so i finally watched “the red wedding” episode on “game of thrones”…

so i’ve been on full “game of thrones” binge.
i got to “the red wedding” episode.
season 3; episode 9.
foxhole (w/ light spoilers)…


i did cry,
but i was moreso shocked.
it took me 15 minutes to pull it together.
like damn,
can my stark family catch a break???
i nearly quit the show too.
i think that’s the most shocking moment i’ve ever seen in tv.
i’ve seen some shocking shit,
but that was on another level of “HOLY FUCKIN’ SHIT!”.
please hug me.
you cannot get attached to characters in this show.
you like one today and they’re slaughtered tomorrow.
when folks were talking about “the red wedding”,
i definitely didn’t see it going in that direction.

honestly tho,
that was all rob stark’s fault.
he was just like his father and didn’t listen those around him.
his mother told him to move differently.
she told him not to marry that vixen or bedhead that guy.

he didn’t listen.

this show is BRUTAL.
it’s like a abusive relationship with a fine wolf.
you want to erase his number,
but the dick too bomb.
i’m obsessed.
the good guys don’t win.
loyalty comes with a price.
you HAVE to play the game in order to survive.
as cersei said:

“When you play the game of thrones you win or you die. There is no middle ground.”

that applies HEAVY to life.
i’m emotionally drained and needed a moment.
i hope this means the starks that are left get their vengeance.
arya looks like she isn’t here to play.
i’ll be headed to season 4 later.

lowkey: poor theon…
he’s a dumb ass,
but i think he definitely learned his lesson.

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11 thoughts on “so i finally watched “the red wedding” episode on “game of thrones”…”

  1. OMG, I just watched this episode last night. Im trying to get caught up so I can watch the last season as it happens, with all my friends who watch it. I screamed out when it happened. It was a total blindside. I wasn’t expecting it to go down the way it did.

  2. I’ve been waiting for you to post about this episode😂. Just you wait, cause this is only the beginning. There are more highs and much lower to come. Just keeps some popcorn and tissues by your side. But you’re right about how they include everything not just the good guys winning. Keep posting about your experience J, it’s great to see you share your thoughts on it.

  3. I didn’t understand all the hype around the TRW episode when it first debuted. It wasn’t until I binged a season later and was like OMG, this is too much for my sensibilities, lol… yeah man, recharge and keep goin’ cause it’s gonna get rougher.

  4. Oh just you wait! I’ll know when you get to the episode I’m referring to cuz it’s definitely post worthy. The Red Wedding had me SHOOK! This emoji will make sense later…🚪

  5. I would watch GoT if it wasn’t damn violent. A lot of folks at my workplace mention & I tell them I can’t watch it cause it’s so graphic. I do enjoy hearing them talk about it. I hadn’t read the books much but I went into the show thinking it was like a slightly mature version of something like Hercules or Xena.

    You should have saw my face when some of the scenes popped up.

    1. ^this show is VIOLENT AF!!!
      i mean,
      everything from beheadings to castration.
      i’m like when tf does it end? LOL

      it has an amazing plot tho.
      the graphic sex scenes aren’t bad either lol

  6. Strap in J! You are in for a bumpy ride lol those emotions are about to be all over the place.

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