Getting On Top (of me)

tumblr_m6m821pJy41rz7vbuo1_500i’ve been beating myself up.
i did it today.
hell i’ve done it everyday…

i was really hard on myself.
i make a mistake and i blame myself.
i don’t allow myself to be okay making mistakes.
i’m a good fox and i’m not perfect.
i do things thats sometimes aren’t smart.
i stumble and i fall.
sometimes with the cuts and bruises to show.
its okay.
i’ll be okay.
i have to learn that i am only human.
things happen.
i have been here before.
many times actually.
in my past,
and even now,
i have aligned myself with great things and interesting people.
i forgot all that i have done being insecure.
living within a fear based reality.
i am going to ease up out of that.
i am back in the place where i was always happy.
when i would step out the door and good great things happened.
i expected good great things to happen.
i was like a magnet.
things flowed to me freely and effortlessly.
i didn’t have to do much.
when i started to try hard,
and ask for things from a place of lack,
i noticed i didn’t get what i wanted anymore.
i am going to shift my vibration.

i will stop beating myself up and give myself a break.
i am a good person who will go far.
people always compliment me for who i am.
the way i dress.
how i make them feel.
i am an excellent blogger with a keen eye for beautiful things.
i see the good in people,
and their potential,
even when they don’t see it within themselves.
they always see the good in me because of the glow i also didn’t see.
nothing is a challenge because i now see challenges as games.
just like the video games i play that i conquer with ease.
life is fun.
its not stressful.
its not scary.
its a place where i learn and grow.
a place where i receive pleasure and blessings continuously.
a place where wolves sniff me out,
hoping that i give them a vip invite into my world.
not everyone gets access there.
its a privilege.
even when bad things happen to me,
there is a positive outcome that will be found.
its time to get back to that good place.
it started as soon as i wrote this.

tumblr_nkg4lqm4MO1qeeqtjo1_500 Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 9.14.20 PMnow its your turn.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Getting On Top (of me)”

  1. I agree. Jamari you are very talented and hAve a good heart which is rare in th I day in age. Coup l e w you good looks and fashion sense super rare. I wish you the best. We are all our worse enemy and loudest cheerleader at time. I wish you nothing but greatest. It’s in you it has always been. Trust that.

  2. I needed this, thank you. I feel like crap today, and I’m exactly the same way. I’m really hard on myself and am a perfectionist, so when things aren’t working out, I associate it with my value and self-worth. I’ve always had self-esteem issues so that doesn’t help.
    You inspire me man. Its true, you have a gift for writing. A lot of your posts are beautifully written.

  3. I really needed this. I can relate to this a lot, I feel crappy and lonely today. I’m really hard on myself and I am a perfectionist, so when things don’t go right I usually associate it with my self-worth and value.
    You inspire me as a writer, and as a person. You go through so much and yet maintain your humility.
    You are gifted buddy. Your posts are always thought provoking and relatable yet beautifully written.
    Much love!

  4. That’s beautiful. You are an excellent writer. Conversational writing is an art unto itself and highly specific to the individual – you have many fans. That’s a testament to not just your style but the way your mind and heart work. Much love.

  5. I came to work today and found this big old wet spot under my chair…then there was this bottle of cologne on my desk from a manager of another department?? A dude( snow fox) no interest at all!! Expensive stuff…so wondering is this dude jacking off at my desk in the morning before I come in??? I give this background Mr. Fox, to say, despite the fact we may doubt ourselves..someone is feeling you, continue to be you, it is who we are that draws them to may not lead to sex or a relationship, but each experience will help us to become who we are meant to be. Keep and eye on the Tip Jar!!

      1. telling the truth Mr.Man, spot as big as day!!! But I do like the colonge!! He can jack as long as he keep leaving presents!! I will take the box marked ” cash howie”!!!

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