Teyana Taylor, Rihanna, A Stylist, Anita Baker, and A Ton of OD

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 8.43.55 PMrihanna vs teyana taylor.
that sounds like an exciting match up.
also sounds like a lot of high school bs as well.
its my job to talk about it so….
so teyana taylor uploaded a video of her singing “rapture” like so…

… and then rihanna’s stylist,
decided to poke a little fun:

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 8.54.39 PM

…like so.
it left me like:

marilyn-monroe-sad it led to whole ton of clap backs and shadiness:

i guess rihanna felt a little bored?
i mean teyana is a very easy target.
we from harlem and all…
…but what does she do exactly?
does she sing?
sell shoes?
work out?
go to parties?
take selfies?
eat food?
either way teyana is known to box and rihanna can take a punch.
i hope this isn’t over breezy wolf.
if so: they both lost.

lowkey: something tells me this is a pr stunt tho.
why is rihanna always fighting with some chick once said chick got an album to drop?
ciara and now teyana?

visit rihanna = instagram + twitter
visit teyana taylor = instagram = twitter

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3 thoughts on “Teyana Taylor, Rihanna, A Stylist, Anita Baker, and A Ton of OD”

  1. I used to LOVE Rihanna, but she starting to act like a basic bitch now.
    She should take heed, the one who plays humble always wins
    Which is why MJ, Beyonce, Tina Turner, MC, Janet Jackson, have gone so far

  2. I love Teyana. I think she is a cute girl. That’s my boo lol. Teyana should have kept her mouth closed and ignored Rihanna. Ignoring people speaks for itself. I do it all the time and it works. Rihanna and Chris need to go in hiding together and never be heard from again.

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