the alleged trans vixens make phor from “black ink crew: chicago” suicidal?

there is a lot of talk in these forests about phor.
i never watched “black ink crew chicago”,
but i hear he is a freak.
i mean,
you remember his past entry i had about him.
( x see here )
and allegedly,
he likes the tran vixens.
so the following revelation confused me a little.
according to this random on ig

so i got to investigating and saw this:

…when i clicked that link,
i was taken to this trans vixen:

so i guess ^this is the alleged trans vixen in question.
( x see more here )
i don’t know much about phor besides he’s handsome:

if she knew that he was suicidal over the whole situation…

Why did she even decide to post it on her ig?

…and if phor knew he would be suicidal about it…

Why (allegedly) mess with a trans-vixen to begin with?

i have questions.
i need males to stop doing shit in the dark,
but being scared when it comes to the light by the trash they mess with.
either you gonna do it or continue to jack off about it.
stop bringing the dramatics if yo ass gonna be scared in the future.
s’all i’m saying.

lowkey: how much of a freak we talking with phor?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “the alleged trans vixens make phor from “black ink crew: chicago” suicidal?”

  1. Earlier today on one of my fav SiriusXM shows they had a sexologist on and a dude called into the show and basically said he was embarrased to talk about this but he had asked his girlfriend if she would watch trans porn b/c he like them ‘interacting together’ and she immediately started questioning her sexuality… he then went onto say he’s not homo and loves women, but that just turns him on… then he went on to ask, ‘at what point does that make you gay’?…

    The sexologist quickly chimed in with a ‘Chiiile, you ain’t gay… even though I know some eyebrows are rolling right now…’

    So, my question is, at what point does it make someone gay?… if a purported dude watches gay porn vs trans porn, does the former make him ‘more gay’? Or how about someone merely watching porn as opposed to actually physically engaging w/ someone of the same sex?

    It reminds me of this I shared w/ Jamari earlier this month that perplexed the shit outta me:

    “Many Sean Cody performers aren’t gay, and they identify as straight in real life. What about you?”

    “I’m straight.”

    Oh, and I’ve had a thing for this WB Randy for a min…

  2. Damn, I typed a long ass reply and shit didn’t go thru… hate when that happens. Here we go again:

    So earlier today on one of my fav SiriusXM shows, there was a certified sexologist of sorts on and fielding calls. This did called and basically said he likes watchin trans porn and them gettin’ w/ each other. He finally got up enuf nerve to ask his girl to watch it together and she, of course, immediately started questioning his sexuality… He said he’s not homo and loves women, but just likes watchin trans. He ended w/ the question of ‘at what point would you call a man gay’?

    The sexologist quickly fired back w/ “Chiiile, you are not gay… ” then proceeded to explain herself while apparently others in the studio were rollin’ their eyes, lol.

    So my question is, at what point does it make a self-purported str8 male gay? If one were to watch gay porn rather than trans, would it make the former ‘more gay’? Or what about someone who just watches any of this as opposed to one to actually physically engages w/ someone of the same sex, whether they’re gay or trans?

    This all reminds me of a post I shared w/ Jamari earlier this month regarding porn star Randy from SeanCody (a white boy I love to watch) who basically said he’s straight… *scratching head* I mean I know many of these gay porn stars proclaim hetero, but I’m always like, hooooow? I mean, bi? sure… str8??? gtfoh…

    1. This always confuses me too, in my opinion (nobody else has to agree) I think men who get down with trans women are more on the bi side. I feel like men who identify as straight that have sex with trans women still feel validated in their masculinity because they’re dealing with someone who looks/acts like a woman but with extra equipment. The ones that know they’re dealing with someone who was born male, are curious about men but feel they’re not crossing over to the “other side” fully because trans identify as women. What gets me is that most trans women are transparent especially ones that still have their attachment. They have nothing to lose as far being exposed, so why do these super DL men continue to deal with someone who will out you with the quickness if you do them dirty. In some cases you don’t have to do them wrong, they’ll just out you to be pretentious, since straight/dL men are so sought after in the community. One side of me feels like if you knowingly date a trans woman as a straight man, you’re more bi. But then I get conflicted because some actually can trick men into thinking they’re women. What if he finds out and not care? Does that still makes him straight because he Initially thought it was a woman? Sexuality is weird.

  3. All I know is if a man is everything I want, he always seem to be, “bi, but doesn’t get into relationships with men” or is only into “trans women”. Trans girls are winning on the surface. I personally think becoming trans is more about gender roles than anything.

    You can’t tell a woman she’s gay if she wears pants, but a man wearing a skirt is “gay”.

    Masculine women exist. Feminine men exist. I just think surgery to change your genitals is going too far. Surgery ALWAYS has a risk for complications. A girl went into a coma getting her tonsils removed. Kanye’s mother died for a tummy tuck. Tameka Raymond nearly died for a butt lift.

    It’s not worth it. Tweaking your body with surgery, you’ll NEVER be happy. There will always be something else you want to improve. These are symptoms. The cause is unhappiness with one’s self.

    A trans woman wants to be a princess and have a fairy tale wedding? Why do you need to mutilate yourself to be a princess? Women are said to have “big D energy” and want the title of “King”.

    And before anyone trans dare comes for me, you’re the ones who say Gender is mental and beyond reproductive organs. If that’s the case, why do you need to “fix” your organs. To feel like a woman? If he sees you as a woman, isn’t that enough?

    I guess after losing so many loved ones to surgery complications, I think changing your body to fit some standard when its not a health issue, isn’t worth it.

    I will never donate for a trans loved one to undergo SRS surgery. Hormones, makeup, fine. I’m not paying for your possible death. Trans women are already high-risk for being murdered.

  4. 🗣🎙 Trans-vixens come out, come out wherever you are ‘cause the foxhole has questions….!!!! Lol, let me stop….

    Ok, I want to know the foxhole’s thoughts about the reverse: gay-identifying men who are attracted to trans-men. That too exists and gets swept under the rug for the shenanigans of trans-attracted str8 men. And I could only wonder why…

    Gay men LOVE talking about the “fluidity” of straight men’s sexuality, but not their own. After all, isn’t that what gay men who advocate gay-4-pay are implying…???

      1. Lol, that’s easy to compute because being transgendered is all about aligning with the sex you feel you should have been assigned at birth…not what genitalia you’re attracted to.

        What beats me is how can (some) gay men find p*ssy on a trans-man attractive, but not on a biological woman…??? Admittedly, I haven’t figured this sexuality thing out…

  5. Oh lawd…This fixing to be a long report. I’m sorry. I don’t like it but I prefer having discussions face to face with people and it crosses over into my posts which make them long..😢

    Honestly, imo, I think it’s all bull crap. Ok. I’ll be real, even if it’s gonna sound just a little insensitive. Trans people were originally born one gender & go through a change from what they were born as. It may sound like me being shady but I’m not, I’ve got a firm respect for trans as human beings, even have a MTF at my job, who I chat & joke with.

    What I’m saying is, genders are not like clothing. If nature originally created you as this, it’s highly haughty in thought to change it yourself and say you are that. Haughty because nature never changes & people (mainly white but mankind in general) are under the assumption they can control it. The Universe is based on balance with cause and effect. Not a personal wishlist. This isn’t Amazon.

    There are a few animals that can naturally do this in case their species is on the brink of being wiped out. Humans beings cannot do this naturally. While it may sound like I’m being rude, I’m not. I’m just a realist & I’m not easily swayed by socities trends. And all science is not fact. It’s mostly human opinions based on long term observations.

    Some humans feel like they can come along and decide and push aside what nature has already stablished for probably eons before the human race was even a thing. Face it, human beings are in general, haughty creatures. We believe we are the top and supreme creations in the Universe. This is why dogs are popular pets. Humans like to have control over any and everything. Especially some white people…The racist ones that is.

    The only thing that distinguish us from animals is that we are highly communicative and organized & our large numbers keep us at the top. However, we don’t fall outside of the laws of nature. We can get eaten by said animals, die by disease or any ailments nature throws at us all just the same. Stick a regular human in the wilderness & they immediately drop from the top of the food chain and are still at the mercy of their surroundings. You have two options: Adapt or die.

    Moving on.

    Even so, I refer to MTF as women as they desire with no shade & will compliment them like females. In no way do I have right to treat them any less.

    DL men get involved with the messy trans type simply because the men themselves are bisexual thots & are messy. Idk why it’s so hard for folks to come out and say it. These dudes are hoes with no restraints and they use trans as a cover up because men are praised for getting the most females & they know no one would bat an eyelash at said behavior. These men are either bi or gay. Not straight. They may try to convince themselves otherwise but most of us not having it.

    Also, I can be gay and watch straight porn. If I watch it, I watch it for the men that are sexy. I don’t have to focus on the female, the man has everything I like in a man. He’s got all the characteristic that define him as male.

    On the flip side, if a straight man watches trans porn. Just why is he watching it instead of lesbian porn? Come on now. Women naturally don’t have diks. Tell me why a “straight man” would watch it and be interested in it and try to flip it and say he just loves women?? He probably does..(but he’s curious about dudes too…but doesn’t want the judgement attached to it..) be careful girl cause next he will want you to play with his ass and then put on strap on…

    Men that like to get pegged by women. That is a whole nother can of worms because at what point would a straight man decide he wants to get f**ked in his butt? If it’s a one time thing he can slide with curiousity, I suppose (that just means he’s a follower of trends and wanted to find out), 🙄 but I mean let’s be real here. You are a heterosexual man that has a penis to penetrate…why are you desiring a female to pretend to be male and penetrate you?

    You clearly want a dik up your butt but are too afraid to admit. Main point: You may not be attracted to men but you sure do like dik. That alone makes you bicurious and I bet if a “straight man” got f**ked by a real man, he’d end up being bi (or gay) and liking it. Dildos are nice but can’t compare to the real thing. Trust and believe this. Don’t always go by what people say, look at their actions. That’s what gives away their true intentions. Gay, Straight or Bi….pick one…it’s not hard at all. 😑

    Straight men loathe homosexuality in thought because it is not natural and yet, anal sex in itself is not natural (even with a woman involved). It does nothing to extend the shelf life of our species. It is soely for the pleasure (or pain) of that individual. Not fun to hear but it’s true.

    We as openly gay and bi men know that we like dudes, we like our dudes cause they have diks and are men. We are secure in our sexuality to know that as men, we have a dick that was created to penetrate. Our form of sex (anal) is one way we show intimacy but not the only way. Men have feels good….but so does sticking a qtip in your ear…Both have the same senstive nerves which make both of them feel satisfying.

    These lines blur with things like pegging and raw sex because of the crossover from fantasy into reality. Porn is FANTASY scripted sex. It has no hangups, no work involved and no consequences written in the script it follows. People in the real world know this and still emulate it anyway because they want the same.

    They don’t want the consequences of their decisions in real life and carry that fantasy over from porn and try to convince themselves (and others) it’s reality and the norm. This is why folks say sex is complex when it’s really not. Folks just want to do what they want with no consequences. Diseases are still here and so are pregnancies. The anus is still what the body uses to get rid of what your body considers not beneficial. HIV and STDs arent picky. Men can’t get pregnant, women can’t grow dicks. Humans can’t switch genders at will. It’s all just one big…..fantasy.

    Media DOES influence people. It’s why the news is still in business today.

    Is a Gay Top still gonna be gay if he screws a female in her ass regularly or is he gonna be bisexual? Pussy and ass are two different things but women have asses just like men do. Do we have Straight4Pay or just Bisexual porn?

    Gay4Pay is fantasy porn that feeds off some gay mens lust for turning out straight dudes…🙄 And you see quite a few of them try to carry that fantasy over into real life. Messing with the weedman, straight athletes and all that…when the reality of the situation is…you mess with the wrong one, you will get your butt beat or end up dead. You may or may not get lucky…

    I’m not “old” (maybe i am in gay years…you know once you pass 25, you 50..) I’ve been fortunate enough (or not) to have been born in the shift of generations and can clearly see how TIMES HAVE CHANGED. 🙄 I mean look at America. Still racist, sexist, overly religious, homophobic, full of self righteous activists (who I just call social media promoters now), and still holds fair skinned folks in higher reagard. A country that is so broke it has enough funds to support five blockbuster Marvel movies in six months but can’t help the homeless and cities in poverty in 20 years. 🙄 Yep…things sure are changing..Oh and look.. Jim Crow is back in office but now has a higher position.. I guess America really is changing.

    1. That was a long report indeed.
      We can’t stand in the light of what “Nature created” because there are people born with two genders, hermaphrodites. I don’t know what nature intended to do there when you are born with two sex and literally have to choose to live your life as one. Nature is really fucked up.

      The same can be says about homosexuality, naturally since we are men with penises we should be attracted to women who have vagina. So is homosexuality a delusion then since nature intended for a man and woman to be together?

      I think when it comes to sexuality, nature has no place; people feel what they feel and they can’t help it and honestly any opinions about it usually turns to judgement. It sucks that we live in a world where we can’t be accepted for what we are attracted to. But when the unaccepted by society turn on each other, it’s just ugly!

  6. I don’t know why it’s so difficult to understand that trans people exist just like intersex people exist.If it’s OK for intersex people to have surgery to modify their bodies so that their genitalia alligns with their gender identity, why is it a problem when transgender people do it? Personally I don’t care what caused them to be trans, whether it be something that occured in utero or something that happened later.Nor do I care why some people are born gay,bi,etc.It doesn’t matter to me.There are assholes in every gender,sexual orientation,race,religion.I’m not going to judge an entire community negatively because of the actions of some members of that community.

    I just read a report from the CDC that 1 out 50 US high school kids identify as Trans and that 35% of them have attempted suicide in the last 12 months.I really doubt that these kids are choosing to be trans they are simply living their lives.I had a friend who used to work with homeless teens he said half of his clients were LGBTQ and about 1/2 of them were trans throwaways or runaways.LGBTQ teens are probably about 5 % of the teen population.IMO If it was a choice then they would have been at home with their families not performing sex acts for food next to a damn dumpster.

    1. Thank you Y Colette. I’ll never understand how a pile of gay men can all get together and be so ignorant like people don’t think we are mentally ill and making a choice too.

      Must be some type or race to look like the “realest” contrarian in the room smh.

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