That Time The Severance Check Caused Me To Explode

i loathe trifling’ ass muthafuckas.
i really do.

Wouldn’t it be great if jackals and hyenas didn’t exist in this world?

we need them tho.
if they didn’t exist,
to steal and scheme you out your happiness,
then we wouldn’t know how to fight and survive.
i woke up today,
because i was getting my 2 week severance check.
i needed that money.
there is a ton of clothes i need to wash and i need to re-up on food.
things would go a lot different.
from the start

…the company i thought was a blessing in disguise turned out not to be.
i was so happy to write how i found something after the hell i went through.
the way my friends and the foxhole cheered me on was like magic.
there was so many issues during my short time working there.

little to no/wrong training
micro managers/shady co workers
“set jamari up to fail”/“treat jamari like a dumb ass pineapple”

they knew i was new to that position,
and mentioned it a lot,
but still treated me like i knew what i was doing.
many times i was brought into things confused.
even though i was lost in the sauce,
the tasks were still done promptly,
but they weren’t done how THEY liked it done.
how was this even possible with absolutely no training?
everything they told me in my interviewing process was different when i got there.

“if it doesn’t work out in this department,
we will move you somewhere else!”

“it took me a while to figure this culture out,
but i totally understand you not getting it!
that was me when i got here!”

that was all ear hustlin’.
judging from the folks who were let go in my position,
i can only assume they had the same complaints.
restructuring” was what they said,
but there was a method to the madness.

the day after valentine’s day,
i get my severance check and i’m in for a surprise.
it’s low af.
my final check was also low af too.
they basically forgot 500 dollars.
it had me high key vex because if i had known what it was,
i would have moved a lot differently with my spending.
it’s a good thing that i wasn’t out here partying like it’s 1999.
when i asked hr for a breakdown today,
they failed to mention how they were going to distribute it on my last day.
they said:

“so you’ll get paid two weeks and a little extra!”

but that meant:

“we are gonna not pay you for four days,
slap high taxes on what we’re giving you,
and your “little extra” would be non-existent!”

just like they were when i was briefly employed there,
they forgot to mention the important things.
if they wanted me to stay then i’d still be there.
it’s crazy how it only took me a month,
but there are many who were moved around to other places.
another position literally opened up the same week i was let go.
one i would have fit better in.
i don’t have any beef with the ceo wolf.
he got me in the door,
but i don’t think those under him really liked me.
the way they looked at me said a lot.
the hr snow bunnies couldn’t stand me.
it was like:

we had to give him this job.”

the ones i worked with seemed to be tolerating me as well.
how was i told that you understand that i’ve never done this,
  but you want to make “it” work and give me a legit hug,
and the next day i find out you put in the request for me to be let go?

they went right after our meeting and threw me under the bus.
how am i supposed to feel?
i was also told many times i didn’t have the “skills” for the job,
but they only put me on because the ceo wolf recommend me.
they were doing him a favor.
so as i look back,
i realize that i just wasn’t meant to be.
i was over it until today.
that’s what made me give the foxhole the full story.
i needed to release it so i can fully move on.

lowkey: i don’t like putting everyone in a box,
but some of the white folks can be exactly what “we” say they are.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “That Time The Severance Check Caused Me To Explode”

  1. If they were being dicks from jump, thank God it only lasted a month. Sounds like the air was thick with jealousy and intimidation. You had them shook, Jamari. They were creating a shitty work environment that was only bound to get shittier if you stayed any longer.

    1. ^i’m dead ass TITE right now dii.
      i been tite ever since this morning when that bullshit graced my checking account.
      i am legit furious right now.
      fuckin’ ridiculous.

      1. Understandably so! There’s legit no getting around that this is some bullshit. It’s all gonna reflect back on to them soon, though. We always get what we give, usually in abundance.

      2. Fuck’em besides I am thinking that you last boss may have sabotaged you. Hit unemployment if you haven’t already (you paid into that system so now it is time to cash out) and get prepared for that ride to your destiny. I have a feeling it is coming soon.

      1. ^there is a silver lining.

        i absolutely hated working for my manager.
        it was getting worse as the days went on.
        i can’t do micro managers.
        i especially can’t do ones who are disorganized af.
        one minute it was do this and then the next it wasn’t done how they like it.

  2. i don’t like putting everyone in a box,
    but some of the white folks can be exactly what “we” say they are…

    If that ain’t the fucking truth!

  3. seeing as your kingdom has been attacked from all sides I think it’s time for the epic reconstruction of the great kingdom of Jamari fox

    The compensation received was clearly hurting the GDP of the kingdom and with this current blow it really seems like the kingdom is reorganizing its economic social and spiritual growth and development

    As a loyal follower of the kingdom I suggest complete reorganization of the system depending entirely on its own thoughts resources and spiritual fortitude

    This all starts with a re-evaluation of the code/values of the kingdom

    What does it stand for ? What does it provide ?

    I seriously believe the current circumstances are necessary to potential expansion and independence of the kingdom of Jamari

    I also believe the loyal followers will support and follow its doctrine faithfully

    As king of this dominion it is only by your word thoughts and action that this will be done

    I have the utmost faith in your decision

    Hopefully this messenger may guide you in a steadfast decision

    Good luck

  4. This pisses me off so much. I didn’t know it was that bad for you Jamari, I’m glad it only lasted a month from the way they were treating you. I definitely don’t know your financial situation, but if your low on money I think you should take that job offer from pretty vixen. Yes, you may not want to do the job but remember that job will pay your rent, food, clothes, accessories, etc. I’m not trying to come off sounding like I’m telling what to do. I just want to see you win, and I don’t want you to be in a place where you were a few years back, having your own and not depending on anyone is so important. Again I’m not trying to tell you what too do. I’m just giving my humble opinion to you. I want you around and Happy Jamari. I wish I could fly too New York and just give you a hug right now, because you really need it.

  5. I’ve been there to man. It sucks, but you’re destined for something greater. I just found out my job hired someone to replace me via email. Then the chick they replaced me with was a former coworker of mine (for like 3 months and lowkey unprofessional). I think she got in because she’s friends with my supervisor. VEXED! You were to great for that job anyway man. Your dream is well on its way.

  6. Let this be motivation to create YOUR OWN JOB. We as black people especially black men, need to invest more in entrepreneurial endeavors. Im kinda going through the same thing at a car delearship. Muthafuckas think Im the help, a “supervisor” who can barely speak proper english and was never qualified for that position who cant handle confrontation like a man and likes to bitch to management about me. On top of that, you got a few racists mechanics, I dont fuck with them they barely say wassup to me and Im fine with that, but some of the comments that come out they ignorant ass mouths, OMG. Its gotten to the point where somedays I just walk in that place guard up, ready to swing at any muthafucka who even looks at me wrong. Luckily Im working on my escape plan(s). In the meantime, get a stable side gig for the extra dough.

  7. I know the blessings coming your way are going to be big you’ve gone through hell and back with all of these jobs. I’m sorry to hear about the way they’ve been playing with your money.

    What I don’t understand is instead of judging being frank with you they were doing that passive aggressive fake shit. Fuck them I just know your opportunity to greatness is just around the corner.

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