.

      3. @Jamari Fox In some ways It’s the same…for the most part gay relationships in the Latin community are DL …well at least in the Dominican and Puerto Rican community which I’m a part of. You are right… we do get down quickly ,we are horny devils that fuck every chance we get. Based on my experience with other Latin men and African American men. I can tell you there are less hang ups with Latin men.We just want to fuck. We both sucking dick , eating ass or doing some other freaky shit without reluctance. You should try a Latin dude @Jamari Fox. Word of advice though…If you want some good love making a Puerto Rican or Brazilian is your guy. If you want to be fucked into oblivion hit up a Dominican,Panamanian or Colombian.

      4. @Jamari

        Some gay relations are just same as African Americans cause you got the dudes who will be saying “I hate patos (faggots)” meanwhile behind closed doors they got some fox waiting with their ass all lube up just like any other DL wolves. Now I think what differ between African Americans and Latinos is that I notice in AA community once someone find or get mad they want to tell the whole world that person is gay, but in the Latino community you keep that shit to yourself.

        Through my experience Puerto Rican men are more open with their sexuality than Dominicans. There will be more Puerto Rican men saying they are gay while Dominican papis will still be in the closet. Hell some Dominican men will marry their best girlfriend to keep up the charades while having a long term relationship with their boyfriend of whom the family will never meet or known him as the “good friend”.

        Now I’m not gonna lie, yea Latinos are more sexual even tho it make us seem like we’re sluts or something which I hate. But in all fairness in my experiences when you’re the “open” gay friend and when your “str8” buddy, either AA or Latino, wants to hang out alone with you it usually mean there will be sex

      5. Hitting some good points @Lindo. Dominicans are more closeted than Puerto Ricans.They are too good at being closeted I think.

        You are right also that Latinos keep their mouth shut when they find out something or get mad. They don’t get messy.

      6. @John

        Yea they are! To be honest I think I only known 2 open gay Dominicans, but the rest are deep, deep in the closet.

    2. Guess it depends on the social environment. I am Afro Latino as well and I find most Latina ( The ones I’ve met) are willing to get down even after they’ve found out that I get down with guys. I’ve even had one told me the other day that she wants to sit on my face while a guy rides me. I agree with Lindo that most sees homosexuality as a sin … it’s taboo in most Latin American country. But as you said the men are different , they are more liberal and sexual, more so Caribbean Latinos and Brazilians. If you visit the Dominican Republic or some areas in Puerto Rico you will probably think most of the men are gay. The shaped eyebrows,the tight fitting clothes and flashy skin. Especially in the Dominican Republic where the men are proportionately thick or built.

      1. Yeah thats what I was basically saying. I’ve seen some latino couples and the guys are usually flaming or more polished than the woman and I’m like “Does she even know?”

        I’ve heard certain latinos are freaky as hell so I figured that’s what it was.

        Dominican Republic, Panama, and Puerto Rico are definitely on my bucket list.

        All I’m packing are extra large trojans and an erection lol

      2. You do know Puerto Rico has a growing number of gay men on the island? So those dudes who you think they are gay are probably gay or bisexual anyway. Shit last time I contact my tia she told me that one of the universidad has many, many, many gay guys. But yes I do agree PR, RD and Brasil are a bit liberal, but omg I’m glad I’m not the only one noticing that a lot Dominican men are getting thicker but fit.

      3. You should definitely date a Dominican papi I don’t see why not cause they are everythang. I’m telling you their big round juicy cakes is from all the platanos (plantains) they eat.

        But what happen with Puerto Rican men tho?

      4. Yes you are so right @Lindo, Puerto Ricans are out in their numbers. I was saying that to my Puerto Rican friend last week that Puerto Rican guys be doing the most these days. Just take the number 2 train on a Friday or Saturday night. There is an obvious fitness movement going on in the Dominican community here and in RD. I passed a local store in Washington Heights last week and all I saw was gallons and kegs of protein formula. I was like…. coño

      5. @John

        I’m glad there are more gay Ricans, but seriously tho what the hell is going on? I think us gay Puerto Ricans are outnumbering the str8 ones. I’m definitely going to take the 2 train on of these days to check that shit out. But just like you DR, Panama, PR and Brasil are on my bucket list too cause God knows I love mi Afro-Latinos!!!!

  7. Am I the only one who still thinks he’s average and odd (besides the wanting dick thing, LMAO)?

    His body tight, but everything else? Hard pass. Shit, Steven Beck is average looking too, but he has charisma to take him a bit farther. This dude is just… weeeeeird. LOL.

    1. He’s a pass for me too, he’s just representative of what confuses me with these male attention seekers on social media.

      The older I get, the more I’m attracted to people that are a little more subtle.

      You ever met a guy with a nice ass that doesn’t have pics of it that he shares with every guy he’s ever talked to?

      What about the dude that has body, but prefers to keep it covered?

      I mean guys like the one above and Steven Beck are nice to fantasize about, but are they ideal to lock down? Seems like you’d be sharing them with their followers. Lol

  8. i think it’s great to find a man that’s comfy in his skin…many str8 guys know that gays drool for them and if anything it makes them feel even more confident…he’s attractive seems like a cool guy to be around….many guys like this go for the people that everyone claims aren’t worth anything…just goes to show you that at the end of the day people like what they like

  9. I just had a conversation with one of my gym buddies as to why gay men like to look at str8 men pics on social media. (1) were gay we like men (2) it’s easy to look at a pic that they’ll post on their page (3) no harm in looking. I asked him why do str8 men post pics like this when they know we’re the main ones looking? All I got were crickets from him

  10. HE’s “BI” and he photoshops his butt in some of his pics …but he’s just a nice body nothing more there

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