jerrod carmichael might be “maybe” gay

so what a time to be alive.
these days,
males are being super candid about sleeping with other males.
comedian jerrod carmichael might be another.
on his comedy special called “home videos” on hbo last night,
jerrod might have thrown in his bisexual past in a convo with his mother…
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demetrius jenkins has an announcement

he looks handsome here.
less crazy eyes.
so i got alerted that ig attentionisto,
demetrius jenkins,
had an announcement.
i think you might be interested in what he has to say…
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so i know you’re struggling with your sexuality…

…and it can be scary af.
like me,
you were taught that being gay is wrong/sin/gross,
yet you don’t understand why you’re attracted to males.
it could be this attraction to the your co worker,
the trainer in your gym,
or you were in public and peeped a cutie with a nice tail.
it made you hard af and you couldn’t understand wtf was going on.
i’m hear to font you…

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And I Would Have Gotten Away With Being DL If It Wasn’t For You Meddling Kids

one thing that often puzzles me:

Why are folks the loudest with defense if they have the biggest secrets?

someone is always waiting to crack that egg on a forehead.
we got some nosy muthafuckas out here.
ones who need to be enrolled in my f-bi.
i saw a comment today ( x on this entry ) from foxholer,
96 king,
┬áin regards to this whole “deven hubbard expose” going on.

these latest alleged leaks contradict his “i’m very straight” stance.
remember when he came at me on some insecure shit,
even though i use to low key defend him?
well this is the solution i have for these defender types…

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Rarri True Shouts To The Mountain Tops He Ain’t Gay

so you know how someone can open their mouth and remove all doubt?
rarri true is reminding me of that hyena right about now.
he seems to have gone up so fast that he is crashing down at lighting speed.
he did a ig live where he was asked about his pending sexuality.
this is how he responded via fameolous
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Aaron Hernandez Own “Moonlight”, But In Reverse?

this story keeps going deeper and deeper.
the same was happening to aaron hernandez in his fox…
…or he was the fox.
either way,
more revelations are coming out about his alleged sexuality.
according to reports,
aaron hernandez killed one of his victims in fear of being outed.
a f-bi sent me in this story and well…
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