“That’s Not How Your Twin Brother Did It”

two might just be better than one.
no that isn’t a crop of the same wolf in different outfits.
they are actually twins.
one is named hassan and other is named hussein.
they reside in england and well…

not bad.
one looks shorter than the other.
either way,
they are both cute tho.
well don’t think they are only workout warrior wolves.
they have an actual career going on.
they are both dentists:

they both partner at ( x @yorkshiredentalsuite ) in north leeds, england.
not bad.

they can give you a mean work out and an oral examination after.
is it rude to ask the receptionist:

“Can I pick which one I’d like that one in my mouth?”

well as long as one or the other talks to me in that accent:


Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on ““That’s Not How Your Twin Brother Did It””

  1. Cute. I’d take the shorter one though. He appeals to me more than the other. Lol

  2. They’re cute I think I’m more a fan of their bodies than the faces tho. I’ve always had a sexual fantasy where I was able to bag some twin wolves ( don’t judge me )

    P.S. I heard of that sex scene from American Gods recently, I think someone who works on the show said it would be the most graphic gay sex scene on tv.

      1. Those CGI-created penises prove my point. Both actors’ real junk was concealed in little green pouches so that computer generated erections could be superimposed. Had they used Brazilian actors, such high tech shenanigans might not have been necessary.

    1. Same as every other ethnicity in the size distribution. I lived in Egypt for six years, the more melinated ones tend to be bigger! Unscientific poll, I did not have relations there.

    2. Unfortunately I have to agree on this instance in my experience lol. But I can’t speak for all, just from what I’ve observed

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