the battle of the gender (money?) loving parents (siohvaughn funches-wade vs dwyane wade)

we always have to remember it takes 2 to have kids.
the relationship can be great before the kid(s),
but once it ends,
the battle of “who is the better parent” commences.
parents will do things with their kids that the other doesn’t agree with.
thats when the real juice starts to come out.
siohvaughn funches-wade,
mother to zaya wade,
thinks that dwyane wade is using zaya’s transitioning for monetary gain.
she is also suing him because of this allegation.
via page six

Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife accused the former NBA star of exploiting their trans daughter Zaya’s gender identity for his own financial gain.

Siohvaughn Funches-Wade objected to her ex-husband’s petition to legally change the 15-year-old’s name due to “multiple factors” outlined in court documents obtained by Page Six.

The author, 41, alleges that Wade, 40, “is positioned to profit from the minor child’s name and gender change with various companies through contacts and marketing opportunities including but not limited to deals with Disney.”

She adds, “I have concerns that [Wade] may be pressuring our child to move forward with the name and gender change in order to capitalize on the financial opportunities that he has received from companies.”

Funches-Wade claims that during an April 2022 meeting with Wade in Atlanta, the former pro baller told her that “a lot of money had been already made” in relation to Zaya’s “name and gender issue.”

“[Wade] told me that he intended to make our child very famous due to the name and gender issue and also informed me that there would be endorsements/contracts associated therewith,” the public speaker further alleges.

Funches-Wade then uses her trans daughter’s deadname in the filing, claiming, “Zion, who was present at the time, answered that various companies were interested and that Disney was a prospective company.”

Wade’s ex-wife also alleges in the objection that because Zaya’s transition has been highly publicized, “there will likely be media pressure on the minor child.” She asks that Zaya make this decision for herself when she is “at the age of majority” in two and a half years.

Wade has not filed a response to Funches-Wade’s legal documents. Page Six has reached out to the former couple’s reps and attorneys for comment.

these are the court documents:

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this is why i don’t want to have kids.
when you and your ex are beefin’,
especially when kids are involved,
it can get really real.
all my friends who have kids with demons >>

tbh tho,
she is right in her opinion.
i don’t know if her claims about what he said are true,
but she does have a say in how her child is raised as well.
on another side,
she has to accept that zaya has chosen her sex.
if that changes in the future,
then whatever,
but right now…

Zaya Wade has become a brand.

she is currently the representative for black trans youth in hollywood.
she has become a brand just off the strength.
regardless of how both parents feel…

article cc: page six

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “the battle of the gender (money?) loving parents (siohvaughn funches-wade vs dwyane wade)”

  1. The Jackie Coogan or Jackie Cooper law from the early 20th century was put into place for a reason. Child actors were menaced by exploitative adults. What kid in this TikTok generation would turn down the opportunity to be world renowned?
    Prostituting children to maintain relevance is abominable. Wait until the young person turns 18 and has developed a modicum of mental/emotional/intellectual maturity. She is right to be wary. To me the whole venture stinks and reeks of Dwayne and Gabrielle’s thirstiness.

      1. Stop. Like please just stop, that’s like saying you’ll be straight. If you still can’t comprehend trans and gender issues then stop speaking on them. And also she doesn’t have a say on her daughters life as she doesn’t have custody nor any legal rights to make medical decisions for her children.

  2. She doesn’t need to be on social media.

    It’s hard for normal kids.

    And I didn’t like the “dating” post either. Just opens them up to be a target.

    And I HIGHLY doubt a child wants the burden of being an activist.

    With trans who start so young on hormones, I genuinely wonder if they regret it. Jazz Jennings didn’t even have enough to do the gender reassignment surgery.

    1. What are you talking about?! Kids?! She’s 15 and even then kids love being on social media! It’s not the kids who are being horrible it’s the grown ass adults with their unsolicited opinions doing the most. And why wouldn’t a 15 be dating or exploring their sexuality?! Stop trying to make trans people feel like others instead of letting them live their lives.

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