MEAT: (634)


tumblr_nktorhMnJs1rd56s7o2_400…WHO IS ^DIS?!?!
and where can i sign up for a taste test?

Author: jamari fox

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28 thoughts on “MEAT: (634)

      1. Sorry for the extra replies.. I was on my iPhone and see they didn’t go through. But what I thought I wrote was, We trying to find out who Zat it lol. And that the hood rats talk like that replacing the Z’s with T’s and Ds lol

  1. WOW!
    He looks like he lost his soap, my tongue would be a really efficient replacement.
    So sexy! Kinda looks like The Game, mmm just one day please.

    1. umm, can I take back what I said? LOL he looks nice in those gifs above, but when i saw his instagram… I lol’d.
      idk, he doesn’t do it for me after that.
      I’ll stick to Kellon Deryck…mmm, one day please.

  2. His ig is mory fofana…his thighs and cakes are just as appealing as those lips. Married with Children..two of them.

  3. I don’t care what anyone says some of these dudes are soliciting the attention of men.

    I don’t want to hear they have a wife, kids, in a different vagina every night.

    There’s a very subtle, but clearly different way that straight men thirst trap and show off their body in contrast to men that are not straight.

    Women are fine with a nice chest pic and that’s what most straight men thirst trap with.

    Now when they get to posting pics turning around while wearing pants so tight I can count the change in their pockets or taking candid pics that show their ass, that’s homoerotic shit.

    I’m on instagram late at night and you’d be surprised at some of the comments these guys leave under each others pics.

    1. Agreed. He has a “wife” and kids but it won’t take you long going through his instagram page that this guy is sweeter than the rainbow. Doesn’t mean he isn’t still sexy. He just clearly is not straight. That’s all.

      1. I think its quite weird these dudes with kids and wives are still on instagram doing thirst traps and taking videos of themselves in the shower for likes.

        Their wives obviously aren’t asserting themselves. Then again their types go for certain types of women. Ones that aren’t attractive as they are and will worship them to a degree.
        Some wives may not even know their husbands are on instagram doing anything for a like.

      2. Yup, sure do. At first I was like, ok, he’s a little metrosexual. Then I kept going, and going and was like, oh that’s my sister all day!!! LOL. And like JAY said, these guys wife a particular type. Check out his wife. Very basic looking, out of shape, average dresser. She got a fine ass, sexy husband and he has the beard and the kids. It works to a degree. I wouldn’t be surprised if she knew.

        John X, I’m going to see if I can find these other fruity vines to amuse myself for a bit. Hehehe.

    2. ^Jay…I was thinking the same thing. These so called “straight” dudes are putting up some very suggestive pics. I can see a chest/ab shot, even an “eggplant” shot, but when you showing your ass in tight ass pants…I question that shyt! I don’t believe a truly straight guy would do that.

  4. Well Damn! I thought you all may have been exaggerating a little bit about him being sweet, but after looking at Wifey, there is no need to even buy a vowel to solve the puzzle. If he is indeed straight, he has taken Attention Whoring to new heights, not even seen by the thirstiest of attention whores. He is nice, but that Instagram shouts, I am self absorbed and I do the most to get attention. I guess its the straight mans turn to go through a liberation revolution like females back in the day to get in touch with his inner THOT and show the world what he is working with. The Gram theme needs to be “Straight Men Do The Gayest Things.

  5. He’s definitely bisexual..his vine is Mory

    He follows all gay guys on vine and likes gay videos..

    I’ve seen him like week old pics of gay guys on Instagram

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