Nathaniel Noir May Just Be Straight AF

sometimes i think “the fantasy” should stay that.
how much more appealing is it when we don’t hear someone talk?
its like “fitted sexy” or jonathan “heat” martinez.
every since they have given our phones “live” options,
everyone has been partaking into it.
everyone can now get their 15 minutes of easy fame.
from celebs to randoms,
it’s really a wasy way to “turn you the fuck off”.
so “the fantasy” for some,
nathaniel noir,
has launched a youtube channel.
one of my fav foxholers
sent me the video for review.
nathaniel is one who works well being being “mute”,
but when he did this “get to know nathaniel noir” segment,
i learned two things…

1- he is kinda boring.

2 – he just might be straight.

i know you’re looking at me crazy,
but let explain.

not everyone with a fat ass is gay/bi
not everyone with a fat ass or muscles is advertising

not everyone with a fat ass takes dick
not every male who is soft spoken and feminine is gay/bi

“we” shouldn’t be using the same stereotypes the straights use on us.
i can admit i am guilty of it at times.
so nathaniel isn’t “mr. masculine american attentionisto”.
that should be a competition.
you know the ones i’m talmbout.

“i got muscles so i’m fuckin’ bitches!”

the ones that have to show us their “straightness” by flexing everywhere.
nathaniel is from canada and male sexuality may be different over there.
like in england for instance,
where else can a straight wolf take a picture like this:

…and have a vixen on his arms?
chris hatton,
who is from england,
loves showing off that tail and is straight af.

it’s american straight wolves who are so caught up throwing “what makes me straight!” around.
“muscles and strength” is supposed to be what makes a american male straight.
so what does that make a female body builder?
nathaniel has a huge tail and is very aware of it.

…and like others,
he knows that’s his “selling point” and goes about to exploit it.
there is also the “asexual” aspect,
but that’s for another conversation in the foxhole.
so i had to ask the foxhole for your thoughts.
in the video,
nathaniel avoided the “sexuality” questions.
he is already every stereotype:

fun sized
fat ass

he isn’t feminine as i would expect either.
he even said no one hits on him.
i think we might have been wrong.
stranger things have been revealed and confirmed within the foxhole.
nathaniel noir.
possibly straight…

…or possibly “keeping his business to himself”?

lowkey: if i had a tail that fat…

i’d be sponsored.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

31 thoughts on “Nathaniel Noir May Just Be Straight AF”

  1. He is not straight and that is a fact. He has a Tumblr page, and when I viewed his likes, it was filled with naked men and porn.

      1. It is funny you mentioned him being boring. I noticed it before that his personality seems really dry. That is a big turn off, but he does seems really nice.

        The page is his for sure. It is really clean content wise and the videos posted are originally uploaded rather than reblogs and all that other stuff.

    1. Do you have a screenshot for confirmation? I’m almost certain his likes are private, I’ve checked before. Honestly, I hope he’s gay.

  2. Not straight. If he is, then more power to him. I honestly don’t care if he and many others like him, is or isn’t, I just like to look.

  3. Honestly, he seems mature as hell for 24.

    I’m just not completely sure he’s gay. These dudes in Canada and U.K. don’t view sex and stereotypes the way we do. They’ll show off their ass, let a gay dude spank them, talk about how nice their ass is, like pics of naked men and still be with a woman and look happy.

    He could end up with some racially ambiguous Canadian chick.

    Besides even if he is gay, he could pull a fast one and be a straight up top. I was waiting for him to say his ass was his favorite body part and my mouth dropped when he said his chest and legs lol

    1. Man, he don’t like no damn women. LMAO. How come I can tell he is gay and you can’t? It was all in his mannerisms, speech, and eye movements. Well regardless of whether he is or not, Nathaniel appears to be the type who is concerned about his image, similarity to people like Jennifer Williams, Phaedra etc. This explains the reasons he is vague about certain topics and does not really discuss anything sexual.

      1. Lmao you cannot compare his mannerisms to that of a typical black man in the United States. Even the way he speaks is unusual to me.

        I don’t know what he is, but I feel like a lot of us Americans will go to other countries and get our face cracked trying to impart our stereotypes on men from other countries.

  4. I’d put a ‘very’ in front of that boring πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ž All he did really was answer fitness questions …I was suprised that he’s in the fashion industry because I’ve never really seen him in anything remotely fashionable or post anything fashion related .I’ll have to use that “i’m a Christian” line when someone asks me anything sex related in the futureπŸ€”πŸ˜‚

    1. Look, I died at the skidding car sound when he read that question.

      He wears expensive stuff but I wouldn’t call him a fashion guru.

      I don’t get why he wants to be in the oversaturates fitness industry though.

  5. I subscribe to his youtube videos because between him and bodies by CW I’m trying to get sponsored 😝 Lol

    Like CW while they are ambiguous regarding their sexuality they know their main fan base and are accommodating.

    P.S. “not everyone with a fat ass is gay/bi
    not everyone with a fat ass or muscles is advertising
    not everyone with a fat ass takes dick
    not every male who is soft spoken and feminine is gay/bi”


  6. I like how people tried to ask questions to get him to disclose his sexual preference. he selectively ignores those questions. I won’t say he’s gay but he isn’t into women

  7. He got really swole recently, and I don’t find him as cute as I once did.

    But really, I don’t deeply care of his orientation, but I gotta side with the camp that says he’s batting for our team. There are wayyy too many subtle hints and inflections- not to stereotype our people, but come on, y’all need to recalibrate your gaydar.

    But he’ll say whatever he needs to say in time. No one has to reveal themself to the world or to anyone for that matter, so he can remain as comfortable as he wants.

    But I like to speculate on the side. As long as he’s happy tho, all that matters!

    But I’ve been more partial to bodies by CW. His ass workouts are pretty good, but just a buyer beware sort of scenario, it’s hard to both cut and take the protein shakes he’s suggesting as they do rely on some fat intake (Good days tho), but you have to work really hard for your body to appropriate it where you want it to go (like your ass) and not go other places.

    But it’s work it, stick at it and you get results. Honestly

    Another good book to have is Bryan Hawns “The List”- he’s the YouTuber who makes music videos showing his really nice butt (He charges 100 for his videos now tho so screw that noise), but his book does have a customizable routine that’ll give you big results in around 8-12 weeks.

    1. Anyone that pays for a video from Bryan Shawn is a damn fool.

      He’s not particularly fit at all. He just happens to be a snow bunny that inherited more booty meat than your average white boy lol

      1. I dunno about that Jay. He used to be really skinny. His transformation is pretty crazy n I think he booty was packaged with it.

        He never really grew into His head tho. Something about his face is….off.
        But no one needs to be paying for the vids, especially when all his other stuff is free and a Google search away, like, dafaq

        Check him when he was skinnier

        ^old wife swap spin-off tv episode he was on (can’t miss him)

  8. These comments tho. This whole post is about not stereotyping and y’all up in here talking about mannerisms and voice inflections as if that’s some accurate gauge of someone’s sexual orientation.smh. Just because he’s not acting like some hyper masculine thug doesn’t mean he’s gay, and honestly it’s those hyper masculine thugs who are most likely the ones who are out here bouncing on dick.

    Wanting someone to be gay because you find them attractive and want to fuck them is different from them actually being gay. Learn how to separate your fantasy from reality

    1. it’s sad. some talk about how people are so obsessed with other’s sexuality yet they’re here being some bent and pressed hypocrites.

      even if you’ve seen some things, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT and let others be. stop being so judgmental.

      Why are you being against stereotypes and then judge at the same time.

  9. He may be gay or he may just be really awkward and Canadian. And he is a little boring but, in a weird way I kind of appreciate it. A lot of these other guys come across as constantly “on” so it’s nice to see someone who’s a little humble and awkward.

  10. I enjoyed the video and sensed a natural, cultured vibe, as I find with many non-American Blacks. Many African men I see and encounter have similar mannerisms and are not gay. In fact, they relate to each other very affectionately in public; whereas many Black American men feel pressured to present a hard, tough demeanor. And, it’s often class-related; the lower the class, the more machismo is exhibited. It even extends to making babies, even if unable to support them, to prove manliness. I have not seen his videos, others on here mentioned or his Tumblr page The Man referenced, so I am only commenting on what I saw in this one, and I find him very well spoken and laid back. Were I to ever meet him and get a vibe he might be interested, I’d proceed full speed ahead.

  11. Yeah, I agree with Jamari and Jay. I live extremely close to Canada (near New Brunswick and Quebec) Canadian men (both French/English speaking) are different from U.S. American men because they have a beta culture over there. You will have a tough time finding a Canadian guy who is an alpha male who’s going to pin you against the wall and fuck the shit out of you because they are too kind which is nice but also suck at the same time. At time, you don’t want him to ask you if it’s okay. JUST DO IT! If it feels right, DO IT! Don’t ask.

  12. @JAY, As a guy from Canada,I will say, we kinda are the same. Here in Toronto, the black men are very influenced by american and west Indian culture,so we have our hangups on masculinity and sex as well. I’d like to also say, I notice you Americans say that it’s hard to meet decent black men. While I agree, it’s hard everywhere, imagine how much tougher it is Canada.Not that much up here. In Toronto, there is quite a bit, but you guys have soooo good and with soooo much more options lol.

    I think Nathaniel goes to my gym, I swear I have seen him before. I agree ,based on this video, he does come off boring and his place has no personality either,but that is like most condos in Toronto.

    1. Thanks! Was just about to comment on that. It’s funny to see how people just form their whole opinion based on stereotypes and whatever the media feeds them. Anyways, I’m also from the GTA but grew up in Toronto as well. He’s supposedly from Toronto, so my point will stand, Toronto’s culture is very similar (not exactly the same) to New York’s culture, so nothing too far fetched, so I don’t know what type of Canada some of y’all are talking about, but if you’re a black boy in Toronto and you don’t play up to the “masculine stereotype” you’d get bullied, called all sorts of faggot, ostracized, made fun of etc. It’s everywhere, don’t kid yourselves, even in “liberal hubs”.

      Maybe if you’re one of those white preppy boys, they can get away with whatever he’s talking about, but black kids? Nope, don’t know WTF he’s talking about. Unless you like getting beat up.

      We are pretty heavily influenced by American culture here (Toronto), especially New Yawk. That being said, him being “Canadian” doesn’t explain why he is the way he is, that’s just how he is, he’d be the same if he we’re American.

      And I completely agree in the meeting good black men out here. Even though the majority of black people and Caribbeans are here, most black people I meet adhere to the “Black-American” stereotypical norms (not the good ones). Been there, done that.

      1. ^ EXACTLY LOL! Sorry but I sometimes laugh at the misinformed comments on here.. I won’t speak for everyone but it’s like so many Americans live in their own bubble and have these assumptions about any country that is not theirs.

        IMPERIALISM IS REAL. Black men (on a general scale) in Canada and the UK are heavily influenced by American culture because guess what? American culture is very mainstream, it transpires through other countries. American culture is the dominant one in the mainstream world if we want to keep it real. So the Black men in Canada, UK, France etc. aren’t that “different” from the men over in the US.

        I don’t know what makes some of these guys think that most non-American Black men in the diaspora are all “hippy free-spirits” but you guys might have to back that all the way up because that is not the case. The hyper-masculine mentality exists and is still very prevalent outside of the US.

        I’m not going to speak on Nathaniel because he seems like a cool guy and I’ll allow him to be great without scrutinising and nitpicking him, but I just wanted to speak on the cultural assumptions that I keep seeing on here.

      2. Also adding, most black people in the UK/Canada are either first generation foreigners or are immigrants themselves. So to put into perspective, these are people who are raised by Caribbean/African parents and we ALL know how Caribbeans and Africans feel about homosexuality. They’re just as bad (if not worse) than Black Americans when it comes to tolerance and sexuality

      3. That’s right! I don’t know any black person that is more than 2nd generation Canadian here (I’m second generation with family from Trinidad) so trust me, we have our own culture when it comes to homosexuality etc. I don’t know any “black hippies” and if I do, they certainly aren’t the norm, nor are they popular with other black folks here. The fact of the matter is, SOME people just don’t abide by the norms, nor do they want to,whether in the U.S or outside of it. To assume that “he’s that way because he’s >>insert nationality here (not American)<< because he doesn't represent the 'Black-American norm'" is proposterous at best. It's suggesting two things: 1)That black men outside of your experience of Black people isn't some version of "normal" and that those black men represent ALL or a majority of the black people of that particular nation and 2) that there's some specific prototype of hypermasculine Black man (or even "feminine" gay man) that can only be found in the U.S. This is simply not true, though it's a nice stereotype to have, this is just simply not the case. We're diverse here as well as in your own country, but as a whole, black people act the same here ( I wish it were more like the hippy stereotype though, that sounds nice LOL) I've seen the same behaviour here from blacks that one would find typical in the States, we might as well just live there lol (I'd rather not, though) it's still a breath of fresh air to see a black person that is at least a little atypical. They are rare and certainly don't represent the norm nor are popular among other blacks. I know this from experience.

        I wish we were more like how the media proports us to be, but no, we're not all polite and say "eh" after every sentence. If you cut someone off on the highway, you will get cussed out and the road rage is real (people have been getting shot recently because of road rage :/) Though I will say to give some credit where it's due, there IS some truth to Canada being more secular, and in "liberal hubs" such as Toronto, it's perhaps more socially acceptable to be out and out gay (if you're not a visible minority), there's not as much of a stigma because people care a bit less, culturally (think New York). But the problem still lies where black gay people are stigmatized much more amongst each other, and still run the risk of being heckled, attacked etc. if we aren't careful about our demeanours etc. White gay people tend to get the luxury of those stereotypes of (no one caring, and everyone is touchy feely etc. and are "comfortable in their sexuality" ) but even they are stigmatized by society as well, black people? Not even close.

  13. I’ve seen his likes before awhile back, like The Man said, nothing but gay porn. I also remember seeing him like one of Gr8kingofheart’s ass pic.

    I didn’t watch the video but he doesn’t get approached?! Lies! Not with an ass like that. Lets seem them DMs Nathaniel Lol.

  14. He is def sponsored,you can tell! My guess is by an older white man but its only obvious. He isnt straight but he is boring af. His ass just looks so damn good,id suck a fart out that mf. Lmao all jokes aside tho you can tell he’s a sugar baby by the nice ass house he’s always in,someone is ALWAYS recording him,he never seems to post anything about work,school or anything productive,just his body. He’s either a high priced escort or taken care of by a wealthy canadian.

  15. I used to hangout with this Nathaniel guy a few years back. His ass has always been quite large, even before he started working out, so please do not do his workouts in hopes of attaining an ass like his, sorry. Also he’s definitely not straight, when I knew him he was seeing a man.

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